• Note: Compiz is an independent upstream project, however it is used heavily in Unity so we have this workspace here for Compiz-related topics as they apply to Ubuntu and Unity.

How you can help Compiz (Easier Tasks)

Clean out the spam on the forums

  • Knowledge required: how to use the phpBB moderator controls, lots of patience, ability to not be offended
  • Task: Go through all the forums and clean out the spam
  • Contact: smspillaz

  • Status: In progress thanks to volunteers from the Ubuntu Forums.

Finish writing the compiz code doxygen

  • Knowledge required: some basic C++ and how to write doxygen style comments
  • Task: Go through the remaining compiz structures in compiz core and write doxygen style comments above classes, functions, etc
  • Contact: smspillaz

  • Status:

Provide a support for sound events using libcanberra in gnomecompat

  • Knowledge required: C++, some basic understanding of the compiz plugin arch, some understanding of the compiz action system, libcanberra
  • Task: Metacity uses libcanberra to report system bell events and play a sound. Since pulseaudio broke bell forwarding, we need to integrate support for libcanberra on gnomecompat. This should be as easy as creating a bell type action and hooking up the sound to it
  • Contact: smspillaz

Package compiz-plugins-extra and compiz-plugins-unsupported

  • Knowledge required: CMake buildsystems, debian packaging, how the current compiz packaging works
  • Task: compiz-plugins-extra and compiz-plugins-unsupported are not packaged yet. It should be as simple as taking the debian packaging for the current plugins-main and adjusting it for these plugin packs.
  • Contact: didrocks

  • Status: In progress, andrewsomething

How you can help Compiz (Harder Tasks)

Figure out why evince is placing it's window wrongly

  • Knowledge required: C++, some understanding of X11, some understanding

of Compiz

  • Task: There is a really annoying bug where if a window that is larger than the screen size tries to place itself, then it will end up being placed above the screen by about the size of the window. This is a bug that happens in the place plugin. Much appreciated if someone could find the cause and fix it.
  • Contact: smspillaz

Figure out what is up with gtk-window-decorator on virtualbox

  • Knowledge required: C, Cairo, GTK/GDK, some understanding of compiz
  • Task: For some reason the decorations are not redrawn as the correct type (eg inactive, active, maximized, etc) unless the window name is changed, but this only happens on virtualbox and nothing else. Have a look int meta_draw_window_decoration.
  • Contact: smspillaz

Figure out what is up with resizing xterm in one direction

  • Knowledge required: C++, X11, understanding of compiz
  • Task: For some reason the the frame input shape of xterm windows is not being set correctly if you resize it *only* vertically or *only* horizontally. This is really annoying. It is something to do with the

frame input shape being set incorrectly in the decor plugin or in core.

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