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Hi, I'm Zaki. I was introduced to Ubuntu in early 2013 by an open source enthusiast. After installing Ubuntu 12.04 on my pc for the 1st time,it was so fun, great colourful unity interface and mostly "terminal" what I fall for. I love using Ubuntu as an open source operating system. At that time I was staying in a remote hill tract area, for my study, due to slow Internet connection and long distance from my known helpful guys, who helped to install ubuntu, I was unable to continue using ubuntu for some days. But When I get Back to city in late 2015 and have my chance to using ubuntu again, I couldn't wait, installed Ubuntu in my PC again and using it happily since then, also started using IRC and meet with some cool guys there like Pavel Sayekat and Miles Sharpe. Smile :-)


When I started using Ubuntu, I was seeking help from many open source community and IRC channels and they helped me as they can, it was great, and then I realize I should help other people. Helping other is fun. Smile :-) Talking about ubuntu, Linux and other open source project with my friends and convinced them to use those. Now I have a good and stable Internet connection, so I've start distributing ubuntu ISO files to my friends who don't have good resource and help them installing it, helping others in IRC channel at #ubuntu-bd and other related channel. I've started to do Bengali translation suggestions in some project and bug reporting.

Future Goals

My goals for future is stay active in IRC, and help other people there, do bug reports when I find one. Students here are not so much familiar with Ubuntu and Linux, my wish is to spread words about Ubuntu and Linux to them as much as possible.


Remon Shai (RemonShai)

I first met Zaki at #ubuntu-bd irc channel. As a new user(when I writing),I wanted to solve the problems here and there. He guided me like a little boy. The most I like, he has the patience to help someone step by step until the problem is solved.-- remonshai 2016-08-16 04:33:56

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