Hello all, My name is Walter Mack and I have been using Ubuntu since 2010. I have been interested in computers and digital technology for a long time and have been using Linux Operating Systems for 20 years. I have been a member of the Ubuntu Arizona Local Community Team since 15 September 2013. I provide assistance at the AZLOCO events - in particular the Installation Festivals/Linux Workshops held in Tempe, AZ. I also assist in the setup and maintenance of the Team and Installation Festival servers.


* Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/~wmack-y

* Email: wmack@azloco.com

* IRC: wmack on #ubuntu-us-az and #plugaz on freenode.net


* Member/contributor Launchpad since 20 August 2013

* Member/administrator Ubuntu Arizona Local Community since 15 September http://azloco.org/

  • Serves as Co-Team leader of the Ubuntu Arizona Local Community
  • Has run AZLOCO Team IRC meetings on line
  • Attends weekly AZLOCO Team meetings on the Team IRC channel #ubuntu-us-az on freenode.net
  • Assists in maintaining/editing the AZLOCO web site http://www.azloco.org/

  • Assists in maintaining/editing the AZLOCO Ubuntu wiki pages https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam

  • Hosts the Big Blue Button server http://bbb.azloco.net/conference/azloco.jsp

  • Is active on the AZLOCO IRC site #ubuntu-us-az on freenode.net
  • Attends the semi-monthly Tempe Ubuntu Hours
  • Participates in the semi-monthly Team Installation Festivals
  • Participated in Ubuntu Global Jams during the semi-monthly Installation Festivals (2015)
  • Participated in updating the documentation for the re-validation of the AZLOCO Team (September 2015)

* Member of the Phoenix Linux User Group – Arizona (PLUG)

  • Attends monthly physical meetings
  • Attends the monthly Free Software Stammtisch
  • Is active on the PLUG-AZ IRC site #plugaz on freenode.net

* Taught Introduction to Programming at Mesa Community College, in which students learned programming in Knoppix environments.

* Has also taught Logic Design.


* Present a positive role model in the Ubuntu Arizona Local Community.

* Help increase the Ubuntu community in general and the AZLOCO in particular.

* Continue to educate the public about the benefits of Ubuntu Linux.

* Continue to live by the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.

Walter Mack, Ubuntu Arizona Local Community Team


Walter has been a great help to the loco and myself. He attends all of the weekly meetings and installfests, has taken on on several team projects, and installed Ubuntu to many computers at the install events. Due to his computer skills he usually ends up fixing the problem installs and is always willing to help, train, and answer any questions anyone in the team or community has while still working and helping Linux User Groups. He also has built some cool projects using routers and Raspberry Pi's --last one was a Raspberry Pi for a home VPN server. He posts his projects and the results on our main web site for all to try. He also has been a big help in contributing to team documentation on the wiki's, forum, and launchpad.

Todd Cole, Ubuntu Member, toddc@azloco.com

I have known Walter since 2014 and continue to be impressed by his knowledge of Linux and Ubuntu. He has always taken on the problem installs at the Team Install-fests and will not quit until he is successful. He is an excellent teacher when it comes to sharing his knowledge of Ubuntu with other Team members or newly converted individuals from Microsoft or Apple. He has been an excellent ambassador for Ubuntu and certainly deserves to be recognized as a Ubuntu member.

Rex Bouwense, Ubuntu Member, rexbouwense@ubuntu.com

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