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About Me

  • My name is Andrew, and I live in Manassas, Virginia. I am a pretty good with computers and computer tech. What I like to do is learn about computers and Linux. I can be pretty funny at times, but, that does not interfere with me helping people on the Absolute Beginners Talk forum. Python is my programming language of choice and I am willing to help out anybody with Python code with the exception of GUIs, as I have not learned much about GTK or Tkinter because the syntax is so hard to understand Sad :( . The Absolute Beginners forum is a perfect place to see me in action helping everybody, and for people helping others as well. On the Education Beginners Team, I have been tutoring people about Python and wish to continue my lectures. See? No ruler is required! Big Grin :)

Stuff I have done

  • Assisted with the forums, especially Absolute Beginners Talk.
  • Joined the Beginners Team and helped out further there.
  • Going onto the ##beginners-help channel and teaching the basics of Python programming.


  • My IRC bot is called iBot by its base name, though, my bot's name is steambot on Freenode. Plenty of people have used my source code and I have updated it constantly. It was going a major rewrite for Python 2.6 code, but I have stalled working on it indefinitely while I helped work on another IRC bot named Grubbot. Grubbot is derived off of my code as well.
  • Unfortunately, both bots are decommissioned. Real life got in the way of trying to program, and I had little interest in continuing programming the bot.

Python Tutoring

  • The first Python 101 Tutoring has already been held on August 10th, 2008 as well as Python 102, which was held on August 11th, 2008. The logs are kept in the table below in case you missed the meeting. Everything went well besides a few mistakes, and I am glad that I had the chance to teach Python to others. Thanks to everyone who came and participated! Python 201 was held Saturday, November 1st and was not as great as the last sessions because I was about six months rusty with Python and I was using old style classes. Not as big of a turn out. It is still on the table because, hey, one learns from mistakes, eh? Big Grin :)

Python Tutoring Logs


  • Joeb454 - Andrew's tutoring on python was awesome, more people turned up than expected, and he did it for hours. As well as this, his work on the beginners team is highly commendable, coupled with his willingness to help and friendly nature, makes Andrew (in my opinion) a prime candidate for Ubuntu Membership. I fully support his application.

  • Nathan Handler - Andrew is a valuable member of the Ubuntu Forums Beginners Team. He possesses lots of knowledge, and is always willing to share this knowledge with people might be experiencing problems. He has a great attitude, and he is enjoyable to be around. I fully support Andrew's application to become an Ubuntu Member. -- nhandler 2009-03-05 12:55:06

  • bodhiZazen - Don't let his honking and various blarg fool you, st33med has been a long standing and dedicated member of the Beginners Team, even if he is a closet Fedora addict. He is very knowledgeable and consistently offers his assistance to team members. His tutorials were inspiration to other team members and are much appreciated. 2018-05-26 00:05:46

  • Wiebelhaus - Andrew is always around and always willing to help , He's good people with a great attitude! The Python 101 & 102 is helping my greatly and is greatly appreciated. 2018-05-26 00:05:46

Blarg Honk

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