About Me

I am a software developer working on the development and delivery of Ubuntu cloud images for download and on major cloud platforms. I work with the FoundationsTeam and ServerTeam to provide a consistent Ubuntu experience across these platforms.

I became a regular user of Ubuntu on the desktop around the release of Dapper. Ubuntu has been my daily driver for quite some time. Prior to cloud image development my focus was Linux on IBM Power virtualization as a Linux kernel developer (I'm comfortable looking at ppc64 assembly but x86 assembly still vexes me).

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My contributions center around Ubuntu Server and Cloud images.

Future Goals

  • Improve documentation around discovery/use of cloud images and their features
  • Make it easier to consume cloud image manifests to determine deltas between builds
  • Improve tools for automated image consumption


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  • I've worked with Rob for a couple of years now and I genuinely enjoy working with him and hearing his thoughts regarding technical matters. I think he would make a fine addition to the Ubuntu community. -- brian-murray 2019-12-04 21:49:41

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