• I am Rico Tzschichholz and using Ubuntu since version 6.10. You can find all my contact details on my Launchpad Page.



  • Docky - A dock application written in C#

  • Plank - A dock which derived from Docky and written in Vala


  • Zeitgeist - Event logger written in Vala (formerly python/C)

  • elementaryOS - Operating system project based on Ubuntu 12.04 which consists of many custom applications written in Vala

  • Pantheon Dock - Plank with elementaryOS-specific patches

  • Gala - A X window manager based on libmutter (which is also the base of GNOME-Shell).



  • Member of pkg-gnome, pkg-multimedia, pkg-cli-apps


  • done accepted patches for cairo, pulseaudio, nouveau
  • many small patches for GNOME while having commits rights for git.gnome.org

IRC activities

  • I attend and follow several channels on freenode, GIMPNet, OFTC and QuakeNet


Loong Jin (hyperair)

I have not sponsored many packages for Rico, but I did sponsor one very awesome and flawless sync for openerp! But what I have seen Rico do most of the time is perform a stellar job at maintaining Docky both in Debian and Ubuntu, including the Docky PPA containing bleeding edge Docky packages, as well as the dependencies required to build and install Docky for Ubuntu releases Natty all the way down to Karmic.

Jorge Castro (jcastro)

Rico's GNOME Shell PPA work has been instrumental in allowing users to test GNOME Shell for multiple cycles now. Making it simpler for users to test GNOME have enabled a bunch of people to help contribute testing and bugs upstream who might otherwise not have been able to. Building and packaging this software while at the same time dealing with changes in the distribution itself has been a tremendous amount of work and I am continually impressed by Rico's ability to just keep fixing the packages. I wholeheartedly support his membership in Ubuntu! -- jorge 2010-12-07 18:29:10

Seif Lotfy (seiflotfy)

I worked with Rico on Zeitgeist Docky integration. His devotion to Docky and Elementary shows in his upstream contribution to the projects. 1 big +1 from me since working with him is a joy and he brings alot to the table to ubuntu users with his projects. -- Seif Lotfy

Robert Hooker (Sarvatt)

Rico has been a huge help in the past year maintaining ia32-libs and making sure older releases are taken care of in the xorg-edgers PPA that we on the Ubuntu-X team use for testing X package updates before they go into the archive. On top of that he has done a fantastic job maintaining the GNOME shell PPA for quite some time now. He has my enthuastic support for membership in Ubuntu! -- sarvatt

Jason Smith (DBO)

Rico has done an amazing job helping to run the Docky project after I had to leave for other opportunities. His hard work and dedication have helped to ensure that a bright and popular Linux program continues to be developed and shipped to millions of users. He is always kind and patient, and he shows the qualities of a leader in open source. -- jassmith

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