Welcome to Peace, a new theme based on old favorites.

Theme Rationale

Ubuntu opts for a new look with each release. Peace can further that goal by creating an updated look for old favorites. Clearly the trend in UI design is create more and more features but this theme aims to be traditional, light and fast, remaining elegant over time.


The colors should provoke a sense of nostalgia for past Ubuntu themes while being fresh at the same time. In this release I'd like to replace the chocolate of Breezy with deep burgandy/maroon tones for wallpapers and gtk+ to create an autumn feel. Tried and trued beiges will dominate the gtk2 interface with a whitish glow to promote buttons and other widgets. In contrast with the glossy look of Human, Peace will be flater and contain a bit of sheen at the most. There is only minor use of transparency.

Entire Theme

Peace-theme-499.tar.gz This is the most up to date package and contains an install guide inside.

Screenshot: Screenshot-Xnest-full.png



Peace is designed for the Gnome desktop and will utilize common gnome interface engines. These will be chosen based on a combination of speed, functionality and good looks. One goal is to never feel tired of the theme. It should be almost transparent to the user.


Peace is a Gnome theme containing the following elements

  • Metatheme: /PeaceGtkTheme -Previous work was based on LegacyHuman which used non-cairo Clearlooks. Due to Clearlooks in Gnome 2.16 integrating Cairo, I ported the theme to the Smooth engine which is much faster(8 seconds compared to 14 running standard gtkperf tests) than either Cairo based Clearlooks or Ubuntulooks. At the same time I created the Deerskin coloring for both gtk and metacity components.

  • Wallpaper: /PeaceWallpaper -top lefthand corner to be darkest, with bottom right having slightly more detail

  • Icons: /PeaceIcons -I altered Gion 0.0.1 slightly and added many missing icons to create a blend called Peace.

  • GDM Theme: /PeaceGdmTheme -Subtle use of translucency, deep autumnal colors with a grassy motif.

  • Login Spalsh: /PeaceLoginSplash -Wisps of grass should overlap the rounded corners of a "sunken" box.

How to Contribute

Always happy for contributions. Add to this page or make sub pages by editing this page and using the special CapitalLetterSyntax to create subpages, Thanks! -- Z_diver 2006-08-03 01:14:46

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