Sunday, July 26th, 2009, 7:00pm (1900) PDT


  1. OSCON postmortem

    1. Good things
      1. Generally well-received
      2. Jack's video and the Frets on Fire on the second day were useful for drawing people in
      3. We were fine without Internet access
    2. Bad things
      1. Should have burned more CDs in advance
      1. Grant's going to try to get a rough count of how many CDs we handed out, will post to ML about it
      2. People tended to drop by more in waves than they did at SCaLE; more session attendees?
      3. Photos are up on the project page
      4. Discussion on tethering internet for future
  2. LoCo approval status update

    1. Approval app still needs some work, everything else is pretty much ready

    2. Neal and Robert will work on figuring out what the app needs
  3. Global Jam
    1. In the past, we did one event at Chapman; this time, Neal proposes doing smaller ones across the state, and linking them with video conferencing
    2. More info on the Jam concept at UbuntuGlobalJam

    3. General enthusiasm for doing one up in the SF Bay Area too
    4. Discussion of specifics moved to the mailing list
  4. Karmic Release parties

    1. Still more than two months away, but start to think about it anyway; maybe a combined party in the bay area?
  5. Solano Stroll (website)

    1. Jack wants to be able to use the Ubuntu CA banner for Solano Stroll; may not actually use it, but asked just in case. Nobody objected; Jack said he'd email the ML with more info.

Original Agenda

  1. OSCON Postmortem

    1. Photos of booth (thanks Vivek)!

  2. Approval Status Updates

    1. Perhaps take cues from approval apps from other LoCos? NewYorkTeam/ApprovalApplicationDraft was pretty cool, for example.

