Sunday, July 12th, 2009, 7:00pm (1900) PDT


  1. Ubuntu 6.06 Desktop EOL on July 14th
  2. OSCON planning

    1. Jack got the banner printed (picture)

    2. Electricity is paid for (500W, 5A)
    3. Discussion of who's bringing what; decisions added to the table on the project page
    4. Grant is still waiting on the Canonical conference pack
    5. Neal's interested in making a flyer, and will discuss it after the meeting
    6. Other ideas: having a designated greeter (consensus: no), visitor counts (consensus: yes, if possible), scheduling volunteers
    7. Going to set up the booth right before the first day of the expo
    8. Discussion of pre-OSCON meetup moved to list. Possible locations: SJSU library, at the convention center after CLS

Original Agenda

  1. Ubuntu 6.06/Dapper LTS Desktop support ends on July 14th (announcement, instructions to upgrade to Hardy)

  2. OSCON Planning

  3. Approval Status Updates

If you have anything else you'd like to add to the agenda, or want to make some changes, please feel free to edit it. Please include an explanation of your item if it's not immediately apparent.

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Hope to see you online!


19:10 <         Flannel> Alright, so, welcome everyone to todays edition of Days of our LoCos...
19:10 -!- sn9 is now known as sn9_
19:10 <         Flannel> As a reminder to everyone, OSCON is not this upcoming week, but next week (7 days from now)
19:11 <         Flannel> and it just so happens that the bulk of our meeting will wind up being for OSCON.
19:11 <         Flannel> Some other misc. announcements and things before we dive in,
19:12 <             rww> ach, gotta go afk for 20 minutes. I'll be back later
19:12 <         Flannel> Dapper's desktop EOL is coming up in two days, on the 14th.
19:12 <         Flannel> Server is still supported for two more years though, so it'll certainly be interesting to see how the support works out.
19:13 <             sn9> i need to test dcc send on this client; any takers?
19:13 <         Flannel> You can upgrade straight from Dapper to Hardy (that's LTS to LTS), and there's instructions available on the HardyUpdates
19:13 <         Flannel> er, that is: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardyUpgrades
19:14 <         Flannel> Another thing that was recently mentioned is some LoCos are looking for testimonials about Ubuntu from students/professors/etc, which we have a number of.  I'll spare the details, but those interested can view them here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=7605833
19:15 <         Flannel> I... think that's all I had for this.
19:15 <            sn9_> ok
19:15 <         Flannel> Anyone have anything I might've missed?
19:16 <         Flannel> Alright, so.  On to OSCON planning!  OSCON is in a week, the Expo itself is Wed/Thurs.
19:16 <       jbermudes> yay
19:17 <         Flannel> We got a banner printed recently, I imagine everyone saw it, but if you didnt: http://www.jdeslippe.com/dropbox/Banner.jpg
19:17 <            sn9_> i might be able to lend a hand tuesday evening
19:17 <         Flannel> thanks to jdeslip for making that happen.  The source will be up on the wiki shortly.
19:17 <            sn9_> of oscon week
19:18 <       grantbow1> The electricity is paid for.  We have 5A & 500W which should be plenty for what we've talked about.
19:19 <         jdeslip> sounds good
19:19 <         Flannel> That is, the big monitor, and then two laptops for people to play with, and then a third laptop controlling the big screen (video)
19:19 <          vsayer> hey guys
19:19 <         Flannel> Howdy vsayer
19:20 <          vsayer> need any help for OSCON?
19:20 <         jdeslip> hey vsayer: missed you this afternoon ;)
19:20 *** rww back
19:20 <          vsayer> yeah...sorry i couldn't make it
19:20 <          vsayer> definitely next time
19:20 <         Flannel> Does anyone know/can we confirm volunteers for those two laptops?  For people to play with.
19:21 <             sn9> as in, providing them?
19:21 <         dragon_> Flannel: will we also have a 'Buntu Stand station?
