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What is SpreadUbuntu?

The Idea we are trying to make a reality has been taken up many times. Always in a slightly different way, with different goals, under different names. So what is this project exactly? I will now explain what SU will eventually be, and what it will eventually consist of, this is the long-term, global conception.

First: it is called SpreadUbuntu (SU for short). Don't mix it up with the former project, we just love the name, changing the concept a bit. It is a site aiming two audiences: the excited new user and anyone willing to solve Bug #1. Although the visitor will see it as a whole, we actually have two sub-projects, that we will from now on call Site and diy, SU being it all. (Again: forget about what used to be DIYWebsite, etc...) So that's for the naming. The site part will be accessed via spreadubuntu.org (currently still pointing to ubuntu.com) and the diy part will be transparently integrated in the site part. However, if you're not interested in the site part, a subdomain, diy.spreadubuntu.com, will directly point to the diy part. All clear? Let's see what these parts consist of then...

The Site part is very much like the former SpreadUbuntu project. It aims to ease the excited new user from exploring the community straight to spreading Ubuntu in his locality. The Site has a community strengthening role, making it easier to understand what everything is about, providing a communication platform, possibly a user-map, etc... If you want to know more about this section, we work on the Site here.

The diy part is actually a dynamic repository, for posters, artwork, presentations, flyers and general marketing and/or community resources. It is inspired by the former DIYWebsite project. The visitor can rapidly access all material through a classification/filtering system with several criteria, and furthermore, it enables anyone to easily contribute by uploading new documents or translating existent ones in their language. For details, we work on diy here.

We have created a working group inside the marketing team, of which we are still fully part of. The group has decided that for now, the priority is not the Site, but diy. This does not proscribe anyone from starting its development in parallel, but the team focus will stay diy for now. We work on launchpad.

Want to help?

If you want to help us with this, see the task list and get down working! There is a lot to be done!

If you're thinking about actively participating, consider joining our team and the mailing list.

Again, most of the ideas for this team and project are based in:

As said before, while we will take a lot of concepts and ideas from them, our SpreadUbuntu website will be based on our own implementation and conceptions, so these pages are not to be taken as concrete guidelines, but it is very important to be aware of what has already been thought of and discussed in the past, as we are not reinventing a lot.


The SpreadUbuntu project is divided into two sub-projects:

Ideas / Feature Request

Visit our Feature Request page and share your thoughts with us! We will try to work this out together with you and hopefully make your ideas for SpreadUbuntu a reality!

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