January 19th, 2010, 13:00 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting.


Action Items from January 12th, 2009

  • asac, ogra, persia to make sure .32 backporting for imx51 kernels is documented somewhere (c/o).
  • asac to discuss with dmart how to best tackle the list and assign packages to team members etc.
  • dmart to investigate test procedures at ATM which may work on dove.
  • ericm, NCommander, GrueMaster to work on dove kernel debugging.

  • ogra to care for seed changes to get oo.o off the image.

Standing Items

Action Items

  • JamieBennett to complete imx51 backportng documentation on boot-speed.

  • cooloney to investigate lucid kernel patches that may need back-porting.
  • ericm and NCommander to investigate what causes the gnome-panel crash/restart cycle.
  • asac, ericm, and NCommander to talk about Thumb2 issues after the meeting and report back.
  • cooloney to ping fsl for more reliable chip rev checking method.
  • cooloney to ping fsl about suspend.
  • NCommander to investigate ericm's xorg naming bug.
  • persia, asac, Gruemaster to discuss meeting rotation schedule and report back.


  • persia informed the team that results of investigations into iMX51 kernel back-porting was partly available at: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileTeam/Meeting/2010/20100112/FSLKernelBackport

  • dmart responded to the action item to investigate test procedures that may work on dove by saying that he found no specific ones but a general GCC bootstrap / testsuite would be best. NCommander told the team that the dove images were too unstable to test at the moment, possibly due to a silicon bug in the board itself.
  • Talk went on in-depth about what could be causing gnome-panel/system freezing issues on dove. ericm thought it maybe related to the VLDR instruction in thumb mode. The team discussed work-around's and an action item was taken to discuss this more after the meeting.
  • ogra was happy to report that OpenOffice didn't need to be removed from the seeds as it no longer caused a problem.

  • The burn-down chart has changed considerably in the last few days and asac asked the team to check it as best they could. asac planned to go through the list himself too.
  • Talk went on to kernel issues. cooloney informed the team that he had tested the Alpha-2 kernel and 30+ new kernel patches and they all worked fine. He also indicated that he had an initial fix for NEON detection and the team were testing it. Discussion continued on whether this was a reliable form of checking the board revision on the iMX51 platform. The conclusion was that if it cannot be done reliably we should drop NEON altogether. More investigations are needed.
  • NCommander informed the team that there were a few important packages that are currently failing to build. asac requested that dyfet and NCommander work together to resolve the issues.
  • ericm raised the issue that xorg was improperly named in pool/main/x/xorg. NCommander took the action item to investigate this.
  • Talk shifted to Ubuntu Liquid. persia and rbelem had worked packaging along with riddell and this was continuing.
  • plars and GrueMaster discussed QA status and were praised for their full Alpha-2 test coverage including the alternate images.

  • Changing the 13:00 UTC schedule of the meeting was raised by GrueMaster. The team agreed to continue discussions after the meeting.

Weekly Reports

Jamie Bennett (JamieBennett)

This Week

  • Worked a little with 2D launcher dependencies. Team has committed to handling Embryo's bugs in Ubuntu so this unblocks other MIR's that depended on this decision.
  • Tied up Alpha-2 blueprints are re-targeted where necessary.
  • Lucid Alpha-2 testing on Laptop (Dell XPS-M1330).
  • Admin work and lots of research.


  • Work on Alpha-3 blueprints.

Alexander Sack (asac)

Spec Work

  • chromium licensing ... latest round; writing hi-level dep-5 wrapper
  • suggest patch for host_arch detection for chromium - got applied; in turn
    • dropped one more arm patch from our chromium packaging branch
  • start to experiment with firefox PGO optimization; next week there should be results/progress
  • started to work on mailto: wrapper with wizard for email webservice integration

Team Work


  • process MIRs for libiphone, usbmuxd, libplist and performed a light code review for usbmuxd
  • review/upload/sponsor connman 0.45
  • committed working bits for firefox all-in-one-package required for PGO optimization
  • discussed migration of langpack-o-matic po2xpi processor to its new server
  • reviewed micahg's work on thunderbird 3.0 for lucid.

Tobin Davis (GrueMaster)

Mobile QA Testing

  • Spent most of the week with Alpha 2 testing on Babbage 3. Alternate image testing requires more time, as there are a lot more variables to test.
  • Spent aboult half a day trying to narrow down the issues with the dove images to no avail. Older live images would hang before I could get a full instalation completed. Based on new info from Marvell, it appears to be a silicon issue, so I'm not sure what more I could do to help troubleshoot this issue.
  • Filed a couple of bugs on the installers. One bug (507286) causes the installer to get stuck in an internal loop, the other is in the Debian installer where the system times out before getting a dhcp ip address (507628).


  • Will start installing and testing various apps in the main repository this week.
  • Finalize testing and packaging of the mobile-lsb-lib-testing spec.
  • With Dove currently limited to non-gui testing, may start remote testing of X apps to see what all can be run.

Dave Martin (dmart)


  • Browser benchmarking
    • Forwarded Chromium and ff-3.6 benchmark results via mail.
  • v7/Thumb-2 porting
    • Went through the package review list in main with asac, and filtered out many packages.

    • Proposed a patch for blcr (atomics using swp and kuser helper calls --- see Bug #503185; not top priority, but a useful example for some issues commonly encountered).


