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Jaunty Jackalope Background Images

I created these images from one photograph made of a natural oil film floating on a swampy area near Ocmulgee National Monument in Macon, Georgia.


Images are GIMP modified and polished for each version of Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope focusing on similarity to previous themes. Images are based on 4 palettes for the different versions of Ubuntu: Orange and Brown for Ubuntu, blue for Kubuntu, grey for Xubuntu. Please note there are several more examples housed on my picasaweb site and these will remain as long as Google sees fit to keep blogger in business. =D

Next version with Jackalope as central focus, but still loosely imaged due to the Jackalope being fictional.

Jaunty looking at you

  • - morphed into a Jackalope




Fullsize 1600x1200 Image by Nomasteryoda

Ubuntu brown gritty background

  • - updated with less impressionist, more realist style or basically filtered water image. original is at 2400px.




Fullsize 1600x1200 Image by Nomasteryoda

Ubuntu brown background




Fullsize Image by Nomasteryoda

Ubuntu orange-brown background




Fullsize Image by Nomasteryoda



I would like to thank mother nature for draining the swamp, thereby making the water stagnant and this spurious formation appear. Quite inspired to take a photograph, but unsure what to do with it I was. The rest can be found at my picasa site: Attach File


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