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I've been a Unix user/developer since 1997. After starting with a copy of Slackware that I got out of the back of a Unix book, I learned Solaris while working at Sun and then switched to Ubuntu in late 2005 with the release of Ubuntu 5.10. I have used Ubuntu exclusively since version 5.10 and in 2008 became active on the Ubuntu Forums and my local LoCo. I have been an Ubuntu Member since January 2009.

A much more in depth "About Me" can be found in my Ubuntu community interview.

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I am an absolute fanatic of Club Atl├ętico San Lorenzo de Almagro


BodhiZazen FIRST !!!! Although nobody is sure what exactly Vor does for the Beginners Team, he does it with flare :). Seriously though, it has been a pleasure to work with Vor both on the Beginners Team and as a moderator. His interactions are always friendly and helpful and he is respected by his comrades. He is active on the Forums, with the LoCo, and on Launchpad. He is very knowledgeable and a fanatic with power savings, Nvidia, and PAE. He has my full support in his application for Ubuntu Membership.

drubin: Vor brings every thing plus the kitchen sink to the Beginners Team. His rants on power saving ideas bring light to any discussion. Similar with his obsession with PERL!!!. He has be come more active in his LoCo and it shows. He is a very active mod on and always willing to give hand where needed. He has waited this long before applying because of how seriously he takes this responsibility and to that I commend him.

nhandler: I was thrilled to hear that Vor had decided to apply to become an Ubuntu member. Vor has made substantial and significant contributions to the Ubuntu community. Many people know Vor as a moderator on the forums. Although this shows a significant contribution of time and knowledge to the community, it is only one of Vor's many contributions. Aside from the forums, Vor is very active on IRC and with the Ubuntu Forums Beginners Team. He is always willing to answer questions, no matter what the topic. He is knowledgeable and confident with his answers, and has no fear of answering questions by himself without other people around to back him up. I also can't forget about his power saving obsession. As you can probably see from the links on this page, Vor has contributed several guides about how to reduce power usage and save battery life. Vor has all of the characteristics and skill that are required for Ubuntu membership. He has shown significant and sustained contributions, and has my full support for Ubuntu membership.

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