Screen-Reader Tests

Most of the content on this page was taken from Gnome Testing.

These tests are used to test any screen-reader, but may also be used to test any application. They involve using a screen-reader to read the page audibly, so a sound card and speakers or headphones are required.

Graphical Elements

Test the application using a screen reader and confirm that:

  • Labels and text are being read correctly, including menus and toolbars.
  • Object information is read correctly.

Keyboard and Mouse

  • Confirm that all keyboard commands are audible.
  • Confirm that correct information is heard when navigating with the mouse. Clicking with the mouse and navigating with the keyboard should result in the same command/text heard.

Text only

  • Confirm that text is read correctly.
  • Confirm that all text-only or read-only areas be read by the screen-reader.
    • Are any special keys required to allow the text to be read?


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