  3. Preliminary Planning/Discussion:
    1. Global Jam

    2. Karmic Release

  4. Discussion of Possible Use of Banner for Solano Stroll


--- Log opened Sun Jul 26 19:16:29 2009
19:16 < rww> Okay, hello and welcome to the July 26th meeting of Ubuntu California! I deem this meeting the "real life is way too busy" edition.
19:16 < rww> Our agenda for this evening is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/09July26
19:16 < rww> It currently consists of a postmortem discussion of OSCON, updates on LoCo approval, and planning/discussion for future events.
19:17 < rww> If you have anything to the agenda, feel free to edit it onto the wiki page or let me know.
19:17 < rww> Anyone have anything they'd like to add now?
19:18 < rww> Okay, let's move right into the first topic, then: OSCON postmortem!
19:18 < jdeslip> It was awesome :)
19:18 < dragon> I agree.
19:18 < Grantbow> I would like to try to get a rough count of CDs we handed out.
19:19 < Grantbow> if we can
19:19 < rww> Me too. It was really fun, and I think we got a good number of people visiting the booth :)
19:19 < jdeslip> How can we
19:19 < jdeslip> ?
19:19 < sn9> that would have been better asked ahead of time
19:19 < Grantbow> I was thinking counting how many people brought vs. how many we took home.
19:20 < rww> Grantbow: Hrm. I'll count up how many blank CDs I have left after the meeting. We should be able to figure it out, it'll just take some thought.
19:20 < rww> Good idea, though, I'm very curious about that too.
19:20 < Grantbow> we can take it to the mail list.
19:21 < rww> Did anyone bring any CDs other than me, Grant, and Aaditya?
19:21 < jjpeters> don't think so
19:21 < dragon> I burned the ones that Joe gave me.
19:21 < rww> okay. Shouldn't be too hard to figure out, then.
19:22 < rww> Anyways. What things did people think we did especially right?
19:22 < Yasumoto__> david blausey had a few we burned tuesday night
19:22 < Grantbow> Frets on Fire was a winner to compete with the Guitar Hero at the Microsoft booth.
19:22 < Grantbow> Many thanks to Chris from the Florida team for the Frets on Fire demo laptop.
19:23 < rww> I thought the video demo, and having a couple of demo computers available, worked out really well. I'm glad we got the power situation figured out.
19:24 < dragon> Video demo was really good.
19:24 < Grantbow> jdeslip: thanks for the video and the hardware!
19:24 < Yasumoto__> totally agree. jdeslip++
19:25 < Yasumoto__> I felt like attendees stopped by the booth in much more pronounced waves than at scale
19:25  * jdeslip bows
19:25 < Yasumoto__> it seemed like more people were at sessions, and would come out to visit during breaks
19:25 < jdeslip> I think it was a good effort by all the Ubuntu Volunteers
19:25 < Yasumoto__> but I think we SCaLEd our operation quite well to the increased flow
19:25 < rww> Yeah. There were a couple of times on the first day that I was glad we had a bunch of people there.
19:26 < Grantbow> Amber brought 20 CDs - when I count and email the list I'll add those.
19:26 < sn9> well, scale had the "keyboard not found; press any key" msg
19:26 < Yasumoto__> Grantbow: good call
19:26 < Yasumoto__> did anyone feel like they didn't have enough time for breaks and such?
19:27 < Grantbow> rww: I agree, having multiple people to answer questions was very useful.
19:27 < rww> Yasumoto__: no, I thought the informal scheduling worked out fine. There were enough of us that (for example) I disappeared for 20 minutes to get lunch and I think it didn't cause problems.
19:28 < rww> Oh, for anyone who didn't notice, there are now pictures and videos from OSCON at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/OSCON2009#Media . I didn't get a chance to check out the videos yet, but the photos are excellent :)
19:28 < rww> vsayer: Do you mind if I grab a couple of the booth photos and upload them to the wiki?
19:28 < vsayer> go for it
19:29 < dragon> The idea of burning CDs on-site wasn't bad either; it took some effort though.
19:29  * sn9 is watching the videos now
19:29 < vsayer> i found it a pain to upload each one
19:29 < vsayer> that's why I used facebook batch uploader
19:29 < Yasumoto__> yeah, I was glad that Grantbow had his CD burner + k3b :)
19:29 < Grantbow> dragon: one lesson is to order CDs well in advance
19:29 < vsayer> i'm surprised brasero doesn't do the auto burn
19:30 < rww> Yeah, what were peoples' thoughts on burning the CDs onsite? It wasn't too bad on the first day, but I personally think doing it in advance would have worked better.
19:30 < Grantbow> Yasumoto__: now to fix the Nautilus conflict and make sure we're burning the right iso all the time next time, lol.
19:30 < dragon> lol
19:31 < Yasumoto__> I think that having CDs in advance is pretty essential, it's one less thing to worry about making a trip for
19:31 < Grantbow> rww: in advance is one thing, getting them shipped is the best way.
19:31 < jdeslip> agreed
19:31 < jdeslip> Ya, If we had professional looking discs that would be awesome
19:31 < rww> Grantbow: from Canonical? agreed. That has the additional advantage that they're pressed and professional.
19:31 < Grantbow> I feel we did OK with what we had
19:32 < rww> Okay, any other comments about things we did well? (things we should change next time is up next)
