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About Me

California born, Tennessee native. After having the pleasure of being raised among the creative arts in Chattanooga, I briefly attended school at Mercer University to join the cyber defense team and ACM programming team - the Binary Bears. I had a walk-on role for one day on the NCAA Division one lacrosse team, technically making me an NCAA athlete. In 2010, I moved to Chicago to work in the burgeoning tech and entertainment industries, and in 2013 I moved to New York to accomplish the same thing. I have appeared, in minor roles, in several films and television shows. Currently I'm an active duty guitarist in the United States Army band and I'm taking classes to eventually earn an ALB in computer science at the Extension School of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University. In spare time I'm struggling to write a post detection algorithm to assist in the modeling of circumbinary planets and do Kepler and the Planet Hunters a solid. I also see very big things ahead for virtual reality. Wink ;-)


Being active since the end of March, 2009, my main area of experience is with advocacy and support. As of 2013, Bugfixing and dogfooding Ubuntu Touch. Working on radios for toroplus. I own(ed) a computer store in Chattanooga, Tennessee that provides up-to-date Linux install cds and dvds. As well, we sell Ubuntu beginner books and other such materials. We also advocate Linux overall with the option to build your own computer with any operating system and window manager you prefer. As far as we are aware, Radiated Computers is the only shop in town to work on out of date or Linux machines. In addition, I moderate the U.S. Georgia LoCo Team forum on the Ubuntu Forums. I also try my best to keep up with answering questions on the Ubuntu Forums and Launchpad, and occasionally on IRC. I have also had minimal experience with translations, artwork, and tutorial writing.

Team Involvement

Launchpad AnswerTracker/ Ubuntu Answers Team

In spare time I help out beginners by being an active member of the Ubuntu Answers Team. Before joining, there is a requirement of 3000 Karma points solely earned in the answer tracker. Through this functionality in Launchpad, I have helped many people with problems of varying difficulty, and in several languages. I also usually refer them to the Ubuntu Forums, as in my opinion it is a much quicker and easier solution for finding answers to questions. Questions answered by me

Ubuntu Forums

I have spent a very large amount of time in the "General Help" section, and the "Absolute Beginner Talk" section. I have over 400 support posts, and over 100 off-topic posts. Wink ;-) I have posted many works of art, Ubuntu or otherwise, in its "Art and Design" subsection, and I have written various HowTos, posted in the "Tutorials and Tips" subsection. Some of the Tutorials I have written

Georgia US LoCo

I am a proud member of the Georgia US LoCo. The Georgia LoCo focuses upon increasing usage of Ubuntu and Linux in general in Georgia. We host install fests and release parties, along with other gatherings.

I am a moderator of the LoCo's subsection on the Ubuntu Forums. Also, I acted as event staff alongside other volunteers at Atlanta Linux Fest 2009, and the UbuCon associated with it.

Launchpad Spanish Translations

While I have only done this occasionally, I try to translate as much as I can. I have not done this recently. Applications and packages translated by me

Ubuntu Marketing Team/SpreadUbuntu

This team is responsible for organizing and collecting ways to intelligently advocate Ubuntu, liaising with politicians, school board members, friends, and people passing by. SpreadUbuntu is a direct response to the Marketing Team that I am proud to be a part of. It is all about advocacy, and with materials from the site, as well as my business, I have spread Ubuntu to thousands of people.

In addition, I have uploaded materials to the official site, and in spare time help translate the project on Launchpad. I am also trying desperately to get the domain name of "" for the project, which currently redirects to Ubuntu's main website.

Extreme Tux Racer

While more a third-party job, I am an approved member of the Extreme Tux Racer developmental team. I have extensively translated for the project, as well as testing each release of the game. In theory, I should report and triage bugs, but I haven't had to do any of that so far.

My HowTos/Ubuntu Documentation Team

I am a member of the Ubuntu Documentation Contributors Team. This team is open to anybody, but I have written the following tutorials to give some meaning to being a part of it. I plan on becoming a member of the Ubuntu Documentation Wiki Administrators as soon as I am more qualified to join, as I admire the Arch Linux wiki, and I'd like to help clean up and style the Ubuntu wiki in a similar manner. How To: Correctly Shrink, Enlarge, and Merge ext3 Partitions (Without installed UI) How To: Stop X.Org Before Bootup (Desktop Edition --> Enhanced Server) How To: Remain in SSH Session while Disconnected How To: Modify SSH Welcome Text How To: Block All Internet Ads in Any Web Browser How To: Gedit with the Click of a Button (GNOME) How To: Add the Computer, Trash, and Home icons to the Desktop How To: Correct the Mistaken Available Space on a Flash Drive How To: Tricks with Root/sudo


Radiated Computers

In July of 2009, I made a decision with a friend to co-find Radiated Computers, a computer store that is open, user-oriented, and affordable. The grand opening was on October 15, 2009, and we had a great turnout. Radiated Computers is very Linux friendly, all new machines strongly suggested to run Ubuntu and other linux operating systems, and offering a backup of data and clean install of Ubuntu for free, though any other operating system choice is available.

UPDATE: Radiated Computers is now closed.


1. I plan to be a supporting contributor, developer, enthusiast, anything that helps Ubuntu to issue a bugfix for Bug #1, and realize proudly that I helped Ubuntu achieve that, along with millions of other people. I am eager to find a way to spread Ubuntu, its philosophy, and Linux in general to the average consumer, transforming the meaning of PC from "Windows" to "Personal Computer." Become an Ubuntu Member.


  • Therion - After reviewing Bryan's posting history on the Ubuntu forums, his artwork and other contributions to the Ubuntu community in general, I would like to add my support to his application for membership.

  • wieman01 - I also recommend Bryan for membership. I have seen (and approved) some of his tutorials and like the way he supports users in the forums and tries to be helpful. My appreciation.

  • JonReagan - I would like to recommend Bryan for membership as well. He is very active in the Ubuntu community, good to work with, and I look forward to working with him on the Atlanta Linux Fest.

  • Collin Pruitt (Hellow) - I would also like to recommend Bryan for Ubuntu Membership. He is very active in translations on Launchpad, and he is a budding artist.

  • Bill Carver - I am thankful for, and impressed by the support received from Bryan Basil. How do you do it?

  • Andres Diaz - I would like to recommend Bryan for an Ubuntus membership, because he helped me with some issues on its installation and set up.

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