Ayatana is a collective effort to improve the user experience of software in and for Ubuntu. It encompasses a number projects started by Canonical and is open for feedback, ideas and initiatives from the community. Activities reach from problem definition, research and conception to implementation.

The focus of the project is to improve the perception and presentation of information in the desktop, hence the name; the Buddhist term for a sense base or sense sphere. Specific areas of interest that take priority over everything else are: notifications, indicators, window management, launcher, places, settings and menus.

Projects by Topic

Software Management:

System State and Global Controls:

Window Management:

Gestures (User Input Interpretation):

File Management:

Projects with implementations

List of patches produced as part of the Ayatana initiative

Contact / Getting Involved

The first point of contact for getting involved is the Ayatana mailing list at https://launchpad.net/~unity-design (archives at https://lists.launchpad.net/unity-design/).

You may join the Team IRC channel at #ayatana on irc.FreeNode.net. What is IRC, and how does it work? We recommend the XChat-client (XChat Howto).

Information for bug triaging and debugging of the Ayatana projects can be found at DebuggingAyatana.


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