I, Scarlett Clark, apply for <upload rights for Kubuntu package(s)>.


Scarlett Clark

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Who I am

Kubuntu: I started with assisting in the dialog with KDE to move the documentation to the KDE userbase. I did the initial Mediawiki formatting of the documentation on the userbase. I was taught how to package, and I have been a packaging machine ever since. I have packaged KDE Frameworks, Plasma 5, new releases, package requests, debian merges, new packages. I have recently started contributing to fixing/creating automation scripts, and fixing bugs.

My Ubuntu story

My involvement

Anything that needs to be done, I do it. This includes packaging, bug management, bug fixing, social "spread the word of what we are up to and releases.

Areas of work

All of Kubuntu, KDE and recently Debian. We have been releasing packages quickly after it is available upstream. I was a part of getting the move for our KDE packages to Debian git for closer collaboration and reduce duplicate work with Debian. I have started to really go through our bugs and get the information we need to get them all closed!

Things I could do better

My goal is to improve my programming skills.

Plans for the future

Getting more involved in the inner core of Kubuntu. More bug busting.


I plan to continue all of my current efforts and much, much more! I would like to see Kubuntu on more corporate/government desktops as well as everyday users, power users.

What I like least in Ubuntu

I think there could be better communication between Ubuntu core and Kubuntu. There are key areas we could use some better support from Ubuntu upstream. SDDM comes to mind.


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General feedback

Gave her training in packaging and been uploading most of her packages since then. She's worked hard and puts a lot into Kubuntu. The quality of her packaging has improved consistently and I fully support her application to kubuntu-dev.

Specific Experiences of working together

All of KF5 and Plasma 5. She now does merges and bugfixes too.

Areas of Improvement

As ever there's always more to learn about packaging but I don't have any specific suggestions. She renamed qwt to qwt-qt4 recently which I feel is unnecessary so I changed it back.

Rick Timmis

General feedback

I remember Scarlett getting invovled with Kubuntu, and she has been a very dedicated and hard working contributor. Out pacing my own development and contributions by a huge amount. Her input has been consistent, and she has added much to Kubuntu with her efforts.

Specific Experiences of working together

Recently Scarlet has been mentoring me with packaging, and this has been greatly welcomed. It is a testament to her skills and commitment, that she has been very willing to support me, and has answered all my questions clearly, with a warm and welcoming manner.

Areas of Improvement

My comments are those of a minor contributor in the Kubuntu community, I am afraid, I do not have enough expertise to provide a constructive comment to this section.


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