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About Me

My name is S. M. Pavel Sayekat and I am using Ubuntu GNU/Linux since 2008. I tried Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron as one of my senior alumnus gifted the CD to me, and instantly I fell in love with Ubuntu for the themes and colour profile and the freedom to use the OS unlike other proprietary OS and for lovely & funny package naming and even the coding comments are interesting. I keep setting up other's PC with the downloaded one's. But many of them took it for granted and when they experienced problems or lag in windows env in dual-boot windows, they just formatted the whole PC and re-setup windows. After setting-up my own pc for the first time as dual-boot, I configured the wvdial to use net through cellular phone as Internet was not easily available at that time except through Telcos in Bangladesh and then for 2.5g modems using usb-modswitch with specific code for each modems. I tried many Linux and Ubuntu flavours and every release of Ubuntu before Ubuntu 10.04 because after that I started using "LTS only" to be a little more stable. I fixed one of my cousin dipraw's machine (Ubuntu) over the phone, being 500 Km away by helping him in grub environment, live booting an ISO which was located in a partition as he cannot make a bootable pendrive without any working system and then fixing the broken grub.

Till now The Ubuntu Community on IRC is proving very handy for me and I specially like to mention some names like belkinsa as she gave me a head-start otherwise I might not even face the Membership Board, inetpro with Kilos for doing some basic fixes on me and elacheche being so supportive and friendly, theblazehen for being awesomely helpful technically, chesedo from Ubuntu-za as a friendly hand, wxl for guiding me on system troubleshooting , teward for guiding me with where to find what, of course with the help of his coffee, maktrix for his advices on doing translations (oops! on Telegram.), tsimonq2 for that I copied some of his contexts and still following :p, Unit193 being in the Xubuntu team, Bashing-om helping me fixing an issue with system cloning, keeping an eye on me on and for hanging out with me on IRC, flocculant for guiding me on Bug Reporting, kryten mmmmm, the person mentioned last, helps me without even being asked, can you guys believe it?

P.S.: Person's name primarily refers to her/his IRC nicks.


My efforts were mainly off-line efforts, like when I fix someone’s machine, I set up the machine to dualboot Ubuntu by convincing them whenever I can and I always fix my mentee(s) with Ubuntu GNU/Linux. And also I try to help out in #ubuntu-bd.

I was active in SANE project trying to add support for my Canon LiDE 120 scanner, thanks to Stephane Voltz and Rolf Bensh from SANE, specially Mr. Voltz did all the hard works.

* SANE-mails

My few posts on SANE:

post-1 post-2 post-3

My graduate project work: I was in a project group working on Asymptotic Method of Krylov-Bogoliubov-Mitropolskii to solve Fifth Order More Critically Damped Systems under supervision of M. Abul Kawser AKA Tuhin Kawser. I used C with GCC in Ubuntu to test the perturbation method and to analyse the results in comparison to Runge-Kutta method.


* I tried to help in 16.04 LTS release with Xubuntu exploratory testing, and reported bugs as I experienced it, not sure how much I really succeeded.

* I am an active member of Ubuntu Bangladesh team

* Ubuntu-BD_mailing-list_mails

* Member of Ubuntu Bengali Translators Team

* Beside that I try to help on some basic tricks to fix some basic system/package problems specially in #ubuntu-bd, #ubuntu-in, #sane on IRC And was also active in Ubuntu Facebook group and in Ubuntu Bangladesh Facebook group with the ID Pavel Sayekat and to see my participations there and after loading the page, click on the comments of the posts but you will not find it there anymore because they removed me from Ubuntu Bangladesh Facebook group without any explanations on 02-sep-2016, just the day after getting my official Ubuntu Membership, anyways but that does not stop me from getting involved with Ubuntu :).

These notes are shared on Ubuntu Bangladesh Facebook group for the convenience of the members (some of these are obsolete now) : -

* FB note on how-to-irc

* FB note on connecting-usb-3g-modem-in-ubuntu-64-bit-system-using-sakis3g-script

* FB note on mounting-other-partitions-permanently-in-ubuntu

* FB note on reinstalling-grub2-and-recovering-lost-ubuntu-os-co-installed-with-windows

* FB note on for-canon-ip1300-printer-support-in-ubuntu-14.04-and-later

* Also we tried to revive our BD LoCo with the help and motivations of Kilos, including #ubuntu-za guys, #ubuntu-za guys let us train ourselves in their channel on how to build the LoCo infrastructure and maintain it, how to hold monthly meetings on specific agendas and etc. In this quest, we have from our side walrider, ashabadi, tareq, RemonShai, NaSb and maateen and of course zaki.

