Sunday, March 8th, 2009, 7:00pm (1900) PDT


  1. SCaLE wrap-up

    1. Handed out about 150 CDs (compared to 120 last year), which is notable considering that Canonical was also handing out CDs there. Have about 100 pressed 8.10 desktop 32bit CDs left from the 200 Canonical gave us.
    2. Used the two demo computers as burners, because 'buntustand wasn't finished. We didn't have a problem keeping up with demand, so three computers when we use 'buntustand in the future should be fine.
    3. Interest in collecting the full set of pressed Ubuntu CDs to make a display. We'll have to keep them protected, though: our copies of 5.10 got taken accidentally, so some poor people probably tried to install four-year-old software Sad :(

    4. Poster: didn't have one for SCaLE, but will look into it in the future, possibly 3'x5' paper, which would be cheaper than vinyl.
    5. Suggestions for next time:
      1. Specified 1 to 2 hour shifts, so that people can plan to attend specific sessions
      2. Consider not doing Bug Jam next time around. Lots of people didn't understand what it was.
  2. Jaunty Release
    1. Jaunty's being released on April 23rd.
    2. In the past, we've done a party a few days after release, followed by an installfest a few weeks after (to give the mirrors some time to recover, and let bugs get ironed out).
  3. LoCo approval

    1. Benefits of approval: allows us to get swag from Canonical easier and quicker, bulk CDs (100s) for events, hosting
    2. Process: put together an application documenting what we've done and what we plan to do (in other words, we need to flesh out the wiki). Then, representatives from the LoCo show up at an IRC meeting.