19:32 < sn9> professional discs are professional? yeah
19:32 < dragon> Folding CD sleeves was the hard part though, and professional looking CDs do make a better impression.
19:33 < rww> Okay! Next up... things we should do better next time. Getting CDs in advance was apparently the first thing.
19:34 < rww> What were peoples' thoughts on internet access (or lack thereof)?
19:34 < jdeslip> I don't think it mattered much
19:34 < jjpeters> not a big deal
19:34 < sn9> that was all timing
19:34 < sn9> i had the cell router ready to go after it no longer mattered, fwiw
19:35 < jdeslip> dragon got tethering working at some point for Earl Malmrose I think
19:35 < jdeslip> or maybe sn9
19:35 < sn9> i did
19:35 < Grantbow> having the cell router going would have been nice but Earl needed his machine and cell back, right?
19:35 < sn9> but his phone battery was limited
19:35 < Yasumoto__> yeah, I didn't run into a situation where I 'needed' it
19:36 < rww> sn9: Is the process you used for that documented somewhere? I didn't get a chance to see how you did it.
19:36 < rww> Yeah, I didn't feel like we suffered from not having 'net access. There were a lot fewer detailed/support questions than I expected.
19:36 < sn9> once we had the micro-usb cable, it was a matter of routing
19:37 < sn9> bluetooth would have been nice, because the phone could have been charging then
19:37 < sn9> but gnome does not allow bluetooth tethering with mbca
19:38 < jdeslip> hopefully fixed soon?
19:38 < Grantbow> sn9: can you email the list describing what you did?
19:38 < sn9> unlikely
19:38 < sn9> Grantbow: i can do that here & now
19:38 < sn9> 1) plug phone in
19:39 < Yasumoto__> sn9: let's save it for after the meeting, though I'd like to hear it
19:39 < sn9> 2) get an internet connection through it (two clicks)
19:39 < Grantbow> sn9: the list would be MUCH better please
19:39 < rww> Indeed. After the meeting or in email would be awesome :). Does anyone have any other comments about OSCON?
19:39 < sn9> rww: both steps are above
19:40 < dragon> sn9: Thanks.
19:41 < rww> Alright, next topic is LoCo Approval!
19:41 < sn9> topic approved
19:42 < rww> We've been working on the LoCo's approval application at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/ApprovalApplication . Activity on it hit a lull because of OSCON, but now that it's over, we can get to working on it.
19:42 < rww> basically, that page is going to be a list of stuff we've done, with links to meetings where we did it, and things like that. The objective is to show that we *do stuff, *collaborate and function as a team
19:42 < Yasumoto__> I really liked the New York team approval application
19:43 < rww> Me too! The New York team got approved very recently, and their app. was at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NewYorkTeam/ApprovalApplicationDraft
19:44 < rww> For more information on the approval process, there's a page at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoGettingApproved
19:45 < rww> (if anyone has anything to add on this subject, feel free to speak up :)
19:45 < Grantbow> We need to get on a schedule and get this done.
19:45 < Grantbow> we have encouragement from many levels to do so.
19:46 < rww> Indeed. I've been making noises about getting the application submitted before Karmic comes out in October, which would give us about two months to get everything sorted out. I think that's plenty of time.
19:46 < rww> Really, we only have the application to do; we've done plenty of activities, and the wiki is generally in excellent shape these days.
19:47 < Grantbow> rww: no small thanks to you :-)
19:47 < sn9> indeed
19:47 < rww> So, with that in mind, if anyone gets some free time and feels like helping out, feel free to work on that :)
19:47 < Yasumoto__> rww + wiki = epic
19:47 < Grantbow> +1
19:48 < cactaur> +++
19:48 < sn9> but not c++
19:48 < rww> If there aren't any objections, I propose that 1) everyone considers helping out, 2) we revisit this topic at the meeting in a month and see how we're doing.
19:48 < jdeslip> I am a bit confused.  All we need is an application page?  That is what we should help out with?
19:49 < rww> Oh, yeah, I should elaborate on that:
19:49 < dragon> I am also wondering about that.
19:49 < sn9> looks like that's mostly done, too
19:50 < dragon> btw, how many "Ubuntu Members" do we have in our LoCo?
19:50 < Flannel> Three
19:50 < rww> We need to 1) get together links to meetings and discussions on the mailing list, 2) reformat the page so it isn't a wall of bullet points, 3) add pictures and stuff like that
19:51 < rww> s/discussions on the mailing list/mailing list discussions/
19:51 < Flannel> We basically just need to document what we've done.  We've already done it, we just need to make it easy for other people to see that.
19:51 < rww> exactly
19:51 < sn9> i am shown with "ubuntero" status on launchpad, but that all needs to be redone
19:52 < jdeslip> You want to list discussions we have had on the mailing list?  Does that really count as "doing something"?
19:52 < rww> jdeslip: no, I want to link to discussions we had on the mailing list about events. "Collaboration" and all that.
19:53 < Flannel> rww: Why don't we get together and flesh out exactly what needs to be done in more detail, to make it easier to help with it.
