I am 21 (1987.11.28) years old and a student at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA USA. I am a double major Mathematics and Computer Science. I enjoy collecting vinyl, and am an avid cyclist and member of Philly's bike community. You can almost always find me at Philly Critical Mass. Your city probably has one too, look it up. If not, start one! I like to surf, bike, skateboard, play music, and compute. I play guitar, trombone, and cello. I play guitar in a band, f(x) (E-mail me to book us! We'll play anywhere!). I started using Ubuntu in October of '06 shortly after edgy was released. I started going to the Philly Linux User Group and began to get more involved. I frequented the forums giving support to people who needed it. I joined the Ubuntu Pennsylvania LoCo Team and became active in that. Free software is something I'm very passionate about and I love spreading Ubuntu and free software to people all over the world.


Contributions to the Ubuntu Community

Ubuntu Pennsylvania LoCo Team

General Ubuntu Ecosystem

  • Ubuntu Bug reporter

    Ubuntu Provide forum support

    Ubuntu Provide local irc support in #ubuntu-us-pa when needed

    Ubuntu Early release adopter

    • Ubuntu Uses alpha releases on production machines to make sure releases perform (speed, usability, etc.) under a normal load

    Ubuntu Will be attending UDS Barcelona (thank you Canonical :D)

    Ubuntu Ubuntu Cyclists member

    Ubuntu Participating in Project Ayatana

    Ubuntu Ubuntu-devel ML lurker/poster when I have something valuable to contribute

    Ubuntu Attended the first Ubuntu Live! Conference in Portland, OR.



I plan to continue to be involved in Ubuntu and F/OSS. I have attended GNOME Developer Summit. I feel that Ubuntu is the distro best poised to revolutionise the desktop experience. As an upstream developer, I have made fixes to GNOME Do to make it work better with Ubuntu technology, such as the new notification system in Jaunty. I will be attending UDS later this spring in hopes of talking to other developers and Ubuntuers to open their applications up over d-bus so that we can provide an innovative, and highly integrated desktop experience. In the Ubuntu community I will continue to advocate F/OSS and specifically Ubuntu. I have given out many Ubuntu CDs to classmates, and supported them through their transition. I plan to continue this and help keep fresh minds coming into F/OSS and Ubuntu.


Alex has been very involved with the Philly Area of the PA LoCo since our first meeting. Some of his appearances at events have even become infamous, as this photo from the Girls, Inc computer give-away event will confirm. As an older member (mid 40's) of the community, I am impressed with Alex's willingness to help and share his experiences with everyone at events, in the forums, and in our irc channel. I like to think of him as our 'Video Specialist' at events. As a member of the LoCo, I am very proud of his work with the Gnome-Do project; it's great having a developer in the LoCo. I think that Alex has fulfilled all requirements necessary and would be a fine Ubuntu Member!

-jim fisher (jedijf)

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