19:21 <         Flannel> sn9: Yeah
19:21 <         jdeslip> vsayer: no problem; but there were a few tears
19:21 <          vsayer> haha
19:21 <         Flannel> dragon_: No, we're burning prior to.
19:22 <             sn9> i might be able to have this laptop there part of the time
19:22 <             sn9> likely the bulk of the time
19:22 <        Yasumoto> I can bring my laptop, but it isn't a pretty thing, unfortunately :(
19:22 <          vsayer> so...the expo hall is open wed and thurs
19:22 <          vsayer> i can come on thurs
19:22 <         jdeslip> My Eee with UNR is available
19:22 <             sn9> it has 9.04 64-bit
19:23 <       jbermudes> is my monitor required?
19:23 <         Flannel> jbermudes: Nope
19:23 <         jdeslip> But, maybe not what you had in mind for the additional two lappys
19:23 <        Yasumoto> jdeslip: actually, I think that'd be great
19:24 <        Yasumoto> do we have a machine for the video?
19:24 <         jdeslip> So, I can bring my 22" Monitor, Dell Inspiron for Video and Eee for demo.  I plan to take a suitcase I think :)
19:25 <             sn9> Yasumoto: what must the specs of said machine be?
19:25 <         jdeslip> Yasumoto: my Inspiron was suggested a couple days back
19:25 <             sn9> sounds good
19:25 <        Yasumoto> jdeslip: cool, that'd be epic
19:25 <             sn9> we all have each other's cells, right?
19:26 <         jdeslip> Should have plenty horse power.  Core 2-Duo, nvidia 8400, 2GB ram
19:26 <         Flannel> If in doubt (and you're willing) bring your laptop, no telling what problems might come up.
19:26 <        Yasumoto> truth
19:26 <       jbermudes> if im there, my laptop could be a backup too
19:26 <             sn9> this laptop is c2d, nvidia 8600, 4GB ram
19:27 <       grantbow1> jbermudes: when will you know if you are coming or not?
19:27 <         jdeslip> sn9: you just had to one up me on every spec didn't you!
19:27 <         jdeslip> :)
19:27 <             sn9> c2d is c2d
19:28 <       grantbow1> his is bigger?
19:28 <             sn9> 15.4"
19:28 <             sn9> wide
19:28 <       jbermudes> grantbow, still gotta confirm everything with Yasumoto
19:28 <        Yasumoto> I think we'll also need another table to set up the demo booth
19:28 <         jdeslip> for the video, screensize doesn't matter because we are hooking it up to the monitor
19:29 <        Yasumoto> I highly recommend updating https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/OSCON2009 if you can bring any of the listed items
19:29 <       grantbow1> Yasumoto: +1
19:30 <        Yasumoto> does anyone local happen to have a spare card table or something?
19:30 <         Flannel> We'd prefer a wired router to a wireless one though.
19:30 <         dragon_> We also need to update that list, since it was a rough draft
19:30 <         Flannel> yeah
19:30 <        Yasumoto> I have a spare switch I can bring
19:30 <        Yasumoto> (just a small netgear one)
19:30 <         dragon_> Flannel: the wireless router has 4 LAN ports
19:31 <         jdeslip> Oh, I also have a wired router
19:31 <             sn9> Flannel: wireless ones are ironically often cheaper, and one can simply turn wifi off
19:31 <         jdeslip> Blue linksys one
19:31 <         jdeslip> I can bring as backup
19:31 <         jdeslip> padding for suitcase
19:31 <         Flannel> sn9: Right, but I've actually seen wireless routers with only one ethernet jack, just wanted to make sure that wasn't the case.
19:31 <        Yasumoto> jdeslip: nice, that one should have a dhcop server installed on it, right?
19:31 <         Flannel> Routers, however, don't seem to be an issue ^^ ;)
19:31 <             sn9> we could bring a switch
19:32 <       jbermudes> Yasumoto: i have a spare netgear switch too
19:32 <         jdeslip> Yasumoto: ya, it dhcps
19:32 <             sn9> jbermudes: excellent
19:32 <        Yasumoto> cool, that'd make life easy
19:32 <             sn9> but why do we need a router with no internet?
