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About Me

First Name: Stevan

I am 51, a divorced father of two, and grandfather to five grand-children. I am a native of Tucson, but was raised in Southeastern Washington State. I returned to Tucson in 1999 and currently work for a local distribution company.

I spent 22 1/2 years in the U.S. Army and retired in 1997. Throughout my military career I gained an invaluable and extensive background in installing, testing/troubleshooting, and inspecting Military and Government communications networks and systems (telephone and computer) and telecommunications facilities (test centers, microwave radio and satellite). Since retiring I have worked as a Network Operations Center Manager for a major Internet backbone provider in Maryland, an installation/troubleshooting/support supervisor for a commercial communications design and installation firm in Virginia, a Telecommunications Center Manager for a major Military Telecommunications contractor in Sunnyvale, CA, and dabbled in other miscellaneous endeavors, including some independent web designing.

I am an active member of the Ubuntu-Arizona LoCo team, and the Ubuntu-Arizona Membership sub-team. Using computers has become a 20+ years hobby of mine. Over the years I have built and repaired computers for friends and associates, as well as myself. I have been an on again/off again *nix user for over 20 years (mostly Unix during my military days). I have been learning and using Ubuntu Linux since Warty Warthog (October 2004), and never looked back. I currently am running Edgy Eft (version 6.10). Ubuntu Linux has been the most stable, and usable desktop operating system I have found to date.

In my spare time I enjoy various activities including (but not limited to) traveling, camping, hiking, bowling, tinkering with computers (troubleshooting/upgrading), a little computer gaming, listening to music, and watching the History channel. I am an avid outdoor sportsman, both fishing and hunting.

My System Specifications

  Manufacturer:  HP
  Model:         Pavilion xl844
  CPU:           AMD Athlon 850MHz
  Memory:        512MB SDRAM
  Video:         nVida GeForce MX4000 w/128MB RAM
  Hard drives:   hda - Quantum fireball 20 30 (28GB) - two partitions (NTFS & vfat (for sharing between OS's))
                 hdb - WDC WD800 (80GB) - set up with four partitions + swap
  CD-RW/CD-Rom:  hdc - HP CD-Writer Plus (CR-4804TE)
                 hdd - Liteon 48x (LTN485S)
  Modem:         56Kb LT Winmodem (on-board)
  NIC:           10/100Mb RTL-8139 (on-board)
  Monitor:       Balance 17-inch LCD monitor running @ 1280x1024 resolution

Like many, I have my system set up for dual booting of Ubuntu Linux and another legacy operating system. I have it setup for dual boot because there is one type of software which I run once a year that I just do not trust to have done online, and couple of games which I periodically run. I will attempt to get them to run in wine, now that wine is loaded Smile :)

Things I do, or want to accomplish, for Ubuntu


Arizona Team Stuff


  • Ubuntu As a member of the Ubuntu-Arizona Membership sub-team, I am working toward developing community awareness of Ubuntu Linux, regardless of how the opportunity presents itself. I also provided my contact information for answering questions, and/or provide face to face support, to anyone I have given a copy of the Ubuntu Linux CD's.

    Ubuntu I always carry a few Ubuntu Linux CD's around with me to convert the willing and curious. I have given out several Ubuntu Linux CD's to friends and associates.

My Future with Ubuntu

  • Ubuntu Assist Ubuntu-Arizona Team stay focused on doing what it takes to become an Approved LoCo team

    Ubuntu Work with the Ubuntu-Arizona Membership sub-team to increase LoCo awareness and membership

    Ubuntu Work with the Ubuntu-Arizona Membership sub-team to develop methodologies and documentation to assist expanding the use of Ubuntu Linux by non-users

    Ubuntu Work with the Ubuntu-Arizona Team community to continue improving the project

    Ubuntu Assist in the set up of Sub-Teams to focus on various aspects of the Ubuntu-Arizona Team project

    Ubuntu Assist in developing a working, face to face, support network within the Ubuntu-Arizona Team

    Ubuntu Develop, and assist in development of, Ubuntu Linux documentation for the Ubuntu-Arizona Team

    Ubuntu Provide support and help to others on Ubuntu Forums as much as possible

    Ubuntu Volunteer for jobs or assignments as needed within the Ubuntu community


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