The purpose of the Membership Team of the Ubuntu-Arizona Local Community Team is to:

  • Promote our LoCo Team and increase its membership

  • Promote and increase the use of Ubuntu within the state of Arizona

How to join the AZ LoCo

How to Contribute

Roadmap(Future Projects)

  • Make contact with the Head of State Libraries to promote adding Ubuntu DVDs to their catalogue.
    • Highlight the fact that Ubuntu and Open Source are actively gaining market shares as an alternative to proprietary software.
  • Distribute free DVDs and test machines to local computer stores, libraries, and coffee houses
  • Establish contact with the State Board of Education to promote the use of Ubuntu in schools
    • Highlight the facts that using Ubuntu would result in a two fold savings
      • Lower licensing costs for operating systems and software
      • Lower hardware costs due to Ubuntu being able to run on older machines.
  • Help with the planning for team events to insure that the proper information is present on flyers, DVDs, etc. showing contact and support information.


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