  • List of packages of packages to review for v7/Thumb-2 compatibility:
    • Prioritise packages for main
    • Review the universe list (lower priority)

Emmet Hikory (persia)

  • Liquid packaging review / team packaging training
  • Address plymouth ports FTBFS

Steve Kowalik (StevenK)

  • Sort out the nvidia mess in the NEW queue.
  • Some NBS work.
  • More testing of the ubuntu-netbook image.
  • Prepare to hand-off ubuntu-netbook to the desktop team. *sniff*

Paul Larson (plars)

This Week

  • Fixed an upstream issue with LTP that was preventing it from building on Lucid
  • Alpha 2 iso testing:
    • Completed all iso tracker tests on imx51 A2 image, filed a few bugs and gathered debug data
    • Attempted testing with dove A2 image - test failed, still debugging this problem
    • Testing on alternate images
  • Tested a new kernel from Bryan Wu to see if it helped with bug #456659 (suspend/resume), or 458537 (hibernate) - both bugs are still present in the new kernels


  • Create virtual milestones for pairwise testing, put tests into tracker database
  • Bringup testing and results posting
  • work onsuspend/resume testcases
  • Debugging on Dove hang problem

David Sugar (dyfet)

This Week

  • Fixed dmucs ftbfs for arm, sponsored
  • Worked on blcr ftbfs on arm, issues to be resolved upstream in debian
  • Worked on freecad & libv4l ftbfs on arm

  • Tested and upgraded to A2 on imx51 box
  • Failed to get A2 on dove
  • Desktop domain calling/MOTU related spec work


  • A2 dove issues
  • More ftbfs stuff
  • Package acceptance of sipwitch (low pri)

Oliver Grawert (ogra)

This Week

* research uboot issues wrt NIC bringup and MMC initialization * experiment with boot.scr scripts under uboot-imx * compare uboot 2009.01 and .08 versions and their code differences * enable hush shell and ext2 support in uboot-imx * work out different kinds of hush shell bootscripts to iterate over Sd card partitons * create dd'able test images of uboot-imx for tests on different board revisions


* upload a reversed uboot-imx version 2009.01, since the current 2009.08 version has to many issues * set proper defaults to automatically initialize MMC and iterate over partitions until a boot.scr can be loaded * add boot.scr creation to our image creation script * move rootstock branches to team maintenance * start lucid related improvements/changes on rootstock script

Michael Casadevall (NCommander)

This week

  • Lost most of the week due to sick leave
  • Looking at porting likewise to ARM, made some progress


  • Finish working on likewise and other FTBFS's
  • continue working on Dove stability issues
  • Catch up on loosing most of last week

