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Ubuntu-AU ToDoList

Things to do

This is just a page where people who have ideas of things to do but haven't actually had the time to sit down and do them should go. The idea is if you are thinking of doing something yourself but waiting on finding time to do it add it here so firstly, you don't forget about it and secondly, if someone else has time they can chip in and help. If you add something please put your name to it so people know who to contact if they were after more information about a topic.


  • All the Ubuntu-AU team wiki pages need the header, table of contents and child pages added to them to make it uniform across the team. Apparently this is not able to be done automatically it has to be done manually. The correct information is available to be copied from the blank page I have set up so that anyone can create an AustralianTeam wiki page and conform to existing standards - JaredNorris

    • All major AustralianTeam wiki pages have been updated with header, table of contents and child page links. Archived pages and old meetings were not updated. Monthly Team Reports will not have anything added. - JoelAddison

  • Someone needs to step up and take on the Team Reporting if at all possible, I am willing to guide people in this if required. It only needs probably 2 hours worth of work a month - JaredNorris


  • All the budding artists out there (I know some of you have recently attended an Inkscape tutorial!) there are a few jobs here for you.
    • There is talk about submitting some t-shirt designs to get printed/embroidered for the team so a few ideas here wouldn't go astray - JaredNorris

    • We can always use more team artwork on the team artwork page - JaredNorris


  • the current website theme is of the old Ubuntu branding. We need someone fluent with drupal to assist in updating this to the new branded theme which is apparently available - JaredNorris


  • we always need more people getting out there in the public and promoting Ubuntu - email the list for ideas on ways to do this or people in your area willing to help. Even just setting up a Ubuntu Hour would be a great start - JaredNorris

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