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I'm a composer/musician, currently pursuing a career in IT, with a great passion for GNU/Linux. When I'm not sitting by the computer, or making music, I try to get outdoors running or cycling.

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Since May 2013 I've been the project leader for Ubuntu Studio, and have been involved developing Ubuntu Studio in one way or another since sometime around 2010.

I'm the current maintainer of linux-lowlatency, the Ubuntu Studio kernel, and a part of the ~ubuntustudio-dev lp team which maintains the Ubuntu Studio packages.

As the project leader I take the lead in planning for Ubuntu Studio the development cycles.

I've spent considerable time writing documentation at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio, mapping out and organizing the development process for Ubuntu Studio. I've also spent some time writing user documentation at http://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio.

Future Goals

As a developer of Ubuntu Studio, I would like to participate in making the Ubuntu Studio community and developer team grow, and make sure the team has the organization and the resources (documentation) needed to do that.

After assuring we have the appropriate resources to complete our goals, I will want to push towards influencing settings and standards for multimedia within the linux community to help improve user/linux-multimedia interaction. One part of this will be application development.

I would also like to see a better cooperation between software developers, Debian, Ubuntu and the Ubuntu Studio community to assure quality, by solving serious bugs before releases and by providing feedback from the distribution developer community to developers on how to improve their applications.


Zequence is very active in the Ubuntu Studio community, pushing a lot of things to create a true community around the project. It is great to have him in the team. ttoine

Kaj has been around the Ubuntu Studio community for quite a while now and has worked (and delivered!) on various areas. He is greatly motivated to help US wherever he can. I met Kaj in UDS-R, where he demonstrated his motivation further. Kaj has been willing to provide the leadership US needs now that their project leader is temporarily away, and he's doing a great job in steering the project and keeping it alive. A wholehearted +1 for Ubuntu membership from me. --Pasi Lallinaho, Xubuntu project lead

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