Meeting Log

13:00 < NCommander> [link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileTeam/Meeting/2010/20100119
13:00 < MootBot> LINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileTeam/Meeting/2010/20100119
13:00  * ogra coughs
13:00  * GrueMaster opens a weary eye.
13:00 < NCommander> [link] http://piware.de/workitems/mobile/lucid/report.html
13:00 < MootBot> LINK received:  http://piware.de/workitems/mobile/lucid/report.html
13:00  * cooloney1 waves
13:00 < NCommander> [topic] Action Item review
13:00 < MootBot> New Topic:  Action Item review
13:00 < asac> hi
13:00 < NCommander> [topic] asac, ogra, persia to make sure .32 backporting for imx51 kernels is documented somewhere (c/o).
13:01 < MootBot> New Topic:  asac, ogra, persia to make sure .32 backporting for imx51 kernels is documented somewhere (c/o).
13:01 < persia> It's documented somewhere.  It's just not very complete.
13:01 < asac> ok
13:01 < persia> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileTeam/Meeting/2010/20100112/FSLKernelBackport
13:01 -!- davidm__ [n=davidm@host86-147-193-86.range86-147.btcentralplus.com] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
13:01 -!- dmart [n=chatzill@fw-tnat.cambridge.arm.com] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:01 < NCommander> persia, do we need a c/o on this one?
13:01 < cooloney1> yeah, i updated some on it
13:01 < persia> Needs more input from the people wo haven't finished (JamieBennet, cooloney)
13:02  * JamieBennett got sidetracked this week
13:02 < persia> NCommander: Better would be to have specific action for JamieBennet on bootspeed (or reassign)
13:02 -!- Lure [n=quassel@ubuntu/member/lure] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:02 < JamieBennett> leave it with me
13:02 < asac> i will ping dtchen again
13:02 < NCommander> [action] JamieBennett to complete imx51 backportng documentation on bootspeed.
13:02 < MootBot> ACTION received:  JamieBennett to complete imx51 backportng documentation on bootspeed.
13:02 < NCommander> [topic] [topic] asac to discuss with dmart how to best tackle the list and assign packages to team members etc.
13:02 < MootBot> New Topic:  [topic] asac to discuss with dmart how to best tackle the list and assign packages to team members etc.
13:02 < persia> cooloney1: Are there really only two patches of interest in kernel/ubuntu?
13:03 < asac> yes, we started to go through the list
13:03 < cooloney1> persia: actually, i am not sure about the requirement.
13:03 < asac> added more variables for prioritization (e.g. number of rdepends)
13:03 < asac> and section
13:03 < asac> so thats done
13:03 < asac> its work in progress
13:03 < asac> we will assign bugs for the important ones etc.
13:03 < cooloney1> just got that requests from ogra before, than looked at those feature and backported and built the kernel
13:04 < NCommander> asac, do we need any action items for actually opening the bugs?
13:04 < ogra> cooloney1, requirement is that most or all HW i plug into my laptop should work the same way on my babbage
13:04 < asac> no
13:04 < asac> thats part of the thumb2 spec imo
13:04 < asac> already covered
13:04 < NCommander> [topic] dmart to investigate test procedures at ATM which may work on dove
13:04 < MootBot> New Topic:  dmart to investigate test procedures at ATM which may work on dove
13:04 < ogra> cooloney1, and that features we develop in-house should not be broken due to linux-imx being behind
13:05 < asac> dmart: did you find anything=
13:05 < asac> ?
13:05 < asac> is that actually still relevant?
13:05 < dmart> Unfortunately, I didn't come up with much useful.  Most of our tests are hardware-level, and can't be used on real silicon.
13:05 < asac> yeah
13:05 < dmart> Running things like the GCC bootstrap / testsuite seems a good idea if not done already
13:05 < dmart> Was there any progress on that?
13:06 -!- gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
13:06 < NCommander> dmart, negative, board is too unstable to even get that far
13:06 < asac> who had that item?
13:06 < asac> me?
13:06 < cooloney1> ogra: heh, that needs go through all the .32 kernel patches, a hugh task
13:06 < asac> dmart: or doko ?
13:06 -!- ericm [n=ycmiao@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:06 < NCommander> [topic] ericm, NCommander, GrueMaster to work on dove kernel debugging
13:06 < persia> cooloney1: Yep.
13:06 < MootBot> New Topic:  ericm, NCommander, GrueMaster to work on dove kernel debugging
13:06 < ogra> cooloney1, nah, not *all* ... focus should be on in-hoouse development we do (apparmor, aufs ... and kernel/ubuntu )
13:06 < ericm> seems I joined the right moment
13:07 < asac> hi ericm
13:07 < GrueMaster> Not much I could do, as once the system locks, nothing is logged.
13:07 < NCommander> ericm, indeed :-)
13:07 < NCommander> So, based on conversations with Marvell, we have an actual silicon bug, not a kernel bug.
13:07 < dmart> asac: test / boostrap wasn't a formal action.  I can't do it because I don't have the board though ;)
13:07 < ericm> well, here are some updates
13:07 < cooloney1> ogra: ok, got you, will go through all our Ubuntu lucid .32 master kernel patches
13:07 < asac> dmart: ok lets talk afterwards so i understand what this involves
13:07 < dmart> OK
13:07 < ericm> I was in Marvell Shanghai office and helped them test a little bit on their X0 board
13:08 < dmart> For my understanding, is this purely a kernel issue, or userspace? (or both?)
13:08 < ericm> so far so good, no system freeze issue (once ever been observed though not sure if it's the same symptom as in Y1)