19:32 <        Yasumoto> internal network
19:33 <        Yasumoto> jdeslip: if you can bring yours, that'd be sweet
19:33 <        Yasumoto> then I'll bring mine as a backup
19:33 <             sn9> i have a 3g router, but it needs jtag, which i might be able to do by then
19:33 <         Flannel> sn9: We're going to have a small, limited repository on one of the computers, for people to play with.
19:33 <         dragon_> sn9: we might have a package repo server for package installation demos
19:33 <        Yasumoto> (I'd rather not fuss with setting up a network manually or working a dhcp server into our setup)
19:34 <       grantbow1> between us all we should get it all working, lmao.
19:34 <         dragon_> lol true
19:35 *** jsj0nes thinks that would be fun to watch...
19:35 <        Yasumoto> haha, truth. I just feel like it helps prevent us from worrying about network-issues
19:35 <        Yasumoto> jsj0nes: :)
19:35 <             sn9> if anybody has MEdiaNet, we could get 3g speeds
19:36 <         jdeslip> Yasumoto: ya, will bring it
19:36 <         dragon_> and probably bridge that 3G connection to allow all machines to access the internet...
19:36 <             sn9> well, the 3g router will route it
19:36 <             sn9> but it will be double nat
19:37 <         dragon_> sn9: sounds feasible
19:37 <        Yasumoto> jdeslip: awesome, thanks
19:37 <        Yasumoto> anyways, back to the booth stuff
19:37 <        Yasumoto> what else do we need ..
19:38 <        Yasumoto> do we have those cool table cloths?
19:38 <         Flannel> Yasumoto: Yep
19:38 <         jdeslip> Abou the video, are we agreed to use the one I created and put on youtube?  It has correct resolution for monitor.
19:38 <             sn9> url?
19:38 <         Flannel> Yasumoto: Table cloths are covered.  Trying to find two more tables might be pertinent.  One for monitor, the other for swag, etc.
19:39 <        Yasumoto> I'll call my friend to see if he has one we can borrow, but those are important..
19:39 <       jbermudes> Flannel: what size table?
19:39 <         jdeslip> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBlZjY2uxeU
19:40 <             sn9> which taskbar is that?
19:40 <             sn9> avant?
19:40 <         Flannel> jbermudes: The sized tables that live in San Jose area ;)
19:40 <         jdeslip> Still wanted to try to get a slightly smoother version out.
19:40 <         jdeslip> It is cairo-dock in the video
19:41 <         jdeslip> though I now use docky :)
19:41 <         Flannel> jbermudes: table cloths will work for any sized table.  The one we get from OSCON will cover the demo computers, and then we'll want another for the video monitor, and then a third (since we have three colors) for more on-table storage (with more behind the monitor)
19:42 <             sn9> jdeslip: gOS dumped avant in favor of wbar
19:42 <         Flannel> Don't want them too big, but one like 6 or 8 foot one, and then a square one would do nicely.
19:42 <       grantbow1> I don't have tables any more - sold them last year.
19:43 <             sn9> jdeslip: docky doesn't seem to be in a jaunty repo
19:43 <         jdeslip> part of gnome-do
19:43 <        Yasumoto> my friend said that we can borrow his dining room table (it folds out)
19:43 <             sn9> ah
19:44 <         jdeslip> I am slightly worried about copyright on some of the programs in the demo video though
19:44 <         jdeslip> VirtualBox etc
19:45 <             sn9> use virtualbox-ose
19:45 <             sn9> it integrates better anyway
19:45 <        Yasumoto> alright well if you can bring a table, add it to the list
19:46 <         dragon_> jdeslip: it shouldn't be a problem since we're displaying it only for demonstrative purpose
19:46 <        Yasumoto> jdeslip: I think the video looks awesome, and it'll be a great thing to show off
19:46 <         jdeslip> Even then, is it it legal to show virtualbox logo etc in our video?  I guess that counts on the free to distribute aspect.
