Keyboard Navigation Testing

Most of the content on this page was taken from Gnome Testing.

This allows the tester to determine that individuals with Minor Motor Difficulties will be able to use the software. If these items are not possible, individuals with Minor Motor Difficulties will not be able to easily use the software being tested.

The following keyboard operations should be tested. Do not use the mouse in any part of this test.

  • Using only keyboard commands, move the focus through all menu bars in the application.
  • Confirm that:
    • Context sensitive menus display correctly.
    • Any functions listed on the toolbar can be performed using the keyboard.
    • You can operate every control in the client area of the application and dialog boxes.
    • Text and objects within the client area can be selected.
    • Any keyboard enhancements or shortcuts are working as designed.
    • Any icon or symbol used is usable without the mouse.


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