13:08 < asac> ericm: could you reproduce the issue in front of them with YX?
13:08 -!- fader|away is now known as fader_
13:09 < asac> Y1
13:09 < ericm> yet gnome-panel still respawns and ubiquity failed when partitioning
13:09 < ogra> or Y0
13:09 < ericm> asac, yes they know the issues
13:09 < ogra> ericm, thats a general bug (ubiquity)
13:09 < NCommander> ericm, the ubiquity fails with partitioning is a code bug, not a thumb2 bug :-)
13:09 < ericm> ogra, well I guess this doesn't happen on imx51?
13:09 < ogra> it does apparently
13:10 < dmart> It does :(
13:10 < asac> ericm: ok. what about the emulation front. do they know which instructions trigger this?
13:10 < ogra> i havent seen it, but i didnt test with manual partitioning
13:10 < ericm> but gnome-panel also respawns again and again on imx51?
13:10 < asac> no
13:10 < ogra> afaik it even happened on x86
13:10 < asac> for me it feels related
13:10 < ogra> the panel issue seems related, yes
13:10 < ogra> partitioning doesnt
13:10 < asac> right
13:11 < ericm> asac, what you mean by emulation front and instructions trigger this?
13:11 < NCommander> [action] eric and NCommander to investigate what causes the gnome-panel crash/restart cycle
13:11 < MootBot> ACTION received:  eric and NCommander to investigate what causes the gnome-panel crash/restart cycle
13:11 -!- czajkows1i [n=cypher@skynet.skynet.ie] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:12 < asac> ericm: i thought we think that some thumb2 instruction triggers this
13:12 < asac> do we know which one
13:12 < asac> ?
13:12 -!- yofel_ is now known as yofel
13:12 < ericm> asac, ah yes - it's VLDR
13:12 < ericm> and only when VLDR in thumb2 mode
13:13 < ericm> it's actually not a thumb2 instruction, but a VFP register load instruction
13:13 < dmart> Is there any bug report or other info I could look at?
13:13 < ericm> but if that instruction happens in thumb2 mode, incorrect alignment fault happens
13:13 < NCommander> ericm, can't we use the kernel to trap and rewrite the thumb2 instruction so we shift back to ARM mode during the VFP register load?
13:13 -!- gnomefreak76 [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has quit ["Lost terminal"]
13:14 < ericm> NCommander, they already provided the workaround and was merged in karmic, otherwise will be overwhelmed in alignment faults error messages
13:14 < asac> so we can pull that workaround?
13:14 < ericm> NCommander, and the workaround works almost same as you mentioned
13:14 -!- rgreening [n=rgreenin@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:14 < NCommander> ericm, if the workaround is in karmic, then why do we still see such broken behavior? We merged previous thumb2 patches which helped
13:14 < dmart> Might this be connected with the other instability?
13:14 < asac> ericm: ?
13:14 < asac> probably
13:14 < asac> (instability)
13:15 < ericm> I'll say the patch doesn't work all the time
13:15 < asac> ericm: my question is: qhy isnt that workaround in karmic
13:15 < ogra> you mean lucid
13:15 < ericm> asac, it's already in karmic-proposed
13:15 < asac> yeah
13:15 < asac> sorry
13:15 < asac> lucid
13:15 < ericm> it's there
13:16 < ogra> but its not sufficient apparently
13:16 < ericm> ogra, exactly
13:16 < NCommander> ogra, likely another instruction or two has issues
13:16 < ogra> right
13:16 < asac> thats what you say NCommander  .... ericm didnt say that
13:16 < asac> he said tits just that instruction
13:16 < ericm> NCommander, either another instruction or the workaround doesn't solve the issue in some corner cases
13:16 -!- czajkows2i [n=cypher@skynet.skynet.ie] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:16 < ericm> yet I guess the latter is more likely
13:16 -!- imlad_ [n=imlad@pool-98-110-168-38.bstnma.fios.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:16 -!- dinda [n=dinda@2002:62c3:db9c:0:222:68ff:fe04:13cc] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:17 < asac> ok. how serios is this worked on at marvell side?
13:17 < ericm> since I don't see system freezing on X0 (once - but not confirmed it's related to this)
13:17 < asac> do we need to elevate priority on their side?
13:17 < asac> would that help?
13:17 < NCommander> ericm, try and build GCC and other large packages as a stability test on X0
13:17 -!- AlanBell [n=alan@ubuntu/member/alanbell] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:18 < ericm> asac, they are already aware of the issues - and provide some suggestions as could be seen from the mails I get you CC'ed
13:18 < ericm> but nothing really made progress
13:19 -!- geser [i=mb@ubuntu/member/geser] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:19 < asac> ok. just want to understand if we need to ensure that this gets top priority for them.
13:19 < asac> but lets talk after meeting
13:19 < ericm> by now, I guess we need to push Marvell to provide some more X0 boards to us
13:19 < NCommander> [action] asac, ericm, and NCommander to talk about Thumb2 issues after the meeting and report back
13:19 < MootBot> ACTION received:  asac, ericm, and NCommander to talk about Thumb2 issues after the meeting and report back
13:19 < asac> ericm: our primary objective would be to get it worked around in X1
13:19 < asac> Y1
13:19 < asac> or 0
13:19 < ericm> asac, I agree we need to make sure they know this as top priority
13:20 < NCommander> [topic] ogra to care for seed changes to get oo.o off the image
13:20 < MootBot> New Topic:  ogra to care for seed changes to get oo.o off the image
13:20 < asac> ericm: right