19:46 <        Yasumoto> Do we have those LUG flyers? I want to make sure we have them to pass out
19:47 <         nhaines> jdeslip: I don't see why the OSE logo wouldn't be fine.
19:47 <         nhaines> jdeslip: I'm a little uncomfortable showcasing a very customized Ubuntu install (compiz and so forth) but maybe it won't be such a problem at OSCON.
19:47 <         jdeslip> nhaines: and what about windows that is inside vbox?
19:48 <         jdeslip> nhaines: Ya, I thought about that.  Could take one of a more standard Ubuntu look + compiz cube
19:50 <         dragon_> how about some transparency effects?
19:50 <         Flannel> Might be better to discuss specifics of the video after the meeting.
19:50 <         Flannel> jdeslip, dragon_, nhaines: you all comfortable with that?
19:51 <         dragon_> no problem
19:51 <         Flannel> Alright, so, what other aspects of OSCON have we still not pinned down?  grantbow1, did you receive the conference pack yet?
19:52 <       grantbow1> Haven't received it yet - I will let you know when I do.
19:52 <        Yasumoto> grantbow1: cool :)
19:52 <        Yasumoto> Anyone have anything else to go over?
19:52 <         Flannel> I'd like to make up a flyer for Ubuntu as well, if anyone is interested in contributing to its content/design/whatever, talk to me afterwards.
19:53 <         jdeslip> ok, sounds good, I'll be back in 20 minutes ( gotta do something real quick)
19:53 <         Flannel> Even if its just "include X and Y or I'll hate you forever"
19:53 <         nhaines> jdeslip: Windows inside VirtualBox would be fine I think.
19:53 <         nhaines> Flannel: oops!  Hehe, specifics later.
19:54 <             sn9> vbox 3 is in a ppa for karmic
19:54 <        Yasumoto> Alright guys, I think that wraps it for OSCON, we'll talk about video+flyer stuff later
19:54 <             sn9> actually, it's _in_ karmic
19:54 <       grantbow1> OSCON best practices I have heard include having a designated greeter on duty at all times and to keep a tally of how many people we meet.  Does this sound useful?
19:55 <        Yasumoto> grantbow1: sorry, didn't mean to cut that. I think that sounds awesome
19:55 <        Yasumoto> getting some real numbers would be superbly helpful
19:55 <        Yasumoto> we also should hash out a schedule for volunteers
19:55 <         Flannel> I'm not sure that'll fit with how the booth has worked in the past though
19:55 <         Flannel> Seems like a potential bottleneck in an otherwise parallel process
19:55 <       jbermudes> is oscon larger than the conference we did earlier this year? what's the difference in scale? (no pun intended....ok, it was)
19:56 <        Yasumoto> I think getting some numbers about attendees and conversations would be useful, if only to get a feel for flow/CD usage
19:56 <       grantbow1> I've been meaning to look up the demographic and attendance numbers.
19:56 <         Flannel> But, we can always try it and modify midway through.
19:56 <         nhaines> I think it's important that everyone at the booth is ready to engage (and reach out to by greeting) anyone who comes by and is interested.
19:56 <        Yasumoto> I think it'd come in handy for planning next year
19:57 <         nhaines> It's easy to be passive at booths, but greeting everyone who walks by is very effective.
19:57 <         dragon_> it might also be a good idea to meet up before the actual conference (we talked about this last time)
19:57 <             rww> Yasumoto: yeah, getting a schedule for volunteers would be useful
19:57 <         Flannel> Yasumoto: We kept better CD numbers this year at SCaLE
19:57 <       grantbow1> nhaines: works well  unless we are all busy
19:57 <        Yasumoto> nhaines: yeah, that's true
19:57 <         Flannel> dragon_: ah yes1
19:57 <        Yasumoto> Flannel: definitely
19:57 <         Flannel> dragon_: If I don't remember in two mintues, remind me ;)
19:57 <        Yasumoto> grantbow1: yeah, I see what you're saying
19:57 <         dragon_> Flannel: alright
19:57 <       grantbow1> nhaines: +1 on greeting
19:58 <        Yasumoto> but what if the greeter gets busy? does he do his best to sort of pass people along, in a sense?
