The KDE bugzilla hosts a range of packages that are upstream to Kubuntu including the KDE desktop and most KDE applications.

Packages affected

Using the bug tracker

KDE bugs are tracked upstream at bugs.kde.org. Click 'New Account' in the bottom right corner and enter your email address.


The main page of bugs.kde.org acts as a simple search. You can search for keywords from here. For more advanced control over search terms, use the advanced search form

Filing new bugs

After searching for possible duplicates you can file a new bug using the guided bug filing. Include a basic description of the problem, including all relevant information in the Launchpad report, and link to the original Launchpad report:

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On Launchpad, click "Also affects project" in the left column on the bug page, and link to the KDE bugzilla bug.

Tags and conventions


Following up

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