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Welcome to the Ubuntu LoCo AlabamaTeam New Members Page! Thank You for taking an interest in the Team and getting envolved with a group of fun, like-minded folks who are both knowledgable and enthusiastic about Ubuntu Linux.

There are certain steps you can take to solidify your membership as well as keep us all in better contact with each other. We know these can be confusing if you haven't done them before, so below you will find the steps needed to complete each process, as well as contact information for the team leader, JasonSandlin in case you have questions.

Ubuntu Alabama Forum

  • Our forums are located Here.

  • Register, and you are on your way to staying in contact with us, as well as finding help on almost any topic you could ever hope to find.

Ubuntu Alabama Launchpad Page

  • Our launchpad page can be located Here

  • Register with launchpad, then go back to our page and join group.
  • An email will be sent to administrators, letting them know you joined and to add you to the wiki.

  • This step is important, as it is the only good way we have to track who is in our group.


  • The room we generally populate is our personal room, #ubuntu-us-al on
  • To register a nickname, log in to and choose a nickname by doing /nick [nickname]
  • Then register the nick so people can't steal it, by doing /msg nickserv register [password]
  • From then on, when you log in, you can just identify yourself by doing /msg nickserv identify (password)

  • It is strongly recommended that you create an account with so you can edit the team wiki when needed, edit other documentation, and create your own personal wiki.
  • When you create your wiki, Ubuntu recommends a "wiki name" ie JasonSandlin so you can reference it on other pages simply by typing it as you see it there.

Need Help?

  • The IRC room #ubuntu-us-al is always full of at least a couple of us, so you should be able to find someone in there to answer questions for you.
  • If no one is available there, feel free to find me at my email or IM me on AIM at cranegos2003.

Thanks to ChrisRohde for the page layout.

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