19:58 <         nhaines> grantbow1: In which case the closest person should acknowledge any newcomers who approach.
19:58 <         nhaines> It's a bit tricky to juggle but there are a couple ways to do it.
19:58 <       grantbow1> Yasumoto: job of greeter is to hand off people to others and keep greeting
19:58 <       grantbow1> and counting
19:59 <         Flannel> Having a person there tallying people seems sort of odd/creepy though.
19:59 <         nhaines> I've never been a big fan of the handoff.  Not unless there's a product involved.
19:59 <         nhaines> Flannel: it's done with a hand counter and is fairly discreet if the person knows how to use it.  ;()
19:59 <         dragon_> how do guestbooks work at conferences?
19:59 <         nhaines> ;()
19:59 <         nhaines> Gerr, keyboard.
20:00 <        Yasumoto> Flannel: yeah, what nhaines said
20:00 <         Flannel> "Hi, welcome to our booth, let me find someone else for you to talk to!"  I just don't see that being received well
20:00 <       grantbow1> I have a tally counter - like used for baseball
20:00 <          Gareth> microchips and a blowdart....perfect solution.  Then you know where te people go afterwards.
20:00 <         Flannel> Gareth: +1
20:00 <       grantbow1> flannel: a greeting compliments the flyer, don't you think?
20:00 <        Yasumoto> mm.. that's why SCaLE's such a success... massive biometrics
20:01 <          Gareth> Yasumoto: Shhh
20:01 <        Yasumoto> and geolocation
20:01 <         Flannel> grantbow1: What?  I'm not sure I follow
20:01 <         dragon_> track them and attack them as soon as they reach M$'s booth
20:01 <          Gareth> does Microsoft have a booth at OSCON this year?
20:01 <         dragon_> is M$ attending btw?
20:01 <             rww> yes
20:01 <         Flannel> dragon_: "M$" is harmful, and I don't know.
20:02 <         dragon_> um ok
20:02 <             rww> http://port25.technet.com/archive/2009/06/29/oscon-2009.aspx
20:02 <       grantbow1> Flannel: if you don't like either idea, a designated greeter or counting, that's fine.
20:03 <         Flannel> grantbow1: What?  I just don't understand how a greeter compliments flyers
20:03 <         nhaines> Flannel: maybe grantbow1 was thinking to have a greeter hand out flyers?
20:03 <        Yasumoto> I think that the greeter saying "Hi! Welcome to the ubuntu booth. have you heard about it before? oh you have a networking question? here, talk to our resident expert, Joe."
20:03 <       grantbow1> nhaines: +1
20:03 <         Flannel> Oh, no, no, handing out flyers to everyone is a bad idea. You get into "Here, you throw this away" mode
20:03 <        Yasumoto> Flannel: yeah, the greeter would hand out flyers during the "have you heard about it?" part
20:03 <       grantbow1> Yasumoto: +12
20:03 <       grantbow1> err, +1
20:04 <        Yasumoto> you can offer it to them though if they don't know about it (some people just grab a lot of stuff,  Ifeel like)
20:04 <        Yasumoto> muaha.. 12..
20:04 <         Flannel> flyers would be just like CDs, something for someone to take home with them, if they don't care about our CDs (because they can burn their own)
20:04 <         nhaines> I don't think we're specialized in that sort of way.  Not enough to justify a greeter, anyhow.
20:04 <         dragon_> oh also, people might come to our booth to get something stamped. There are prizes for those who visit all booths or something like that iirc
20:04 <         nhaines> I would love for us to someday have a ton of people at a large booth were that was the case, though.
20:04 <         dragon_> anyone knows what i'm talking about?
20:04 <         Flannel> dragon_: Nope!
20:05 <        Yasumoto> well can we have a dedicated counter (if the counter misses a person or two, that's okay)
20:05 <        Yasumoto> dragon_: yeah, I do
20:05 <        Yasumoto> I think you need to be a sponsor or something for that
20:05 <         nhaines> Yasumoto: does anyone have a counter?