19:53 < Grantbow> Many apologies, I must leave the meeting early.  Talk to folks later.  Thanks for all the help this week.
19:53 < Flannel> rww: Just informally, etc.  Instead of "Do all this", itemize it more for the ToDoList
19:54 < rww> Flannel: yeah, updating ToDoList would probably be helpful
19:54 < jdeslip> that would be helpful I think
19:54 < rww> Okay, so summary... the Approval Application needs working on now that we're done with OSCON, we'll figure out exactly what that entails soon and update https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/ToDoList :)
19:55 < rww> Any questions about LoCo approval in general or ours specifically?
19:57 < Flannel> sounds like a no :)
19:57 < jdeslip> Next!
19:57  * rww kicks his internet
19:58 < rww> Okay, next topic! Global Jam!
19:58 < Flannel> alright,
19:58 < Flannel> The last time we participated in global bug jam, California had one event in a single location (at Chapman).  It was a success and we all had a lot of fun, but I think we can do better.
19:58 < Flannel> This time around, I think it'd be awesome to have a *single* jam event, california-wide, so that no matter where you were, you'd be able to participate not only globally, but with everyone from California.
19:58 < Flannel> We've thrown around the idea of teleconferencing in the past (setting up video/audio feeds), and I think a global jam would be a great place to make it happen.
19:59 < rww> (There's a little info on the Ubuntu Global Jam initiative at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam , for non-local specifics)
19:59 < darkblue_B> hi all
19:59 < Flannel> This way people who weren't able to make it to one of our locations would still be able to participate and learn.  And the people at the events could share ideas across the whole state.
19:59 < jdeslip> I think it would be good to also have a some local meeting places for people to gather in person and get connected online
19:59 < rww> +1 on teleconferencing, especially if we use free protocols :)
19:59 < Flannel> We would be, as far as I'm aware, innovators in this, and hopefully we'd pave the way for other LoCos to do it in the future.  I think it's an achievable goal, and I'd like to challenge our team to accomplish it.
20:00 < Flannel> jdeslip: Right.  We'd have two (or more!) locations in strategic places, linked together,
20:00 < darkblue_B> I am wondering how I might format an external disk, to transfer data between Ubuntu machines, and a mac
20:00 < Flannel> and then anyone else can dial in and participat
20:00 < jdeslip> Things are more fun in person (with beer).
20:00 < rww> darkblue_B: hello! We're in the middle of a meeting; current topic is doing a California instance of the Ubuntu Global Jam. For support, you might want to check out #ubuntu.
20:01 < darkblue_B> (I'll wait until your done - thx)
20:01 < Flannel> Global jams are about getting people who may not know how to participate with whatever you're doing (bug triage/etc) to help.
20:01 < jdeslip> Grant and I have talked about combining forces of a few LUGS to have one location in East Bay
20:01 < jdeslip> vsayer too :)
20:01 < Flannel> So, you show them how, walk through it wiht them, and then spend some time doing it
20:01 < dragon> jdeslip: count me in
20:02 < rww> Flannel: okay, so we'd have one location up in the Bay Area and one down in San Diego or LA, link them with teleconferencing, and let anyone else who's interested link in too?
20:02 < Flannel> rww: That'd be a good start yeah.
20:02 < vsayer> yep
20:02 < vsayer> EBLUG, DVLUG, and BerkeleyLUG for now
20:02 < jdeslip> I think we should have specific things we would like to accomplish (aside from just triaging random bugs)
20:02 < vsayer> start small
20:02 < Flannel> It also means that people in other areas can participate easier too... say, two people in Bakersfield want to hold one, but don't have someone who can teach, they dial in, and participate, etc.
20:03 < Flannel> jdeslip: Well, this global jam has been opened up to pretty much anything.
20:03 < sn9> vsayer: are you signed up for EBLUG announcements?
20:03 < Flannel> but, we really should pick one or two topics to teach, since we can't teach all of them realistically in one day.
20:03 < jdeslip> Flannel: excellent, so lets determine some goals for our involvement
20:03 < Flannel> ah, goals, gotcha.
20:03 < vsayer> sn9: not yet
20:03 < vsayer> will do
20:04 < Flannel> Sometimes what teams have done (with regular hug days) is pick a program/package, and concentrate on that.
20:04 < jdeslip> Flannel: I think determining specific types of bugs we'd like to target.  Projects we'd like to hack on etc.  What functionality can we add? etc.  That would make the event more successful I think.
20:05 < jdeslip> Flannel: sounds good
20:05 < Flannel> jdeslip: I'm not sure just picking a package is the best way to do it, but we can discuss goal specifics later, give some time for people to think about it.
20:05 < vsayer> i'm sure there are interested people in south bay as well (SVLUG, CABAL, etc.)..I'll ask Rick about participating
20:06 < jdeslip> Flannel: Ya, I don't think w need to decide anything now.  Just want to make sure that we plan goal of event at future meetings, too.  And, not just how to connect people.
20:06 < Flannel> At this point, we've got roughly a month to plan.  It's sometime during the weekend of Oct 2-4
