Scarlett Clark

About Me

Hello everyone. I am the Kubuntu acting assistant Release Manager as well as a Kubuntu Developer. My initial application is here: Kubuntu Developer Application

I have come a long way since then!

I currently do loads of packaging for Kubuntu and I am beginning the journey to become an Ubuntu core developer as well. I am a friendly gal that gets along with everyone that I have crossed paths with. I can be well described as:

  • Eager to learn
  • Always willing to help ( though this may be a fault too! )
  • Self motivated
  • Drama free
  • Strive to accomplish the common goal.

Some of my achievements include:

  • Packaging
  • Continuous Integration (KDE)
  • Documentation
  • Web developement
  • Having fun

Ubuntu Community Council Platform

Unfortunately I was not given much notice in regards to needing this, so it will be brief. My main goal to begin with is to repair the bond between Ubuntu community, flavors and Canonical. We are all striving for the same goals and there is no reason we cannot be one big happy family. There has been a lot of tension in recent years and it can be felt all over, including in the new contributor space which has shrunk significantly. I would like to regenerate the excitement in the great projects surrounding Ubuntu that made Ubuntu what it is today. I have a fresh new view un-plagued by the problems of old, a clean slate as you would. With that said, I would like to start a new campaign to attract new contributors, and collect data to see what our pain points are in regards to keeping contributors. I will also attempt to root out the issue in regards to IP policy, surely we can provide something that benefits all. I am confident that I will be an asset to the UCC. Thank you for your consideration.

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