20:05 <       grantbow1> walking away from a conference without any idea how many people you talked to seems like a missed opportunity but it would take some effort to count
20:05 <       grantbow1> nhaines: I have one
20:06 <        Yasumoto> grantbow1: yeah, it would take effort, but I for one would be interested in the numbers
20:06 <       grantbow1> s/you/the team/
20:06 <       grantbow1> Yasumoto: I would too
20:07 <         Flannel> What about if we had everyonejot down how many they'd spoken to since the last time they jotted it down?
20:07 <         nhaines> Flannel: never works. :)
20:07 <         Flannel> nhaines: no?
20:07 <         Flannel> alright
20:07 <       grantbow1> nhaines: +1
20:07 <         nhaines> Flannel: pretty much never.
20:08 <         nhaines> I don't like the idea of a dedicated greeter, I think we need that extra person doing other things.  But someone with a counter would be good.
20:09 <       grantbow1> seems we agree on a counter and I'll supply the device - it's easy to use
20:09 <         dragon_> "Enter to Win Cool Prizes via the 2009 OSCON Passport Program! OSCON attendees will have the opportunity to have an "OSCON Passport"   brochure stamped at each participating sponsor and exhibitor booth.   Once attendees have obtained all "stamps," they can turn in their   passport to the O'Reilly booth to be entered into a drawing for cool   prizes donated by OSCON sponsors. Have fun and good luck! Look for the passports at the 
20:10 <         dragon_> from http://en.oreilly.com/oscon2009/public/content/expo-hall
20:10 <         Flannel> I'm a definate -1 on the greeter.
20:10 <         nhaines> +1 for me on the counter though.
20:10 <         Flannel> and +1 on statistics if its easy to do.  But I'm worried we might be diving in head first.  Do we split it up? just "people who stopped by"?
20:11 <         Flannel> stopped by and talked for 20 seconds?
20:11 <       grantbow1> sounds like -1 on greeter, +1 on counter
20:11 <       grantbow1> Flannel: some discretion, but 20 seconds or so seems about right - we can move discussion to the mail list
20:12 <         Flannel> Obviously splitting up flow into 30 minute (or hour) chunks is good.
20:12 <         nhaines> That sort of statistical data would be fun.
20:12 <         Flannel> So we get actual data in a temporal fashion, but is it just binary?  Do we differentiate between nothing-flyer-cd?
20:13 <         Flannel> I suppose we can figure out the flyer/cd stuff through subtraction after the fact.
20:13 <       grantbow1> Binary is good enough - flyers and CDs we know how many we brought and how many we have left.
20:13 <         nhaines> Flannel: just binary I'd imagine.
20:13 <        Yasumoto> yeah
20:13 <         Flannel> Just to figure out ratios.  Popularity is the important temporal thing.
20:14 <         dragon_> Flannel: here's a reminder about having a team meeting in advance ;)
20:14 <         Flannel> Sounds good.  30 minute or 1 hour buckets, with counting at the end.
20:14 <         Flannel> dragon_: thanks
20:14 <        Yasumoto> yeah, that's a cool idea (basing things about time)
20:14 <         Flannel> er, counting of resources, that is.
20:14 <        Yasumoto> I'll set up a schedule (from expo setup to close/takedown) on the wiki
20:14 <         Flannel> I think the last thing to discuss is a meetup.
20:15 <        Yasumoto> wait, schedule stuff first
20:15 <       grantbow1> Yasumoto: one is commented in the page already to start from but could use some help
20:15 <        Yasumoto> (sorry)
20:15 <         Flannel> oh, ok.
20:15 <        Yasumoto> grantbow1: w00t, awesome
20:15 <        Yasumoto> do we want to break shifts into two hours? four?
20:16 <             rww> Yasumoto: i'd go with two
20:16 <         Flannel> With the observation that you're welcome to sign up for more than one back to back, etc.
20:16 <         jdeslip> Are we setting up Wednesday Morning?
