Contact Information

Miguel Sajnovsky (sajnox)

Where in the world: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Email: miguel.sajnovsky AT ubuntu DOT com


Ubuntu Forums:

IRC: sajnox @, channels: #ubuntu-ar

Ubuntu Contribution

  • I'm using Ubuntu since Feisty. Ubuntu was my first (and only) experience with GNU/Linux. I found out about it talking with a friend who works in IT. Please note that my studies are not IT related.
  • Since October '07 I'm a moderator in the Argentina Team subforum and one of the admins of the our LoCo Mailing List. We are the most active LoCo Team forum out there (more than 7000 posts, on average 25 per day), and to make sure that the CoC and the forum's rules are always observed, I read every post. We are also having a great amount of mails in the mailing list

  • Since November 08 I'm an Ubuntu member!!!

What I've done

  • Since April 08 I'm in charge of the funds of Ubuntu-ar wich are donated from the people in the community
  • I've been deeply involved in making a better web page for our Loco Team, with updated information, HOWTOs, general info, etc

  • I've also been deeply involved in the organization of Release Parties for Hardy, Intrepid and Jaunty. In the Intrepid release party I gave a talk about Ubuntu, telling the people in what we have been involved with, what we are currently doing and what we expect to accomplish. I've also encouraged people to make their own Release Parties in other places throughout the country. Pictures of me giving a talk here, and here.

  • I've been helping to create a bigger group of users to make the LoCo Team more involved.

  • Participation in the FLISOL 2008(Latin American install fest), where we held an Argentinian LoCo Team stand. We gave out CDs, flyers and spread the word to all the people interested. You can see some pictures here.

  • Participation in the last JRSL (Free Software Regional Conferences) where we had a stand and spread the word, gave out CDs and flyers. A nice picture of the group with John "maddog" Hall.

  • With some people from the LoCo team we are helping Equidad, an NGO that aims to reduce the digital gap and provide software to people who has no access to computers.

  • Participation in "Fabrica de Fallas" An encounter of free cultures (software, art, music) where we had a Stand and we were with the LoCo team gaving out cds, installing ubuntu and solving peoples problems and doubts about ubuntu.

  • Participation in the Flisol 2009. Some pictures here

  • Participation in the Flisol 2010 - Sorry, no pictures Sad :(

I would like to

  • Keep organizing Release Parties!
  • Spread the word about Ubuntu. I really love to talk in "humanspeak" about Linux to people who want to know a little bit more about it.
  • Get Canonical's permission to produce our own merchandise in order to fund our activities (participate in events all over the country, make events of our own, be able to make flyers, cds and stickers. We all love them! :)).
  • Keep working on the web site to make it *the* starting point for all the potential Argentinian users.
  • Keep our presence in Free Software events and (why not?) create our own events.
  • I realize that reporting bugs is a major task and I don't know how to do it, so I will make in the group, a *very basic* tutorial to explain how to report bugs and obviously encourage people to do it, with the most experienced people aiding them in the process.
  • Grow! Grow! Grow! (IMHO it's our priority, spread the word and have a bigger community every day).



  • Miguel is one of the most key members of the Ubuntu community in Argentina. He helps organize the events, is always there and, when someone asks about the Ubuntu community here, we point them to Miguel. Without him, I don't think we'd have the active, friendly and passionate community that we have here in Buenos Aires. I completely support his application to become an Ubuntu Member. -- ShaunDennie (vor)


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