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About Me

Names stlsaint on the Ubuntu forums and just about everywhere else. I enjoy working with computer's in general and linux makes it alot more enjoyable. I am pursuing a degree in Computer Science and 4 year of MCIS.

There's not really much more to me. Ive been working with computers for about 5 years now. I started out on 98 then xp/vista. I really enjoy helping out in the forums and on irc. I enjoy learning linux everyday even more. Linux never ceases to amaze me and thats just another check for Linux.

I wish i had more hobbies to list but outside of computers there isn't much more. I run two servers with ubuntu server edition and 1 server with promox and openvz. You can always find me in the forums or in irc. My motto is to break everything to learn it! Im always engaged in 'various projects' as i want to be well rounded in knowledge on different apps to help others.

Team Memberships

  • Ubuntu Ubuntu Member
    Ubuntu Beginners Team Member
    Ubuntu Beginners Team Launchpad Group
    Ubuntu IRC Focus Group
    Ubuntu Member of the UDSF
    Ubuntu Member of Folding At Home-Team Ubuntu
    Ubuntu Ubuntu Screencast Team
    Ubuntu Ubuntu Beginners Wiki focus group


  • Ubuntu Zenix member
    Ubuntu Ubuntu Documentation Contributors
    Ubuntu Texas Team LoCo

Contributions to the Ubuntu Community


Lead Developer for UCE. (Ubuntu Christian Edition)


  • Ubuntu Moderator on Texas Team forums on
    Ubuntu Founder of the Killeen Regional LoCo Team now known as Central Texas or Centex team.
    Ubuntu Ubuntu Forums as stlsaint I try to focus on those threads with 0 replies in the main support categories and beginner section. Providing support also helps me learn more everyday, usually by forcing me to research things just outside my knowledge.
    Ubuntu In IRC channel as stlsaint
    Ubuntu I mainly reside in the #ubuntu-beginners IRC channel and all sub-teams/groups.


I have completed a few wiki write ups and will be continuing with more in the future to come!

Ubuntu Beginners Team Summer of Documentation 2010


Plans to work with bugsquad.

Bugs i have triaged include:


Number one is learning!! I also enjoy:

  • Forum Support
  • Virtualization
  • Servers using virtualization!!
  • Beta testing
  • Wiki writing

Future Plans & Projects

I am heavily involved in getting Texas Team loco formally recognized. Also i plan to help in the development of virtualization in Ubuntu. IE: LXC virtualization. Along with server security awareness to users. A big future i plan is to develop or further develop python based applications to help new users learn the command line. Something like clicompanion where it aids in storing commands for the user but on a more educational level.

Current Projects & Goals

  • Ubuntu Become a bug control member.

    • Hours available are 2300-400 UTC Monday,Wed-Sat Area of interest: none

    Ubuntu Join Ubuntu server team.
    Ubuntu Currently studying Python.


General Testimonials

stlsaint has shown the willingness to learn and put forth the effort required to become a great BT member. He has been very active in #ubuntu-beginners as well as #ubuntu-beginners-help. He has shown an eagerness to learn new things and to pass on that knowledge to others. Stlsaint is often inquiring about new and different things, eager to learn what he can. I have seen stlsaint show lots of initiative helping people in the support channel. duanedesign

Testimonials for Ubuntu Membership

stlsaint has been an extreme asset to not only the Ubuntu Beginners Team but also the UBT Wiki FG. He's consistently active in #ubuntu-beginners and is always patient with those whom he is trying to help. He is willing to learn from others and teach others what he knows (myself included!). His wiki skills are beyond awesome and he's a good friend as well. He's got my support for any endeavors that he attempts, and he has my full support for his application concerning Ubuntu Membership. Please look upon his application favorably. zkriesse

stlsaint is a great member of the UBT. He is always helping via IRC, and he is always available for all users. Since I know him he has always been a guy who respects the Ubuntu Code of Conduct. I full support for his application concerning Ubuntu Membership DiegoTc

Reading above I can see people referring to stlsaint's amazing technical support. I will not do that, instead I will highlight the more human aspects of his personality. He is extremely patient and seems to adopt peoples problems as his own. He shows remarkable skill in reassuring people and making them feel they have the most important technical dilemma in the world, a skill I wish I possessed. Stlsaint is also very friendly and a person that I am glad to have met in the community. Please support this stars application favorably. Silver Fox

I've watched stlsaint's consistent and persistent progression through the community. I find that his devotion to Ubuntu is nothing short of outstanding. I am able to sponsor stlsaint's application completely, and totally. stlsaint has my complete and total support. -- paultag 2010-07-20 13:23:23

I've worked with stlsaint on the Ubuntu Beginners Team for a while now, and in that time I have seen his large amounts of aspiration and enthusiasm. I have also noticed his extensive contributions to the Ubuntu community at large; His contributions are certainly noteworthy. As such, I support his application for Ubuntu Membership wholeheartedly. -- Collin Pruitt

I fully and completely support stlsaint's application for membership. He is a wonderful part of our forums community and an invaluable asset to the UBT. I also agree with everything I am reading from the others above and won't bother repeating their words. -- ibuclaw


phillw was delegated with the day to running of #lubuntu and #lubuntu-offtopic well over a year ago

  • phillw +votsriRfAF (founder) [modified 1 year, 13 weeks, 5 days, 18:36:31 ago]).

As a part of that it was left to my discretion to appoint OPs as and when I felt they were ready. as nhandler was my mentor for a while on UBT and instilled into me the role of freenode-catalyst and also the higher Code-of Conduct Higher Code of Conduct as it pertains to both forum dealings, IRC dealings etc. Each and everyone of the current OPs on lubuntu not only follow the letter of the rules, but also the spirit. They are our ambassadors, and I am privalidged to count them also as good friends. I have no hesitation in recommendeding stlsaint who was appointed as a lubuntu OP +votriA (OP) [modified 29 weeks, 6 days, 07:22:39 ago] for full core OP's adoption. phillw 7th Jan 2012

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