20:16 <        Yasumoto> yeah, true
20:17 <       grantbow1> Yasumoto: how many people have access to setup before the floor opens?  total of five? more?
20:17 <        Yasumoto> I think we have 7
20:18 <         dragon_> what time do we start on wednesday?
20:18 <       grantbow1> Mary agreed to that?  nice.
20:18 <        Yasumoto> if we need more, I'm sure we can ask nicely and get someone in
20:18 <             sn9> maybe we should schedule _at_ the meetup
20:18 <         Flannel> Yasumoto: Do we have access on prior days?  Would be nice to set up bulk of it on Tuesday or whatever.  Then just computers and things on Wed Morning
20:18 <        Yasumoto> double-checking...
20:19 <         jdeslip> I cannot attend and brind the computers until Wednesday morning (since I am out of town until tuesday afternoon)
20:19 <             sn9> i would, again, likely be available tuesday evening
20:19 <       grantbow1> Flannel: we do have prior day access with the passes Joe mentioned but I don't recall the specifics
20:20 <         jdeslip> So, anything that I am bringing won't be there until the morning.  Keep that in mind.  Though this is mostly computer stuff.
20:20 <             sn9> in case anyone does not have my cell, /msg nickserv info sn9
20:20 <        Yasumoto> jdeslip: thanks for the heads up
20:20 <        Yasumoto> sorry for the paste:
20:21 <         dragon_> Yasumoto: paste?
20:21 <        Yasumoto> Exhibitor Registration/Move-In:
20:21 <        Yasumoto> Monday, July 20, 12:00PM - 6:00PM
20:21 <        Yasumoto> Tuesday, July 21, 9:00AM - 6:00PM
20:21 <        Yasumoto> Exhibitor Move-out:
20:21 <        Yasumoto> July 23, 5:00PM - 9:00PM
20:21 <        Yasumoto> July 24, 8:00AM - 12:00PM
20:21 <       grantbow1> Yasumoto: cool, thanks
20:21 <         dragon_> hm that
20:21 <         dragon_> thanks
20:22 <         jdeslip> I don't think it is really safe to leave computers/monitor there unattended anywaay
20:22 <         dragon_> so we can't do it on wednesday morning?
20:22 <         dragon_> can we?
20:23 <       grantbow1> dragon_: I am sure at least an hour before as well with the seven passes
20:23 <        Yasumoto> It doesn't look like it, but I'm sure we can get in a bit early
20:24 <         Flannel> Well, if the tables and stuff are all set up
20:24 <         Flannel> the only "set up" for wed would be the few computers, won't take long.
20:24 <         Flannel> Can easily do it the first twenty minutes of the Expo
20:24 <        Yasumoto> true
20:24 <       grantbow1> Flannel: +1
20:25 <         jdeslip> true
20:25 <         Flannel> Being able to get in there with tables and stuff early is the big stuff
20:25 <         Flannel> er, important stuff
20:25 <         dragon_> i think i missed this part earlier - how big is our biggest table?
20:26 <       grantbow1> can we close the official meeting now?
20:26 <         Flannel> dragon_: our demo computer one will be the OSCONprovided one (it's taller), and its: 4x2
20:27 <         Flannel> And then the other tables will be whatever people up there have at their disposal.  Unless Joe has room for one of mine.
20:27 <         Flannel> which, I doubt.
20:27 <         jdeslip> Ok, sorry everyone but I have to go get ready for trip.  To summarize what I am bringing:  One 22" LCD monitor, one Dell Inspiron (backend video machine), one Eee for possible demo, one wired router.  All of this will be there Wednesday morning (hopefully Grant can pick me an my suitcase full of stuff up at Fremont BART and get me there.
20:28 <        Yasumoto> I think the last issue is when to meetup
20:28 <         Flannel> jdeslip: Yep.  Sounds good.  Have a good trip.
20:28 <         Flannel> Yasumoto: correct.
20:28 <        Yasumoto> mailing list with schedules?
