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wulf_left.png Hello, my name is Rafael Laguna (Redwolf). I'm from London, settled in Valencia. As a graphic designer, I love to customize my Linux desktop so I joined the LXDE design team. I'm an amateur rugby player.

Contact information


  Ubuntu forums

  redwolf (Freenode / OFTC)

  redwolf (Jabber / XMPP)

  rafaellaguna (Skype)

  PGP: D2D7 3EC2 226F AF9F 7352 B314 C055 8B27 31B2 3553

Graphical contribution

Obviously a designer's career and contribution list may not be as huge as a coder's one, our kind of interventions may be too specific. That's why I intended to take myself out from the computer and spreading Ubuntu all over educational centers, trying to educate future Ubuntu users about the benefits of this system, as well of other free software packages (LibreOffice, KDEnLive, The GIMP, etc).



This evolves designing the whole artwork package for the Lubuntu distro

  • LxDesign

    • LxDesign for Lubuntu 10.04 (finished Feb. 13, 2010). OS splash, wallpapers, UI elements, etc.

    • LxDesign2 for Lubuntu 10.10 (finished July 5, 2010). OS splash, wallpapers, UI elements, GTK & Openbox themes, etc.

  • O³ (ozone)
    • O³ (ozone I) for Lubuntu 11.04 (finished March 6, 2011). Artwork for OS splash, wallpapers, UI elements, GTK & Openbox themes, icons, etc.

    • O³ (ozone II) for Lubuntu 11.10 (finished December 19, 2011). OS splash, wallpapers, UI elements, GTK & Openbox themes, icons, etc.

    • O³ (ozone III) for Lubuntu 12.04 (finished March 7, 2012). Artwork for OS splash, wallpapers, UI elements, GTK & Openbox themes, icons, etc.

  • Box
    • Box for Lubuntu 12.10 (finished August 8, 2012). Including the usual, plus an awesome brand new icon theme! Smile :)

    • Box for Lubuntu 13.04 (finished February 21, 2013). You know, icons, controls and stuff.

    • Box for Lubuntu 13.10 (finished October 24, 2013).

    • Box for Lubuntu 14.04 (finished February 15, 2014).

    • Box for Lubuntu 14.10 (finished September 09, 2014).

    • Box for Lubuntu 15.04 (finished September 09, 2014).

    • Box for Lubuntu 15.10 (finished August 13, 2015).

  • ...and more



  • Logo creation (with media adaptations)
  • Wiki page using Canonical brand guides

  • Creation of the mascot Lenny, for spreading the Lubuntu brand, including web content and wearables

  • Standarized colour palette and definitions
  • Periodical release cd wallet, disc and lightscribe designs
  • Distribution web banners, buttons and stickers

Other contribution

Direct assistance


  • Admin at the Lubuntu's official website, publishing every update or release.

  • Lubuntu Team mailing lists - assisting with mailing list moderation

  • Lubuntu bugs at Launchpad - keeping on-line for testing and assisting package problems

  • Collaboration with the Lubuntu Community group at Flickr



Ubuntu advocacy


Future plans

I'd like to continue my work in this operating system and its derivatives, co-working with the great people I've already know and those who are newcomers. We need every mind. I'm happy to collaborate with the brand new project LXQT and its implementation on Lubuntu systems.


I am amazed that I am first to leave a testimonial here. Rafael makes Lubuntu look beautiful. I wish I could say more about his work for Ubuntu Adverts here too, as those creative teams are near ready for graphics work. Keep up the good work! -- UndiFineD 2011-04-05

Rafael done (and continues to do) an amazing work for Lubuntu, providing the artwork for 3 releases. It's include background, images, windows theme, and slideshow for the installer. I'm very happy to work with him, he is always enthusiastic, and answer questions and feedbacks very quickly and always in a positive way. Artwork is an important work for a distribution. It's the visual identity, and the look & feel is important for the users. Rafael deserves equal thanks than people who do patches, packages, documentation, support and help. -- gilir 2011-06-24

It does beggar belief that such a talented and dedicated guy needs a testimonial. But, here goes Smile :) Rafael is not only the 'chief of staff' for the Lubuntu themes, he also is more than willing to help out on other projects. It is one of those "Why, on earth, is he not already a full member" moments that was recently rectified via the main forum. Rafael breeths the graphics into Lubuntu, without him life would have been more difficult. I do ask the council to consider that not every contributer to *buntu can have a 'score' in points. Please look upon his application favourably. phillw 2011-09-03

I haven't worked with Rafael very much, but I have helped him out with small tasks. Rafael's a great guy and the amount of quality work Rafael has put in Lubuntu is incredible. He has taken the distribution to a whole 'nother level with his artwork and design, and to be honest Lubuntu wouldn't be where it is today if it wasn't for him. I really hope to work with Rafael more in the future, whether it's a small task or a larger project. frankbooth 2011-09-03

I wholeheartedly support Rafael's application to be a Ubuntu Member. He has shown sustained and significant contributions to help keep Lubuntu looking great. His graphical work with Lubuntu is always of a very high quality. He is very approachable and assists others on the mailing list. -- jarednorris 2011-09-05 04:38:00

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