13:20 < ogra> NCommander, wasnt needed
13:20 < asac> that turned out to be a non-issue
13:20 < NCommander> cool
13:20 < NCommander> [topic] Standing Items
13:20 < MootBot> New Topic:  Standing Items
13:20 < asac> oh
13:20 < asac> wait
13:21 < asac> that url is wrong now
13:21 < asac> [LINK] http://macaroni.ubuntu.com/~pitti/workitems/canonical-mobile.html
13:21 < MootBot> LINK received:  http://macaroni.ubuntu.com/~pitti/workitems/canonical-mobile.html
13:21 < asac> thats the new one
13:21 < asac> the trend line will be set to 145
13:21 < NCommander> asac, thanks
13:21  * asac updates
13:21 < asac> wiki
13:21 < ogra> shriek
13:21 < NCommander> [topic] Kernel Status (cooloney, ericm)
13:21 < MootBot> New Topic:  Kernel Status (cooloney, ericm)
13:21 < asac> NCommander: sop ;)
13:21 < asac> stop
13:22 < asac> so
13:22 < cooloney1> i got a new fsl bsp from ogra
13:22 -!- czajkows3i [n=cypher@skynet.skynet.ie] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:22 < asac> the work items seems quiet a lot
13:22 < cooloney1> that introduces 30+ kernel patches.
13:22 < asac> i would reall like to see everyone going through it and checking the count of workitems and see if there are things that are reall off for alpha-3
13:22 -!- Lure [n=quassel@ubuntu/member/lure] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
13:22  * ogra hands asac two y's
13:23 < asac> NCommander: can you please wait before moving on in general?
13:23 < NCommander> asac, sorry
13:23 < asac> you never ask if a topic was done
13:23 < asac> doesnt matter now ;)
13:23 -!- czajkowski [n=cypher@freenode/staff/ubuntu.member.czajkowski] has quit [Connection timed out]
13:23 < cooloney1> asac: yeah, i stopped, heh
13:23 < asac> so move on. just include that prominently in the meeting notes
13:23 < NCommander> [topic] Kernel Status (cooloney, ericm)
13:23 < MootBot> New Topic:  Kernel Status (cooloney, ericm)
13:23 < ogra> asac, what are canonical-mobile workitems ?
13:24 < asac> ogra: thats a pool of items anyone can claim ;)
13:24 < asac> team specs ;)
13:24 < asac> you can claim items by adding [ogra] before them
13:24 < ogra> given the amount of personal items we already all have i think its unlikely anyone would do that
13:25 < asac> not sure that applies for everyone
13:25 < ogra> yeah, probably not
13:25 < JamieBennett> I suppose if no-one claims them asac can distribute them ;)
13:25 -!- breinera [n=breinera@emperor.NebrWesleyan.edu] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:26 < NCommander> heh
13:26 < asac> yeah
13:26 -!- Lure [n=quassel@ubuntu/member/lure] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:26 < ogra> yes, but we should set a deadline for that
13:26 < asac> anyway. you can also pick such items if you are blocked or something
13:26 < ogra> else they will likely just be lost
13:26 < ogra> and make us look bad
13:26 < asac> the deadline is the milestone
13:27 < NCommander> so are we done with the burndown charts?
13:27 < asac> the items there will not make us look bad if all other items are done :)
13:27 -!- czajkowski [n=cypher@skynet.skynet.ie] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:27  * ogra is
13:27 < asac> NCommander: why? that url has a burndown too
13:27 < asac> http://macaroni.ubuntu.com/~pitti/workitems/canonical-mobile.html
13:27 < MootBot> LINK received:  http://macaroni.ubuntu.com/~pitti/workitems/canonical-mobile.html
13:27 < ogra> well, they add to the overall statistic :)
13:27 < asac> http://macaroni.ubuntu.com/~pitti/workitems/canonical-mobile-lucid-alpha-3.html
13:27 < NCommander> asac, I know.
13:27 < MootBot> LINK received:  http://macaroni.ubuntu.com/~pitti/workitems/canonical-mobile-lucid-alpha-3.html
13:27 < asac> ok
13:27 < asac> yes, that topic is over i hope
13:27 < NCommander> ericm, cooloney1 anything else you want to bring up on the topic of the ARM kernels?
13:28 < asac> if anyone has something we can move that to AOB
13:28 -!- ScottK [n=quassel@ubuntu/member/scottk] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
13:28 < cooloney1> NCommander: yeah
13:28 < cooloney1> continue my words.
13:28 -!- ScottK [n=quassel@mailout00.controlledmail.com] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:28 < asac> ok lets focus on kernel ;)
13:28 < ericm> asac, nothing from my side
13:28 < cooloney1> i already tested the Alpha2 kernel + 30+ new kernel patch
13:29 < cooloney1> it works fine.
13:29 -!- czajkowski [n=cypher@skynet.skynet.ie] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
13:29 < ogra> the existing patches didnt change in the new BSP ?
13:29 < cooloney1> and for the NEON issue, I provided 2 solution kernels
13:29 < asac> what do such tests involve? are you running a full image?
13:29 -!- ScottK [n=quassel@ubuntu/member/scottk] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
13:29 -!- ScottK [n=quassel@mailout00.controlledmail.com] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:29 < cooloney1> asac: i just build the kernel and replace it on my board
13:29 -!- czajkows1i [n=cypher@skynet.skynet.ie] has quit [Connection timed out]
13:29 < cooloney1> installed the kernel on my board
13:30 < ogra> the package i guess ?
13:30 < asac> ok
13:30 < cooloney1> and will post the package to you guys to test
13:30 < asac> curious about the NEON things ;)
13:30 < ogra> yeah
13:30 < asac> what approaches?
13:30 < cooloney1> yeah, NEON things, i provided 2 packages
13:30 < cooloney1> 1 disable NEON defaultly
13:30 < cooloney1> 2 a kernel side dynamic checking
13:31 < cooloney1> i think dmart tested all of them on bb2.5
