WhoAmI (Olive)

I am a 32 years old French telecom worker living in Paris.

About my Linux profile, I started using Linux with Mandrake in 1999. Then, I really become a regular Linux user since Knoppix. I quickly jumped to Debian and I had to train twenty people to this "libre" OS as summer job.

One evening in April 2005 in Paris, a few friends (YannHamon, DavidLarlet and JulienRottenBerg) wanted to celebrate a new "oobootu". I did not know that thing, but I helped organizing it this event. After what I jumped to Ubuntu (Hoary). Since then, I coordinate all the Ubuntu Party of Paris. The last party had received thousands of visitors.

As a programmer/webdesigner, I know XHTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, XML/XSL/XPATH, shell scripting (bash/zsh), MySQL...

As a telecom worker, I know the Paris underground Wink ;)


In addition of all 24 editions of the « Ubuntu Party » I'm present on many events in France for ubuntu-fr:


My launchpad profile


  • Ubuntu-fr servers administrator in V-COM datacenter (2005-2006)
  • I'm working on ubuntu-fr section for events

  • Board member and vice-president

Help and support


If you know me and have something nice to say, please leave a comment here :

  • Olive is a guy who might not ask for it, but he deserves the Ubuntu member status. He has been at the head (for all the best) of ubuntu-fr since the first year. He is a leader in the LoCo, and I can't say what we would miss without him. He is also one technical guys, one gozu event maker (He was for example, the guys in the management of the sabdfl contact and hosting while he came in our ubuntu party, it is just one story, but he is always present when the need is here, even when no one can see it or have the time for it), and a friendly volunteer. There are too much thing to say about him, longs stories… . This guys rocks, and I would not like to be officialy an ubuntu member before he becomes one. I strongly recommend him as an ubuntu member ~cm-t edit: he says on this page "Many others smallest events". Please note he is one of the founder of our famous ubuntu party of Paris (see http://ubuntu-paris.org ) and our webcafe in music festival ( http://webcafe-ubuntu.org/ )

  • I support his demand to become an Ubuntu member. He is very active in the French community and I truly believe he deserves this status. ~blackeco

  • Olive: toujours là, avant tout le monde depuis le début de l'association! ~karum

  • One of the guy who give me the passion for Ubuntu. He is one of the guy who transform Install Parties to real UbuCon since 2007. One of the most important guys of our LoCo. -Winael-

  • This short wiki page don't highlight the big part of the activities where olive is in. He's powering the French Locoteam since its creation. You can see a more recent page in his french wiki page but it's still missing a lot of things. Always with good ideas, and always available to promote ubuntu, free software and free culture. YoBoY

  • Olive as known as the man who has been organizing ubuntu events as impressive as his hair since always ,or in any case the beginning of the french community.~jc-deligny1

  • IdrogN I'm actually President of the French LocoTeam but olive is the soul of our association. He created it and He is supporting me, all members and everything in the association for 11 year now.


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