Sunday, December 16th, 2007, 7:00pm (1900) PDT


  1. SCaLE

    1. Our booth got accepted to SCaLE!
    2. SCaLE is in February, so planning for it will start once the holidays are over.
    3. Demo boxes (with Compiz) would be useful. Flannel has a couple he can bring.
  2. Launchpad expiration discussion (from last meeting) never made it to the mailing list; Flannel will get to that at some point.

  3. Two weeks from now is December 30th, which is in the middle of holidays, so the next meeting will be in January instead.

Original Agenda

  1. Accepted to SCaLE


20:32 < Yasumoto_> in that case, I say we wait 10 minutes, then we'll get started
20:34 < AlgorthmicContro> sounds great
20:43 < AlgorthmicContro> Yasumoto_: We rollin'?
21:12 < Yasumoto_> alrighty, I guess we'll just go for it
21:15 < Yasumoto_> AlgorthmicContro, cactaur, charlesnw, cyphase, Gareth, jasay, L1, lns, LookTJ, xipietotec: ping
21:15 < cactaur> pong
21:15 < AlgorthmicContro> pong
21:15 < jasay> pong
21:16  * AlgorthmicContro hopes lns is alive.
21:16 < Yasumoto_> Alrighty, so welcome to tonight's meeting
21:17 < Yasumoto_> all that's been posted to the agenda so far is:
21:17 < AlgorthmicContro> aye-aye
21:17 < Yasumoto_> 1. Accepted to SCaLE
21:17 < Yasumoto_> which is relatively self explanatory
21:18 < cactaur> Yay!
21:18 < AlgorthmicContro> Yayz!
21:18 < Yasumoto_> it's in February, so once the holidays are over, we'll start working on who can show up
21:19 < Yasumoto_> and who wants to man the booth
21:19 < cactaur> Wait, when during February?
21:19 < cactaur> I MIGHT be able to make it, if it's not during school.
21:19 < AlgorthmicContro> Are we considered Students and part of a School faculty, SCaLE says they receive a 50% discount on tickets...
21:19 < Yasumoto_> 2/8 - 2/10
21:20 < Yasumoto_> cactaur: (it's a weekend)
21:20 < AlgorthmicContro> Yay
21:20 < Yasumoto_> AlgorthmicContro: we'll ask Gareth about the procedure for exhibitors, and see what he says
21:21 < AlgorthmicContro> Alright
21:21 < Yasumoto_> I think it'd be cool to have a few computers set up with compiz for people to play with
21:21 < AlgorthmicContro> Sounds cool I suppose
21:23 < cactaur> Yasumoto_: I'll have to get back to you on that. The weekend after, I have a piano competition, and if I'm not up to par, I'll most likely need to spend that weekend practicing.
21:24 < Yasumoto_> brutal :/
21:24 < Yasumoto_> kk, keep us updated
21:24 < cactaur> I'll be sure to.
21:24 < Flannel> Howdy all
21:24 < Yasumoto_> so if you have any questions, ping me or send an emai--
21:24 < cactaur> FLANNEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
21:24 < AlgorthmicContro> You made it!
21:25 < AlgorthmicContro> Yay!
21:25 < Yasumoto_> heya :)
21:25 < Flannel> Little later than I'd hoped, but yeah
21:25 < Flannel> So, do we actually have an agenda?
21:25  * Flannel hasn't looked for a few days
21:25 < Yasumoto_> nio
21:26 < Flannel> Sounds good.
21:26 < Yasumoto_> *not really. I was pretty much done
21:26 < Flannel> What did we talk about?
21:26 < AlgorthmicContro> Well, your presence  is what counts!
21:26 < cactaur> Wasn't there a message on the mailing list?
21:26 < Yasumoto_> so I'll turn it over to you for anything
21:26 < Flannel> Scale, alright, sounds good
21:26 < Flannel> As for computers, I
21:26 < Flannel> Ive got a few towers I can bring, but they have no monitors
21:27 < Flannel> Theyre of varying speeds/nicenesses, but we can worry about that later
21:27 < Flannel> but I definately think we should have demo boxes there to some degree
21:27 < Flannel> Otherstuff, uh, I dropped the ball about the expiry on LP memberships and the mailing list, I'll be getting to that, sometime soon, now that finals are all done and time actually exists agian.
21:28 < Flannel> But, that's not really pertinent, so no big deal
21:28 < Flannel> And, thats all I think I've got
21:28 < Flannel> I don't think we'll have a meeting in two weeks, it'll be the 30th
21:28 < Flannel> Just ebcause I can't imagine we'll have a whole lot of turnout
21:28 < Flannel> but I may be wrong
21:28 < Yasumoto_> yeah, I agree
21:29 < Yasumoto_> if anyone needs to say anything, we've got the mailing list or just in here
21:29 < Flannel> I agree, and if anything comes up that we need a meeting for, we can do one on the 7th or wheneever elese
21:29  * Flannel can't type.
21:30 < Yasumoto_> sweetness. anyone else have anything to add?
21:30 < Flannel> So yeah, thats all I had, I'll let Yasumoto_ finish us out
21:31 < Flannel> Its feb 8,9,10, right?
21:31 < Flannel> yes
21:31 < Yasumoto_> yep
21:31 < Yasumoto_> okay guys, thanks for showing up. have a good holiday, and check the wiki for the next meeting date
21:32 < Flannel> It'll be posted to the ML too

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