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Enhance the user computing experience by applying balance and harmony to the Gnome Desktop framing applications in such a manner as to permit the eye to focus without distraction on the content displayed. The desire is an optimal result from an optimal process.


  • Murrine engine svn132 + - GtkProgressbar trough is not theme-able

Desktop Preview



Jaunty Boat Desktop: Zoom

Jaunty Gear Desktop: Zoom



Jaunty Grass Desktop: Zoom

Jaunty Highway Desktop: Zoom


Jaunty Tumbleweed Desktop: Zoom

Info <!> Click Zoom to view and/or download wallpaper.

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Appearance Preferences: Zoom

Inkscape: Zoom



The Widget Factory: Zoom

Rhythmbox: Zoom



Sudoku: Zoom

Open Office: Zoom



Gimp: Zoom

Firefox Totem: Zoom



Evolution: Zoom

Customized colors: Zoom

Installation From tar Archive


One method to install a new Gnome theme is to open the "Appearance Preferences" dialogue under System>Preferences menu and click the <Install> button. Gnome will prompt you to select a theme which in this case is Impression.tar.gz. Once installed, select the Impression theme icon from the list of available themes.

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Info <!> Impression is available from the repositories in a package titled "community-themes".

  • Theme: Impression tar

    • Supports Murrine svn090, depends on svn132

  • Murrine SVN Engine

    • Currently svn090


It would be nice if you would use the Murrine engine.


Done! Smile :)

.develops its theme successfully but is still very inconsistent. you have to unify the color of the selection (gray or orange?). Remove metacity border would also be quite good;)<daniel planas(marmol themes and alegre themes creator)

. i created a alternative metacity for impresion. I think it's more neutral and modern(dust port)daniel's metacity

This theme passes the test: I have been running it on my computer for over a day now and I Am Not Going Back. I like the default colour scheme. It fits awesomely with the brownish Ubuntu look. I like how you aren't trying to look Macy or Windowsy; this fits very smoothly in its own style. I also really appreciate that Impression isn't achieving this magic via slow pixmaps and whatnot, and how there don't seem to be any compatibility issues (even with the worst offender, Evolution). I like how you have managed to fit in window borders, but have done them in a way that is practically invisible yet still carrying the usability goodies. The theme feels quite nice with them.

One thing. The scroll bar buttons! They look kind of shrunken, since everything else in the theme is fairly big. They aren't easy to click like that, either. I wouldn't want the actual scroll bar to be bigger, but are the buttons able to ignore that little margin inside the trough and span as wide as possible from edge to edge? Maybe being taller would help, too.

Also, the orange text can be a bit strange. What is the motivation behind it? I notice that labels for checkboxes turn from black to orange when the boxes are unchecked, then back to black when checked. Feels kind of funny in some cases.

-- dylanmccall 2009-03-18 08:48:57



This release of Impression supports the svn090 version of the Murrine engine which is available from launchpad.


The Tale of Jaunty Jackalope

Many folks ask what is the difference between a Jackalope and a common hare. Although distantly related to the "jack rabbit" their ability to move quickly from a complete stop gives the illusion of vanishing. Known to be very shy, the male Jackalope sports distinguishing antlers which are only viewable by the light of a full moon or the light of early dawn. Energized by the heavenly glimmer which dusts the grassy plains he moves like the wind among the tumble weed and straw.

Those who have witnessed this rare event report it is truly magic.

Smile :)

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