Apps Sprint

We'd like to have an Apps Sprint together.

  • Proposed date: Monday, 2nd July to Wednesday, 4th July.
  • Where: #ubuntu-arb on

As part of this event we will work together to review apps and identify common issues and discuss how to resolve them systematically.

Check list

When reviewing an app, make sure you roughly follow this scheme:

  • Mention on IRC what you're looking at to minimise overlap.
  • Make use of AppReviewBoard/Review/Responses for very common problems.

  • You might want to make use of AppReviewBoard/AppsBranches to get the branch of an app easily.

  • Install arb-lint to check packages for errors:

      sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dholbach/ppa
      sudo apt-get update
      sudo apt-get install arb-lint
  • To use arb-lint, first build the package (you can use bzr bd -- -us -uc for example), then run this:

    ~$ cd cooking-lens
    ~/cooking-lens$ bzr bd -- -us -uc
    ~/cooking-lens$ arb-lint
    E: This package contains translations, which are not shipped in /opt.
       This issue needs to be fixed. Look at XXX for an example how do fix
  • AppReviewBoard/Review/Guidelines should give you a good idea of how to do a review.

  • Ask on IRC whenever you run into problems.
  • It might be interesting to find out if we can
    • add tests for common problems, links to possible fixes and canned responses to arb-lint

    • fix issues in the quickly templates to improve the situation for future apps

    • improve pkgme to help us with the packaging in the future

    • document the issues, along with links to fixes, so it becomes easier for others to do the same


A few examples of apps and which steps were involved as part of the review.

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