Color and Contrast

Most of the content on this page was taken from Gnome Testing.

  • Print screenshots to a black and white printer and confirm that all information is visible.
  • Test applications using only black and white, high-contrast settings and confirm that all information is conveyed correctly.
  • Test that the application provides at least three combinations of color schemes and that high-contrast schemes are available (e.g. white on black or yellow on blue).
    • Not all users with visual impairments lose the same colors. Some may be able to use black backgrounds with white text, while others will require white background with black text.
  • Insure the application respects the theme settings.
  • Test various themes to ensure that the software is working for all the available settings.
  • Further testing may be done by tinting your monitor to blue, green, or red. Confirm that all information is still readable.


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