On this page the adoption of Nautilus is tracked.


Source package


Upstream bug tracker


Because there are so many bugs filed against Nautilus we divide the different tasks between people.

  • More than one people can be assigned to one task. However, before adding yourself to the table, please contact the BugSquad maillist first.

  • It is NOT required to be on this list if you want to triage bugs reported against Nautilus.



New Bugs

Yazen Ghannam, Bruno Girin

Confirmed Bugs

Sense Hofstede

Forwarding upstream

Sense Hofstede, Bruno Girin

Old bugs

Sense Hofstede

A short explanation of the different tasks:

New Bugs

You look after 'New Bugs' and process them appropriately.


  • A Launchpad account

Look at the Untriaged bugs section of Bugs/HowToTriage for an explanation of the required actions for this task.

Confirmed Bugs

You check for Confirmed bugs that are not being looked after or that need to be set to Triaged and do with them whatever is needed.

Look at the Confirmed bugs section of Bugs/HowToTriage for an explanation of the required actions for this task.


Forwarding upstream

You forward bugs upstream. These reports need to contain enough information to be useful to the developers, we don't want to force them to start the triaging process over again. You could start with bugs that are marked as needing forwarding or go through the Triaged bugs yourself.


  • A Launchpad account
  • An account for the upstream bug tracker

Look at theForwarding upstream section of Bugs/HowToTriage for an explanation of the required actions for this task.

Old Bugs

This is a bit of a special kind of task since it's not limited to any specific kind of stage of the triaging process like the tasks above. Instead you focus on bug reports that have been lingering around for a while. You:

  • Verify if the bug can still be reproduced on supported releases
  • Triage the bug

After a while you should be finished with this task since thisadoption team keeps the package tidy and clean. However, it might be wise to still keep an eye out for bugs that are forgotten.


  • A Launchpad account


Please keep the follow these guidelines when triaging:

  • When a bug is ready to be forwarded upstream, but it's not your task, please open an empty upstream task; that will make it show up as such. Bugs/Upstream explains how to do this.



score entry

2010-01-18 15:08

{'Confirmed': 2, 'Invalid': 2272, 'New': 37, 'Fix Committed': 2, 'Triaged': 578, 'Fix Released': 754, 'Incomplete': 162, "Won't Fix": 16}

2010-01-21 16:15

{'need_forwarding': 5, 'per_status': {'In Progress': 3, 'Confirmed': 0, 'Invalid': 2279, 'New': 34, 'Fix Committed': 1, 'Triaged': 583, 'Fix Released': 754, 'Incomplete': 158, "Won't Fix": 16}}

2010-01-28 16:18

{'need_forwarding': 5, 'per_status': {'In Progress': 3, 'Confirmed': 3, 'Invalid': 2463, 'New': 37, 'Fix Committed': 0, 'Triaged': 593, 'Fix Released': 756, 'Incomplete': 166, "Won't Fix": 17}}

2010-02-05 21:55

{'need_forwarding': 0, 'per_status': {'In Progress': 3, 'Confirmed': 1, 'Invalid': 2480, 'New': 41, 'Fix Committed': 0, 'Triaged': 602, 'Fix Released': 759, 'Incomplete': 172, "Won't Fix": 17}}

2010-02-10 20:37

{'need_forwarding': 1, 'per_status': {'In Progress': 2, 'Confirmed': 3, 'Invalid': 2314, 'New': 11, 'Fix Committed': 0, 'Triaged': 602, 'Fix Released': 760, 'Incomplete': 191, "Won't Fix": 17}}

2010-02-21 09:43

{'need_forwarding': 1, 'per_status': {'In Progress': 2, 'Confirmed': 8, 'Invalid': 2321, 'New': 36, 'Fix Committed': 0, 'Triaged': 607, 'Fix Released': 761, 'Incomplete': 189, "Won't Fix": 17}}

2010-03-15 18:22

{'need_forwarding': 0, 'per_status': {'In Progress': 2, 'Confirmed': 9, 'Invalid': 2369, 'New': 46, 'Fix Committed': 0, 'Triaged': 611, 'Fix Released': 773, 'Incomplete': 169, "Won't Fix": 16}}

2010-03-22 16:14

{'need_forwarding': 0, 'per_status': {'In Progress': 3, 'Confirmed': 10, 'Invalid': 2375, 'New': 63, 'Fix Committed': 0, 'Triaged': 609, 'Fix Released': 775, 'Incomplete': 172, "Won't Fix": 16}}

2010-03-29 16:25

{'need_forwarding': 0, 'per_status': {'In Progress': 2, 'Confirmed': 15, 'Invalid': 2394, 'New': 75, 'Fix Committed': 0, 'Triaged': 609, 'Fix Released': 780, 'Incomplete': 168, "Won't Fix": 16}}

2010-04-02 12:04

{'need_forwarding': 0, 'per_status': {'In Progress': 2, 'Confirmed': 15, 'Invalid': 2414, 'New': 57, 'Fix Committed': 0, 'Triaged': 619, 'Fix Released': 784, 'Incomplete': 171, "Won't Fix": 16}}

2010-04-20 15:25

{'need_forwarding': 4, 'per_status': {'In Progress': 2, 'Confirmed': 15, 'Invalid': 2435, 'New': 65, 'Fix Committed': 1, 'Triaged': 611, 'Fix Released': 796, 'Incomplete': 213, "Won't Fix": 16}}

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