13:31 < dmart> cooloney1, is that the patch you worked on last week?  I tested on babbage 2.0, bug I think ogra or someone had a problem on 2.5?
13:31 < ogra> wehat made me curious is the different revisions we see in /proc/cpuinfo
13:31 < cooloney1> but as we discussed before, method 2 might not be very safe for all the solution
13:31 < ogra> dmart, i didnt test that kernel yet
13:31 < ogra> must be someone else
13:32 < ogra> (likely plars)
13:32 < dmart> hmmm
13:32 < cooloney1> yeah, JamieBennett tested that ,
13:32 < ogra> ah
13:32 < asac> cooloney1: what does t method 2 base the decision to enable thumb on?
13:32 < dmart> ogra, I think you're right
13:32 < cooloney1> but from JamieBennett's cpuinfo, i was confused
13:32 < JamieBennett> yes but revision numbers seem to be different from expected
13:32 < ogra> yes, thats what i meant above
13:32 < cooloney1> the cpuinfo of his JamieBennett's BB3 is the same as my BB2.5
13:32 < ogra> and mine seems totally different from all of them
13:32 -!- czajkows2i [n=cypher@skynet.skynet.ie] has quit [Connection timed out]
13:32 -!- czajkowski [n=cypher@skynet.skynet.ie] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:33 < ogra> (i noted mine in the bug)
13:33 < cooloney1> ogra: yeah, i have no idea about that
13:33 < dmart> cooloney1, ugh :P
13:33 < dmart> That's a problem...
13:33 -!- dinda [n=dinda@2002:62c3:db9c:0:222:68ff:fe04:13cc] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
13:33 < ogra> cant the kernel find out about that on a different (lower) level ?
13:33 < cooloney1> ogra: yeah i was told bb3 should be 51130
13:34 -!- bittin [i=bittin@gateway/shell/blinkenshell.org/x-syzowjsveuveguml] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:34 < dmart> Look at the implementation of the BSP's "get revision" function?
13:34  * ericm wonders what is 51130 ...
13:34 < cooloney1> ericm: the revision of the chip
13:34 < cooloney1> ericm: sorry, the board,
13:34 < asac> so we probably cannot detect reliably if NEON is stable enough?
13:35 < ogra> looking at the different outputs it seems the last two numbers are what counts
13:35 < dmart> Maybe not... I have a conf call with David Mandala later today about what the high-level strategy should be for CONFIG_NEON in general
13:35 < ogra> but that still doesnt explain why JamieBennett's ends in 20
13:35 < cooloney1> dmart: yeah, agree. need to discuss that
13:35 < cooloney1> asac and ogra, what's you guys suggestion?
13:36 < cooloney1> method 1 disable NEON for all
13:36 < ogra> well, if there is another way to determine the revision, we should go for that one
13:36 < cooloney1> or method 2 dynamic check that
13:36 < ogra> if not, drop NEON for now if possible
13:36 -!- DavidLevin [n=dslevin@67-210-33-186.ul.warwick.net] has quit ["Leaving"]
13:36 < ogra> cpuinfo surely doesnt seem reliable enough
13:36 < asac> dynamic check if we can do it reliably
13:36 < asac> otherwise NO
13:37 < ogra> ++
13:37 < cooloney1> ogra and asac, understand.
13:37 < cooloney1> agree.
13:37 < JamieBennett> I can double check everything after the meeting with cooloney1
13:37 < NCommander> Is that everything on the imx51 kernel to talk about here?
13:37 < cooloney1> please add me an action about 'ping fsl for more reliable chip rev checking method'
13:38 < cooloney1> one more thing is i am working on suspend/resume
13:38 -!- czajkows3i [n=cypher@skynet.skynet.ie] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
13:38 -!- breinera [n=breinera@emperor.NebrWesleyan.edu] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
13:38 < cooloney1> and pinged fsl about suspend, they did not reply yet
13:38 < asac> NCommander: action please.
13:38 < NCommander> [action] cooloney1 to ping fsl for more reliable chip rev checking method
13:38 < MootBot> ACTION received:  cooloney1 to ping fsl for more reliable chip rev checking method
13:38 < ogra> for me in former tests suspend worked
13:38 < NCommander> [action] cooloney1 to ping fsl about suspend
13:38 < MootBot> ACTION received:  cooloney1 to ping fsl about suspend
13:38 < cooloney1> is that possible davidm to help that.
13:38 < NCommander> ogra, what action do you need?
13:38 < ogra> cooloney1, we can bring it up in the weekly call
13:39 < ogra> NCommander, none
13:39 < cooloney1> NCommander: sorry, i ping fsl about suspend before. heh
13:39 < NCommander> May I move on?
13:39 < cooloney1> ogra: thanks a lot
13:39 -!- smoser [n=smoser@d14-69-66-169.try.wideopenwest.com] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:39 < asac> yes. thanks ericm and cooloney1
13:39 < cooloney1> yeah,
13:39 < NCommander> [topic] ARM Application status (JamieBennett, dyfet)
13:39 < MootBot> New Topic:  ARM Application status (JamieBennett, dyfet)
13:39 < ogra> cooloney1, my issue was that i couldnt find a methid to wake it up
13:39 < cooloney1> not problem asac
13:40 < cooloney1> ogra: ok, your board is different with magic rev? ;))
13:40 < ogra> well, its a 2.5 :)
13:40 < NCommander> dyfet, JamieBennett, ping?
13:40 < ogra> anyway, thats details we can discuss out of meeting
13:41 < JamieBennett> I have nothing to report on package issues
13:41 < JamieBennett> although I see the FTBFS list has some important packages failing
13:41 -!- czajkows1i [n=cypher@skynet.skynet.ie] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:41 < JamieBennett> Haven't looked into them though
13:41 < NCommander> JamieBennett, indeed, we'll get there in a moment :_)
13:41 < NCommander> JamieBennett, can I move on?
13:41 < JamieBennett> yes from me