* And also I have tried to support Kilos in his helping to revive LoCos in Asia along with zaki and up to this August 2016, we had some partial success in #ubuntu-pk like bringing some life into that channel like Researcher, though he was there all the time as a lurker but now he speaks and also some new peeps peeks in there in #ubuntu-pk. This channel has grown to around 25 nicks.

* Ubuntu-pk&other_efforts

* And went some extra 300 miles to attend the Ubuntu 16.04 release party with dipraw arranged by FOSSBD, held on 13th May at Daffodil International University premises. The party invitation was open through Facebook Event. And there with the mic I added some facts to the talk of Ubuntu-Windows application comparisons and adapting Ubuntu as a friendly OS to newbie. And also found a Guy named Akash who was an active Mozilla volunteer of Mozilla Bangladesh, whose team leader is Mahay Alam Khan, also the team leader of Ubuntu Bengali Translator team and conveyed the message through Akash to Mahay Alam Khan and after a private conversation with Mahay Alam Khan (his telegram username is maktrix) on Telegram, secured my membership of Ubuntu Bengali Translators team to help myself and others in Bengali Translation for Ubuntu.

* getting_involved with LoCo

* And a personal DVD give away to Rakib as I was able to document it unlike many other which I didn't.

* And also another DVD give away to dipraw or Rajin Mustafa.

* Some other contributions

* Another successful effort with Ubuntu-MATE.

* Have some unfinished business on

P.S.: Person's name primarily refers to her/his IRC nicks.

Future Goals

"As I learn more of ubuntu's support structures, my ambitions are subject to change. I offer my abilities to foster ubuntu in any manner I can." - as a note copied from wiki of Bashing-om.


Zaki Chowdhury (z4ki)

I first met pavel at #ubuntu-bd irc channel. That time I was a new Ubuntu user, seeking help here and there. Meeting pavel was awesome, he helped me with many of my issues with troubleshooting and now I use Ubuntu like a friendly operating system. Pavel taught me how to help others with their problems and guided me like his younger brother. He also helped me to understand there are many other users that need help and how to support them to use Ubuntu. The most I like about pavel is he has the patience to help someone step by step until the problem is solved. At this time he is working for rebuilding our Ubuntu-bd LoCo.-- z4ki 2016-08-11 20:14:55

Remon Shai (RemonShai)

I first met pavel at #ubuntu-bd irc channel. As a new user(when I writing),I wanted to solve the problems here and there. He guided me like a little boy. The most I like, he has the patience to help someone step by step until the problem is solved.-- remonshai 2016-08-16 04:27:23


Miles Sharpe (Kilos)

I first got to know Pavel when he applied for ubuntu membership with no guidance from his none existent LoCo and no support. Belkie and I then got together in trying to revive the bd loco, and since then I have got to know Pavel as a friendly very helpful person, who apart from working to revive his loco is also helping me with the pk loco revival, Acually he is doing most of the work searching for old users and bringing them back again. In my personal opinion he has earned his membership since his last application and will continue to do so. We have become great online friends and the new peeps on the irc channel get helped everytime. -- msdomdonner 2016-08-08 17:58:01

Svetlana Belkin (belkinsa)

As a Membership Board member I remember when Pavel first applied for his Membership, he hardly had anything on his wiki page because he only was supporting/promoting Ubuntu. Kilos and I decided to take him under our wing. As above, Kilos stated that he had no guidance from his LoCo, but after lots of work (mostly between Pavel and Kilos), he got his LoCo going again and is doing work to keep it healthy.

What I also noticed, as an indirect effect, that Pavel has changed and became very, very friendly perhaps from simply copying my actions in the beginning which is fine to me. I feel like that helped him understand how to be friendly within a greater community outside his LoCo, and also within. -- belkinsa 2016-08-09 14:16:16

Simon Quigley (tsimonq2)

Although my main interactions with Pavel has been through offtopic channels, I support his application for Ubuntu Membership. He's a great guy to work with and has always been nice to talk to on IRC. -- tsimonq2 2016-08-12 15:51:34

Naeil ZOUEIDI (Na3iL)

I met Pavel the 1st time in our channel Ubuntu Africa, he is always willing to help others, I can not add much more than what already said above by all those nice people. He's an awesome person that I'm glad to know and I am sure that he will stay helpful and great guy as usual. I highly recommend him for the Ubuntu Membership. -- naeilzoueidi 2023-10-02 00:37:07

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