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My name is Richard Somlói, I was born in 1987 and live in a small town in Hungary. My highest qualification is System Information Specialist, but my work is in a different area. IT is one of my hobbies. I am an Ubuntu user and from 2011 I am an official Ubuntu member.


  • Translate Full Circle Magazine furthermore
  • Translate the next Ubuntu releases
  • Find more projects where I can contribute
  • Help my environment to discover the open source world


Gábor Királyvári (kiri): Richárd's contribution to the Full Circle Magazine is invaluable with his great translations, he is constantly translating 3 article series almost from the beginning of the foundation of our team.

Norbert Szenográdi (Sevoir): Richárd is a very helpful and active member of the Hungarian community.
His translations help us to use many applications on our language.
He is also a great help to the first-time users, he always helps where he's able to.
Full Circle Magazine's translations are very useful and interesting reading for the Hungarian community including me.

Kristóf Kiszel: He does a great work on translations, I support his membership. -- ulysses 2011-04-19 13:14:07

László Torma (toros): Richard is a valuable member of our LoCo. His high quality translations help Hungarian users to use many applications in their native tongue. He is one of the key members of the Full Circle Magazine translation team, his work made it possible that almost every issue of FCM is already translated into Hungarian. His blog (featured on our Planet and LoCo site) provides the latest news on Ubuntu in Hungarian - usually in a few hours after they are published in English. His hard work, commitment to Ubuntu and friendly personality makes him a great candidate for the Ubuntu membership. -- -- tormalaszlo 2011-04-19 14:23:20

András Bognár (bognarandras): Richárd makes a good job of translating Full Circle magazine and Ubuntu materials. He is always helpful on the LoCo site. I fully support his membership! -- bognarandras 2011-04-20 08:58:57

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