20:28 <         Flannel> Yasumoto: aye
20:28 <        Yasumoto> sweet
20:28 <         jdeslip> I will post to the mailing list about the video - hopefully get one out that everyone agrees on sometime next week.
20:28 <         jdeslip> By all
20:29 <        Yasumoto> jdeslip: thanks, good sir :)
20:29 <         jdeslip> err bye
20:29 <         Flannel> For the meetup, we were thinking one of the weekend days.  Saturday or Sunday.  So everyone can get to know each other before OSCON.
20:30 <         dragon_> As we don't have an IRC meeting next Sunday, maybe we can do it on that day.
20:30 <         nhaines> I think Sunday will be best, since the Community Leadership Summit has an afterhours thing on Saturday.
20:31 <         Flannel> CLS ends at 5? or the feedback session starts at 5?
20:31 <         nhaines> Flannel: starts.
20:31 <         Flannel> is it going to be feedback to jono?  Would it be easier to berate him about stuff on IRC later anyway?
20:31 <         nhaines> Probably for 45 minutes.
20:31 <         Flannel> (would we be willing to skip that, and get an earlier start at the LoCo thing?)
20:31 <         nhaines> I could skip it.
20:31 <       grantbow1> We can use the mail list and an unlogged IRC meeting time to coordinate details too.
20:32 <             sn9> there might be an installfest in san jose on saturday
20:32 <         Flannel> dragon_: Did you say you knew of the place/could get us in/whatever to the library?
20:32 <        Yasumoto> yeah, I say we push this to the ML and coordinate there
20:32 <         dragon_> Flannel: yes, that King library. It's open to the public
20:33 <         Flannel> Yasumoto: might not be a bad idea.
20:33 <         Flannel> It is already 830
20:34 <             sn9> http://evc-cit.info/installfest/
20:34 <             sn9> 3-6:30
20:35 *** grantbow1 nods
20:35 <         Flannel> That might be a good reason to have it Sunday then in and of itself.  If some people will be at that installfest
20:35 <         nhaines> dragon_: when does the library close on Sunday?
20:36 <             sn9> Flannel: it could also immediately follow the installfest
20:36 <         dragon_> checking
20:36 <       grantbow1> the install fest location is not near the convention center
20:36 <         dragon_> Thursday - Saturday 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
20:36 <         dragon_> Sunday 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
20:36 <             sn9> it's closer to the convention center than you are
20:37 <       grantbow1> sn9: depends on where I'm staying at the time, lol.
20:37 <         Flannel> sn9: I think we might lose people to the CLS afterparty though.
20:37 <         dragon_> isn't that installfest at Evergreen Valley College?
20:37 <             sn9> dragon_: yes
20:37 <         Flannel> sn9: Certainly anyone who is travelling from around the world to CLS.
20:37 <             sn9> i just pasted the link
20:38 <         Flannel> Anyway
20:38 <         Flannel> lets move this discussion to the list.
20:38 <       grantbow1> +1
20:38 <         dragon_> that's a bit far from the downtown/library - at least 15 mins driving
20:38 <         Flannel> Since, people who aren't here might have other good ideas.
20:38 <             sn9> i did not know cls had an afterparty
20:38 <         Flannel> Lets scuttle Approval Updates for this meeting, since we're already so far over time.
20:38 <         Flannel> Anyone else have anything else for this meeting?
20:39 <         nhaines> Flannel: +1
20:39 <             rww> another quick note that someone else should do meeting summaries, since i'm still busy :P
20:39 <         Flannel> rww: right.
20:39 <             sn9> not really, but i'd like to test dcc send from this irc client
20:39 <         dragon_> Flannel: the list of items on the wiki page needs to be updated
20:39 <             sn9> any takers?
20:39 <         nhaines> sn9: after the meeting!
20:40 <         Flannel> Alright.  Thank you all for coming.  See some of you in a week!  Stay tuned to the ML in the next few days on meetup details and other good stuff!
20:40 <        Yasumoto> thanks guys :)
20:40 <         Flannel> Our next IRC meeting is in two weeks, on the 26th

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