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Ryan Johnson ( nobody_mcc )

I am a 31 year old old Linux advocate. I started by visiting a local Ubuntu LoCo Installfest and haven't been able to get enough ever since. I love the beliefs behind the Free Software Foundation. I believe that software should be free. You should have the opportunity to "take a look under the hood" and actually see what makes things work. You should be able to tweak things to your liking. Software should be free and accessable to everybody who would like it. The idea of making money off of selling software makes no sense to me. If you create it so it is open and free, that software can grow because you are getting more than one or two sets of eyes on it. People can and will improve upon it.

Contact Me






nobody_mcc@azloco.com or rj98942@gmail.com


  • Ubuntu Participation with the AzLoCo Installfests

    Ubuntu Weekly IRC meetings

    Ubuntu Founder, President, and Senator for a Security Focused club at Mesa Community College

    Ubuntu Help answer security related questions at irc.freenode.org #Ubunutu-Us-Az

    Ubuntu Promote the use of Ubuntu to family & friend

    (OK) Always looking for more ways to participate and learn


  • Ubuntu security & privacy - infosec, pentesting & general paranoia

    Ubuntu scripting - bash

    Ubuntu command line - CLItools

    Ubuntu networking - it is a good portion of my degree (AAS in Linux Networking Administration)

Future Goals

I want to help spread the word of open source community driven projects, making Ubuntu more than just a contender for the majority Desktop OS.

  • Continue & Advance the monthly team newsletter

    • give people an easy way to contribute to the LoCo

    • spread the word...
  • Venture to some more of the Arizona State events centered around Linux
  • Lean more Ubuntu Server Security
  • Participate with a hackfest/"bug bounty"


June 2013 - Present

Appointment-Plus Scottsdale, Az

Ubuntu System Administrator

Feb 2007 - June 2013

Vesta Tr. Corp Scottsdale, Az

Ubuntu Project Support/Machine Operator

2006 - 2007

Flood the Desert Scottsdale, Az

Ubuntu Graphic Designer



I believe in a very open source community. The way I see it, you'll never know the full potential of something until you open it to all those willing to help. I don't hold it against anyone who wants to release proprietery code, but I do not think it can reach its full potential. I also believe in the right of privacy, a person should be able to live their life not wondering if someone is going to pull up a file from years ago with their name on it. If privacy is something to be had, a person should very well be allowed to have it and take ownership to the extent that they wish.


I am always looking for testimonials. If you know me and would like to write something about how I've helped you or if you have seen me help someone, please send me an email ericcc@azloco.com or leave me a comment here!

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