Our Mission

Missions of Bangladeshi Team

  • To have Ubuntu users, developers, translators, and volunteers come together
  • To help new users get starting by assisting information and technical support
  • To promote Ubuntu for companies and home users
  • To provide support to all educational sectors
  • To organize events
  • To organize and participate in projects
  • To represent Ubuntu in all major FOSS events in Bangladesh
  • To do presentations and courses
  • To interact closely with international Ubuntu community


Contributing/Editing the Wiki

If you want to contribute/edit this Wiki, then please post an email to our mailing list or contact one of the wiki maintainers from our Contact Us page about the details of contributing/editing. We are very open to any kinds of suggestions.

The purpose of this wiki is to coordination of Ubuntu-bd team. Any misinformation can gravely hamper the actual purpose of this wiki as well as the team coordination. An accidental change/edit of any pages/sub-pages of this wiki can be very detrimental. To avoid such severe damage, please consult/inform the team about the changes before making any.

In case of experimenting with the wiki markup, please use the Wiki Sand Box.

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