20:06 < Flannel> jdeslip: Right.
20:06 < lcafiero> And in the Santa Cruz area vsayer
20:07 < jdeslip> vsayer:  BerkeleyTIP and BUUG members are propbably interested as well.
20:07 < rww> Flannel: what were you thinking for the technical side of this? ekiga?
20:07 < sn9> vsayer: you were not at CABAL yesterday; next is in a month
20:08 < Flannel> rww: I have no idea, but I know we have enough people who know that stuff to figure it out ;)
20:08  * rww isn't really up to date on teleconferencing software
20:08 < rww> ah, okay :)
20:08 < jdeslip> I have an asterisk server at Berkeley we can use
20:09 < rww> jdeslip: does asterisk do audio+video, or audio?
20:09 < sn9> jdeslip: it's been offline all weekend
20:09 < Flannel> we'll discuss specifics later.  It's already 8 ;)
20:09 < sn9> rww: both
20:09 < rww> alright. The project page is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/KarmicGlobalJam , and we can discuss it on the mailing list :)
20:09 < jdeslip> sn9: ya, this weekend is off cause not berkeleytip meeting
20:10 < jdeslip> I can have it on when people need it.
20:10 < jdeslip> for testing etc
20:10 < jdeslip> I could also move it to its permanent home if had a reason as motivation
20:10 < rww> jdeslip: yeah, it sounds like it'd be useful for this. we'll hash it out on the list
20:11 < rww> Next, a note that Karmic's coming out on October 29th, so we should start to ponder what we'd like to do then. It's a little far away to be planning now, but something to keep in mind. Any quick comments on that?
20:11 < jdeslip> Again. vsayer, grant and I are thinking of an East Bay event combining forces of a few groups
20:12 < vsayer> that's right
20:12 < sn9> rww: only that it's two days after my ex-fiancée's 21st b-day, which i don't need yet another reminder of
20:12 < jdeslip> But, the more groups the merrier.  Could participate with some SF and SouthBay groups
20:13 < rww> sn9: it's a week before my ex's birthday, so I know how that goes.
20:13 < rww> Okays, sounds good. I liked the format we had last time, so a reprise would be welcome imho. Again, we can start planning it on the list as we get closer :)
20:14 < rww> Next, jdeslip posted an item about using the LoCo banner for Solano Stroll. I'll let him give the details :)
20:15 < jdeslip> BerkeleyLUG is participating with a local OSS non profit to put up a table at the Solano Stroll in berkeley (link on wiki).
20:15 < sn9> solano is not so far from hopkins
20:15 < rww> http://www.solanoavenueassn.org/strol.htm
20:15 < jdeslip> It is basically a public outreach opportunity
20:16 < jdeslip> I am wondering if Ubuntu-US-CA would like to be involved at all.  We could give out Ubuntu Discs and info about the loco.
20:16 < sn9> the zareason shop should be up and running by then
20:16 < Flannel> jdeslip: Sounds good.  We can come up with something by then.
20:16 < jdeslip> I am not sure if would use it if you agree (perhaps instead using a more generic Linux/OSS design), but I was wondering if you'd let us use the banner if we wanted.
20:17 < rww> jdeslip: Sounds good to me, too (I may attend, not sure on my schedule yet). Looks like the event is Sept. 13th.; is there an application deadline or anything we need to be aware of?
20:17 < sn9> that's my mother's b-day
20:17 < jdeslip> We have already applied and been accepted
20:18 < Flannel> rww: They're just wondering if we want to have a presence at their booth.
20:18 < rww> oh, I see. awesome :)
20:18 < jdeslip> It will not be primarily a Ubuntu-US-CA event.  Just inviting you guys to participate in some part.
20:18 < Flannel> jdeslip: Right.  I'm not sure you'd really want our banner, but we can discuss it.
20:19 < jdeslip> There will certainly be another banner from Partimus (the OSS non-profit) and our LUG.  But, Ubuntu-US-CA might be a nice addition as well.
20:19 < jdeslip> Flannel:  agreed not sure.  We will be discussing design in coming weeks.  Just want to know if it was an option.
20:20 < rww> Anyone have any outright objections to the idea?
20:20  * rww thinks it'd be fine
20:20  * Grantbow gets back and reads log
20:21 < Grantbow> no objection
20:21 < rww> alright, looks like it's an option :)
20:21 < rww> jdeslip: can you write a mailing list post with some info, in case other people want to attend/comment?
20:22 < Flannel> I'm not against the idea, but I'd like to hear more details/comments/etc
20:22 < jdeslip> Yes, definitely.  I think anyone interested in participating providing ubuntu giveaways etc would be greatly appreciated.  I will write soemthing up.
20:22 < rww> thanks :)
20:23 < rww> Does anyone else have any topics to discuss? If not, we're about done for today.
20:23 < lcafiero> Felton LUG meeting, Felton Calif, Aug 1, 2-6 p.m., Felton Fire Station
20:23 < Flannel> Thanks for taking up my slack Robert ;)
20:23 < rww> Flannel: no problem :)
20:24 < rww> Alright, that's it for this meeting, then! The next one will be in two weeks on August 9th. If you have comments/questions/ideas you'd like to get out before then, post to the mailing list :)
20:24 < Grantbow> lcafiero: cool
20:25 < rww> Thanks everyone for for coming; hope to see you in two weeks.
20:25  * rww flicks off the mic
--- Log closed Sun Jul 26 20:25:18 2009

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