13:41 < NCommander> [topic] ARM Porting/FTBFS status (NCommander, dyfet)
13:41 < MootBot> New Topic:  ARM Porting/FTBFS status (NCommander, dyfet)
13:42 < NCommander> as JamieBennett said, we do have a few FTBFS'es that need to be resolved (evolution being the big one my list this morning)
13:42 < ogra> looks like a give back to me
13:42 < NCommander> Over all, there is a general trend of improvement on this, so we're goingthe right way
13:42 < NCommander> ogra, cool (I hadn't looked at the log yet)
13:42 < ogra> i havent looked either
13:42 < ogra> but evo, ampathy and evo-couchdb are ususally give back candidates
13:42 < asac> NCommander: can you help dyfet a bit on his ftbfs'es?
13:43 < NCommander> asac, sure
13:43 < asac> i would hope that you could work together in a pair-programming approahc
13:43 < ogra> they rely on arch all packages
13:43 < NCommander> asac, pair-programming?
13:43 < asac> ... usually you get same or better throughput than doing alone
13:43 < dyfet> I am waiting on one ftbfs to be updated in debian, but I will coordinate this week on ftbfs with NCommander to get high priority ones done
13:43 < asac> NCommander: yes, try to work with him on a shared pool of tasks. taking about the steps, ideas etc.
13:43 < NCommander> asac, ah
13:43 < persia> plymouth just needs a rebuild, pending a fix for libdrm (in sponsors queue)
13:44 < NCommander> dyfet, mind if I move on, or do you have other things to add?
13:44 < dyfet> nope
13:44 < NCommander> [topic] ARM Image Status (ogra, persia)
13:44 < MootBot> New Topic:  ARM Image Status (ogra, persia)
13:44 < persia> I'm having issues finding the logs that I don't get in mail, so I'm not entirely sure about current state of kubuntu or xubuntu.
13:44 < ogra> hmm, se didnt get images since 13th
13:45 < persia> Ubuntu livefs needs evolution help.
13:45 < ogra> http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/livefs-build-logs/lucid/ubuntu-imx51/
13:45 < MootBot> LINK received:  http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/livefs-build-logs/lucid/ubuntu-imx51/
13:45 -!- ian_brasil_ [n=ian@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:45 -!- czajkows1i [n=cypher@skynet.skynet.ie] has quit [Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)]
13:45 < ogra> i'll check clementine ... guess she's unhappy again
13:45 < persia> ogra: I was looking there, but no recent updates that I saw (but I have newer logs in email)
13:45 < ericm> regarding the image status - found package xorg not properly named in pool/main/x/xorg/ in alternate image (looks like a DOS name error to me)
13:45 < ogra> well, if logs dont show up there its very likely that clementine hangs
13:45  * NCommander grumbles
13:46 < persia> ogra: It's not clementine: the processes are running.  Check how the logs are published, perhaps?
13:46 < NCommander> [action] NCommander to investigate ericm's xorg naming bug.
13:46 < MootBot> ACTION received:  NCommander to investigate ericm's xorg naming bug.
13:46 < ogra> ericm, hmm, i thought NCommander fixed that
13:46  * persia is getting livefs build failure notifications
13:46 < NCommander> ogra, I did. xorg might have broke it again :-/
13:46 < ogra> persia, i'll look on clementine dircetly fiurst
13:46 < persia> OK.
13:46 -!- Lure [n=quassel@ubuntu/member/lure] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
13:46 < NCommander> persia, ogra ok to proceed?
13:46 < persia> Yes.
13:47 < asac> so is that an mtools bug again=?
13:47 < persia> asac: No.
13:47 < ogra> NCommander, yup
13:47 < NCommander> [topic] Ubuntu Liquid
13:47 < MootBot> New Topic:  Ubuntu Liquid
13:47 < ogra> asac, looks like to me
13:47 < persia> rbelem and I worked on packaging some of the outstanding interface stuff on Saturday and Sunday.
13:47 < asac> great.
13:47 -!- sbc [n=ca@ubuntu/member/sbc] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:47 < persia> Unfortuantely we both fell simultaneously and unrelatedly ill, and didn't get everything compelted.
13:48 < persia> We're hoping to push the rest of the missing packages this week.
13:48 < asac> how many packages are needed?
13:48 < asac> just rough estimate
13:49 < ian_brasil_> plasma-mobile, ubuntu liquid metapackage and liquid default settings to start
13:49 < persia> I can't find the list right now.
13:49 -!- huats [n=chris@ubuntu/member/huats] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:49 -!- czajkows1i [n=cypher@skynet.skynet.ie] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:49 -!- Lure [n=quassel@ubuntu/member/lure] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:50 < asac> ian_brasil_: thanks.
13:50 < asac> so anyone feels that this is at risk?
13:50 -!- tremolux [n=glasker@pool-71-174-55-121.bstnma.fios.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:50 < NCommander> persia, anything else, or can I go onto AOB?
13:50 < persia> It's a couple plasma widgets + kdm-mobile and kwin-mobile (as we can't integrate the stuff upstream for lucid)
13:50 < asac> or needs a push?
13:50 < persia> Oh right, and -default-settings and -meta :)
13:50 < asac> persia: Riddell offered to helkp on the plasma bits
13:50 < asac> afaik
13:50 < asac> so tap him to get the packaging going :)
13:50 < persia> rbelem and I get back in touch about an hour back, and feel we can make good progress this week.  We might ask for help to get REVU advocations for some of the new stuff.
13:51 < asac> yes.
13:51 < ogra> persia, FYI, seems the logs are missing due to rookery reorganization
13:51 < persia> asac: Riddell has been helping a lot :)
