The "Deshi" Local Community Team


Welcome to our Bangladeshi Ubuntu community.

This is the Ubuntu wiki home page for the Bangladeshi Ubuntu Local Community Team. The Bangladeshi team focuses on the computer users from schools, business and home users to encourage using Ubuntu for building a strong and effective Ubuntu user community in Bangladesh. We also maintain distributing and demonstrating Ubuntu within Bangladesh. Are you a Bangladeshi Ubuntu (or Kubuntu or Xubutu or Lubuntu) user, developer, translator, or a volunteer? Do you want to meet other Ubuntu users in Bangladesh who believes in the spirit of Ubuntu? If yes, then join the team.

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What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is a fast, secure and easy-to-use operating system used by millions of people around the world sponsored by Canonical. Following are some interesting links to help you getting acquainted with Ubuntu:

⟫ Download Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Edubuntu
Get involve with the Community
Interact with the Community
⟫ Get the support as you need
⟫ Read the documentations
⟫ Ask or answer a question at Askubuntu
⟫ Take part in Launchpad
⟫ More about Ubuntu Project

Team Events

  • Upcoming Events - a list of upcoming events hosted on the site team page.

  • Previous Events - an archive of details about past meetings.

  • RSS Feed - this is a link to a feed you can add to your favourite RSS Reader to keep up to date with upcoming team events.


Use the channel #ubuntu-bd on or Webchat in your browser! If you prefer to use a chat program then you can use XChat, Pidgin or Empathy. Full details can be found at IRC.

Mailing List

The Ubuntu-BD mailing list is a place to seek support and for general discussion on team related matters. More about the Ubuntu-bd mailing list will be found in the Mailing List section of this wiki.

Web Groups

Team Contact

The current team contact of Bangladeshi Ubuntu Team is:

For contact details of other relevant team personnel please see the Contact Us page.


See the Membership page if you are interested in joining our team.


To get involved and see what is currently going on within the team check out our projects page for details.


Contributing/Editing the Wiki

If you want to contribute/edit this Wiki, then please post an email to our mailing list or contact one of the wiki maintainers from our Contact Us page about the details of contributing/editing. We are very open to any kinds of suggestions.

The purpose of this wiki is to coordination of Ubuntu-bd team. Any misinformation can gravely hamper the actual purpose of this wiki as well as the team coordination. An accidental change/edit of any pages/sub-pages of this wiki can be very detrimental. To avoid such severe damage, please consult/inform the team about the changes before making any.

In case of experimenting with the wiki markup, please use the Wiki Sand Box.


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