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Frequently Asked Questions

How and where to file bugs

Crash bugs

The most valuable bug reports are crash reports.

After installing, enable apport: edit /etc/default/apport, set enabled=1 and restart you computer. Once activated the system should detect crashes and prompt you to report those.

Non crash bugs

The best way to log a bug is to use this command:

ubuntu-bug unity

It will collect the required details and send you to launchpad to write your bug description.

(If you build Unity from source or want to open a bug without using ubuntu-bug please follow this guide)

Window matching problems

If you notice a problem with an application icon in the launcher (blurry icon, pinning not working, etc.), Unity is probably having some problems matching the window to the correct .desktop file. Please edit this wiki page with the details of any problems of this kind you find.

How to Contribute to Unity

http://unity.ubuntu.com/getinvolved/ has instructions on how to get the code and hack on it.


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