13:51 < asac> ok cool.
13:51 < persia> ogra: That makes sense.  Let's get that sorted :)
13:51 < ogra> yep
13:51 < asac> persia: ping me and ogra for revu review
13:51 < persia> NCommander: I'm done, unless ian_brasil_ has something else (rbelem couldn't make it today)
13:51 < asac> and NCommander ... i guess
13:51 < NCommander> ian_brasil_, can I go ahead?
13:52 < asac> yes
13:52 < ian_brasil_> yes..persia if you can help with kwin-mobile that would be great
13:52 < NCommander> [topic] Any Other Business
13:52 < MootBot> New Topic:  Any Other Business
13:52 < asac> did we skip QA status?
13:52 < plars_> yep
13:52 < persia> ian_brasil_: We're planning that for tonight, if we can.
13:52 < asac> ok
13:52 < asac> intentionally?
13:52 < asac> plars_: NCommander: ?
13:53 < NCommander> oh, whoops
13:53 < NCommander> [topic] QA Status (GrueMaster, plars)
13:53 < MootBot> New Topic:  QA Status (GrueMaster, plars)
13:53  * NCommander is still somewhat out of it
13:53 < plars_> We had pretty good coverage for images during the iso testing
13:53 -!- czajkowski [n=cypher@skynet.skynet.ie] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
13:53 < asac> good to hear
13:53 < plars_> all images (including alts) were tested
13:53 < plars_> pretty much everything that could be tested, was tested
13:53 < asac> really? were alternates tested before the release?
13:54 < plars_> could use some more testers though, if anyone has hardware and spare cycles to do it on A3, would be really helpful
13:54 < ScottK> NCommander: qt4-x11 4.6.1 is out, so expect several days this week where you can't build Qt stuff on armel because armel is out of sync with the arch all bits of the package.
13:54 < asac> ok. noted
13:54 < plars_> asac: yes
13:54 < asac> plars_: pleesa raise that the  week before next alpha
13:54 < asac> e.g. more testers
13:54 < persia> plars_: Can people with non-supported hardware (e.g. Beagle) help in any way with milestone testing?
13:55 < persia> ScottK: Thanks for the warning.  Any idea when it will be uploaded?
13:55 < ogra> not really
13:55 < asac> plars_: so will we do the all-pairs testing now during this test cycle? maybe creating a talbe on the wiki that gruemaster can fill during the cycle would be good
13:55 < plars_> persia: not really, since the milestones are targetted to the images for these supported platforms, however package testing can always be helpful, and can be done regardless of hardware
13:55 < ScottK> persia: Not for sure.  I'd say likely today, maybe tomorrow.
13:55 < ogra> yeah
13:55 < persia> plars_: Makes sense.
13:55 < plars_> asac: yes, plan on getting on that now that we have A2 behind us
13:55 < ogra> persia, the kernels might miss features we use ...
13:55 < persia> ScottK: OK.  We'll watch that before pusing the liquid stuff then.
13:55 -!- plars_ is now known as plars
13:55 < asac> plars_: right. just thinking that we dont really need to block on the iso tracker getting the testcases
13:56 < asac> we can use something else until that happens ...
13:56 < asac> thanks!
13:56 < asac> ok. thanks.
13:56 < NCommander> [topic] Any Other Business
13:56 < MootBot> New Topic:  Any Other Business
13:56 < GrueMaster> asac: The problem wasn't iso.tracker.
13:57 < asac> err ... i didnt speak about any problem ;)
13:57 < ogra> why !
13:57 < ogra> :)
13:57 < asac> i was talking about all-pair testing now that A2 is out
13:57 < GrueMaster> The problem was the alt images came out at 8am UTC, midnight my time.  You started asking why  I wasn't testing at 3am my time.
13:57 < GrueMaster> ok
13:57 < asac> GrueMaster: right. thats not an issue. i dont see a problem with how the alt images were tested. actually happy that we now did a first run
13:58 < asac> my point was about organiing all-pair testing during a2 -> a3 dev cycle
13:58 < ogra> but we should see that we roll something testable earlier next round
13:58 -!- czajkowski [n=cypher@skynet.skynet.ie] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
13:58 < asac> and said that we dont need to wait for iso tracker getting those pairs to start testing them
13:58 < ogra> so GrueMaster has a chance to get it done on regular worktime
13:58 < asac> yes
13:58 < ogra> alternated for x86 are usually there very early
13:58 < ogra> even before desktop
13:58 < asac> alt images were the first time. we should have those available beginning of freeze period
13:59 < GrueMaster> speaking of which. meeting schedule.
13:59 < plars> they are on the blueprint wiki, as well as the qa wiki for the tests themselves.  I have access enough now I think to add them to the db
13:59 < ogra> asac, they are there ... we build dailies since jaunty :P
13:59 < asac> plars: cool. so lets just add them and use tracker
13:59 < ogra> asac, they are just not on the tracker until someone tells slangasek to add them
13:59 < asac> let me know when you added them
13:59 < asac> ogra: even better
13:59 < asac> ;)
14:00 < plars> asac: that's the plan, just going to have someone walk me through it the first time since it appears to be fairly manual, and I don't want to muck it up
14:00 < ogra> but they can be tested nontheless
14:00 < NCommander> We're over time
14:00 < ogra> (and should be)
14:00 < asac> plars: thanks. sounds good
14:00 < NCommander> Any last minute tihngs to bring up before I close the meeting?
14:00 < asac> NCommander: we are on time ;) ...
14:00 < GrueMaster> meeting schedule!
14:00 < asac> lets adjourn
14:00 < NCommander> #endmeeting
14:00 < MootBot> Meeting finished at 08:00.

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