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I started using Linux in 2000 after a friend of mine introduced it to me. I was mesmerized by the amount of control that a user could have over a system. I've been using it on and off since then. In 2005 I started using it full-time, and I haven't looked back. (Except for games/work.. Sad :( )

I'm currently employed in the healthcare industry in New Jersey. Technically I'm a DBA, but I really do tasks ranging from HL7 interface customization to file transfer coding.


I've been a member of the Ubuntu IRC community since early 2007, and I can usually be found in a number of our many Ubuntu related IRC channels on freenode. My first priority is helping users with support questions. As a member of the IRC Team I also help provide a safe and productive environment for people to seek help and develop in.

Ubuntu IRC Council 2012 Election

As a former council member I believe it was my goal to not only lead the team, but also to represent our operators when it came to making council decisions. Moving forward, I think we should strive to not only include operators in decisions, but to actively seek out criticism before we have our final say on a matter.

I personally understand that not everyone has time to attend the council meetings, but we shouldn't hold that against them when it comes to discussing issues. In part, I think our bureaucracy can be conquered by trying to be more flexible.

Ubuntu IRC Council 2012 Election Testimonials

I loved having Pici on the IRC Council in 2010, and would be delighted to have him back there. He is a joy to work with, and for. -- 2011-12-10 JuhaSiltala

I was upset after the last IRC Council election because Pici did not get a seat. I hope that oversight is not repeated this time around. -- 2011-12-09 IdleOne

What's there to say, he's been in the council before, so hardly an unknown. I'd just recommend that people don't just look at him superficially - sure, he helps in #ubuntu, but perhaps not too many other things are apparent - but also wonder who fixes all the little things when they go wrong. A lot of the time, that will be Pici. -- 2011-12-10 LjL

Older Stuff

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Ubuntu IRC Council 2010(?) Re-election Testimonials

As someone who has been critical of the IRC Council of late, I think Benjamin has a solid grasp of the issues and understands the need for balanced approach to resolving the issues while also moving the council forwards. I think it would be a great shame if Benjamin didn't reatain his seat for another term to be allowed to put into practice the resolution of the critisism of the council of late, while building on the positive aspects the council have already put in place. As an individual I believe he is a good fit for the role. I would be pleased to see him re-appointed to the council for a second term. ikonia

Benjamin is a very helpful member of the IRC council, in fact when I first got to know about him, I thought he's the *only* active member in the council ! Though I was wrong, Benjamin's contributions to the Ubuntu IRC universe stand out, and he is a very dutiful person to have in the council. -- Bilal Akhtar

Ubuntu IRC Council Testimonials

Having been a long-term member of the community now, I've come across a lot of different ops; Pici really distinguishes himself by always being very diplomatic and a good mediator in any sort of conflict. I highly support his nomination to the IRC Council. - MenZa/LasseHavelund

In concurrence with my distinguished friend MenZa, I support Pici's nomination to the Ubuntu IRC council. He strikes me as continually fair and judicial, mild-mannered and calm. - nickspoon

♥ Pici -- Myrtti

Pici always brings fun wherever he is in the Ubuntu IRC channels, whether it's to liven up a dead -ot or help descelate a conflict in another channel. He is always objective when solving a dispute, and I think he deserves a spot on the IRC Council for his work. snuxoll

Ubuntu Membership Testimonials

This guy is brilliant, he even has his own factoid about being stuck in a factoid factory. He gets my +1. His work is very good fast and accurate, and considerate. Paul O'Malley (ompaul)## Say something nice here ##

Great contributor to the ubuntu-irc team. Definitely deserves membership and I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do with the irc bot once permanent hosting is sorted out. Wink ;) - Joseph "PriceChild" Price

Pici is an impressive contributor to the land of IRC, and has been so for a long time. If anyone deserves membership for IRC contributions, it's him. -- Dennis K.

Benjamin has been very useful to us on the Ubuntu IRC team (including before being a member of it himself), helping regularly and fairly, contributing to helper bot development, and serving as a cooler head in times of conflict. - TonyYarusso

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