Ubuntu-BD Projects

The Bangladeshi LoCo has few community driven projects to promote growth and activity within the Loco. Projects range from collecting up locally relevant information like how many users are there, to the events like local meetings to engage the group on a more personal level.

The projects page is a great place to start for anyone wanting to help out with the LoCo but just don't know where to start. Each project should have a contact point (even if it is just the mailing list) so it is easy to get in contact with the relevant people if others are interested.

If you have a project that you would like to document here by all means add it to the list and link it to a sub page off this one (but please also advertise this on the Mailing List, otherwise people will not know about the changes you've made). This will enable us to keep the page neat and tidy. If you have any questions or are wanting to add information but are unsure how to, then just post an email to the mailing list or feel free to chat with us in the IRC channel.

If you feel your project has been moved in error feel free to bring it back and link it back to this page.


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