    3. Cleaning up the wiki: Add tasks to CaliforniaTeam/Projects/ToDoList. Do tasks from that list. Easy!

      1. We have plenty of people, and no real deadline, so we should be able to chip away at it and get everything done.

Original Agenda

  1. SCaLE wrap-up/discussion/etc

  2. Jaunty Release Extravaganza!
  3. Going for Approval (to become an official LoCo)


19:06 < Flannel> So, welcome everyone.  Hope everyone has recovered from SCaLE.  Our misleadingly short agenda for the evening is as follows:
19:07 < Yasumoto> pretty awesome
19:07 < Flannel> 1) SCaLE postmortem, 2) Jaunty Release Stuff, 3) LoCo Approval Process
19:08 < Flannel> If anyone has anything to add, as always, feel free to speak up at any point throughout the meeting.
19:08 < Flannel> For those of you who aren't aware, SCaLE was two weeks ago.  It went well.  We had a booth, and a bug jam.  We'll go with the booth first.
19:09 < Flannel> (rough) Statistics on the CDs:  We handed out about 100 on the first day, and a little under half that the second.  So, 150 total this year (about 120 last year).
19:10 < Yasumoto> noice
19:10 < Flannel> Which is actually significant, since Canonical was also there providing pressed CDs and such.
19:10 < Flannel> We had two demo computers available, and went without buntustand.
19:11 < Flannel> So the two demo computers also functioned as burners, and I don't think we ever had an issue keeping up with demand.  So having 3 for buntustand should be sufficient, even during peak times.
19:12 < Flannel> At this point, I'm opening the meeting up to discussion (even though it always is).  What did you guys think went well? poorly? etc?
19:12 < troyready> I agree; 2-3 burners definately seems good
19:13 < jbermudes> I apologize for buntustand not being ready as fast as it should have been, that bugjam got pretty distracting, :-(
19:14 < Flannel> jbermudes: Nah, we really needed another few days for it.  There were a few things that weren't finished.
19:15 < Flannel> There was interest in trying to collect the full set of pressed CDs to put on display.
19:15 < Yasumoto> Flannel: yeah, and make sure it's ... kept safe somehow?
19:15 < Flannel> So, at some point in the future, we may be asking for anything you happen to have that you're willing to donate.
19:15 < Flannel> Yeah.  Some of the ones we had walked off.
19:15 < Flannel> So, if we do make a display, we'll have to make sure to keep it protected.
19:16 < Flannel> Moreso for the poor souls who ran off with 5.10, than for our own sakes.
19:16 < troyready> *shudder* indeed
19:17 < Flannel> And hopefully at our next event we'll get a poster printed.  We made up this design, but had tecnical issues getting it printed: 
19:18 < Flannel> Um, where'd I put that link.
19:19 < Yasumoto> Flannel: yeah, we'll totally get posters up and running
19:19 < Flannel> Well, it's not important.  It was pretty plain, just something to put behind us.
19:20 < Flannel> But, we (possibly) have access to 3'x5' printing facilities, which would be a much cheaper path to a poster than vinyl
19:20 < Flannel> so, maybe we'll come up with some ideas in the future.
19:20 < jbermudes> it will work, we just needed to not do it last minute, heh
19:21 < jbermudes> that day the printer was having technical difficulties
19:21 < jbermudes> which happened to be Friday, heh
19:21 < Flannel> So, were there any issues (problems) that came up during the two days at the booth?  That we can fix/be aware of/whatever next time?
19:22 < troyready> I think specified shifts might be nice (to allow for people to plan to attend specific sessions)
19:22 < Flannel> Alright, feel free to bring them up in the future (future meetings, mailing list, whatever) if you come up with some.
19:22 < Flannel> troyready: I agree, and we had ethereal notions to do something like that this time around.
19:23 < Flannel> We definately need fewer people on Sunday than Saturday.
19:23 < Flannel> Alright. Moving on to the Bug Jam.
19:24 < Flannel> What'd people think (good and bad) of the Bug Jam?
19:24 < Yasumoto> troyready: I like shifts, for sure
19:24 < Flannel> oops, not moving on
19:24 < Yasumoto> Flannel: sorry
19:25 < jbermudes> did anyone do any presentations?
19:25 < Flannel> troyready: How long of shifts?  2 hours? 3 hours?
19:25 < Flannel> Was there any length of time that afterwards you felt you needed a break?
19:25 < Yasumoto> 2 hours sounds good, especially if we have enough people
19:25 < troyready> I agree
19:26 < jbermudes> i think 2 hours is good enough cause people can double book if they really want to stay at the booth
19:26 < troyready> 3 would be fine, but 2 would probably be ideal as they'd go by really fast
19:26 < jbermudes> yeah, cause 3 might cause a person to miss a conference
19:26 < Flannel> 1 hour would be too short though, right? or is that a possibility as well?
19:26 < jbermudes> i dont see a problem with 1
19:27 < troyready> Perhaps a mix of both then
19:27 < Flannel> or 1.5, since thats how frequent the speaker stuff was, right?
19:27 < Yasumoto> yeah, maybe just block off 1 hour segments, and people can sign up as neccesary
19:27 < jbermudes> yeah
19:28 < Flannel> We'll look into specifics in the future, but we'll definately do that for future things.
19:28 < Flannel> So, bug jam stuffs.
19:29 < Flannel> Yasumoto: do you have any numbers/etc on the room upstairs?
19:29 < Flannel> How many people did bugwork? Or how many people came for support? ;)
19:30 < Yasumoto> no hard numbers, but we had a few people come in that seemed interested in bugs
19:30 < Flannel> For those of you who didn't make your way up there:  "Bug Jam" was lost on a lot of people.  We had a number of people come up thinking it was a support type thing.
19:30 < Yasumoto> but the majority believed to think that "get people to work on bugs that bother me" was the name of the game
19:32 < Flannel> Yasumoto: If next year's SCaLE falls on a GBJ, should we do it again? or pass?
19:32 < Flannel> jbermudes: You were up there for a good bit of it too, what do you think?
19:32 < Yasumoto> I'd say we pass, but that shouldn't be an issue
19:33 < jsj0nes> Sunday definitely seemed more "I need help with <fill in the blank>" than bug jammin'
19:33 < jbermudes> I felt like it tied us up unnecessarily
19:33 < jbermudes> another thing to worry about
19:33 < troyready> (seems to me like a pass too)
19:33 < Yasumoto> We either suffered from a lack of marketing or incorrect marketing
19:33 < Flannel> Yasumoto: Or people just were more interested in the talks.
19:33 < Yasumoto> Flannel: truth
19:33 < jbermudes> well, the problem is that even if we explained to people what bug jamming was, they'd still want somebody to fix their stuff
19:34 < Yasumoto> Flannel: I think I personally would be much more interested in SCaLE than a jam, especially since SCaLE is only once per year
19:34 < Flannel> Alright, so that's more or less settled then.  In the future, SCaLE is SCaLE, not a bug jam as well.
19:35 < Flannel> Also, we didn't have any speakers, to answer jbermudes's earlier question.
19:35 < jbermudes> the extra room was nice, but bug jamming should have only been one of the presentations
19:35 < