The current Nautilus file context menu contains 11 or more items. The average time it takes to select an item increases with their number. The many options suggest a scarily high level of complexity in managing files.

Here you find proposals on how to:

  • improve the organization of the menu
  • cut down on the number of items (including how to handle the action that are no longer in the menu, then)
  • improve the handling of specific items

Original Context Menu


annotated screenshot

Proposal #1

Mouse over Arrow for submenu, or simply click for Primary action.

  • Open > Shows apps to open with/ other | Normal Open

  • Move > to Home, Desktop, Trash | Cut Item

  • Copy > Link, to Home, Desktop | Copy

  • Share > (in context) Post Image (upload/return imgur link), Send (drop down contacts), Sync, etc.

Share could instead be in Indicator Menu/ under network or separate

Appear when needed:

  • Paste
  • Extract ... > here, to [file name folder]


- Alex Lourie

I think this: 1. Synchronize to U1 should be there. It is quite obvious and useful "option" for a folder or a file. 2. *In a cleaning spree mode* How important "stretch icon" and "restore icon size" are? I think it's obsolete in this specific menu.

Alex Lourie -

- Fred

We can safely start considering the replacement of "Copy to" with "Send to". Copying stuff now includes copying to people and remote locations. Our ancient "Copy to" does not respect this at all. Here my suggestions:

  • replace "Copy to" with "Send to"
  • add each item from Places to "Send to"
  • make "Send to" consistent by adding a submenu via arrow as proposed by "dave" above.
  • improve readability by adding icons to the context menu

Fred -


I would have to say keep the "copy to", rather than renaming it to "send to", because sending something, means not keeping a copy of what you sent.


Perhaps we should add a "Share" menu for Ubuntu One (e.g. Share -> On Ubuntu One), sharing across the network (Share -> Over LAN) and sharing with others (e.g. Share -> With Contact), also Share-> On Social Networks... would be neat. +1 on keeping Copy To.

- Luke Benstead

Proposal #2


-Damir Muratagić

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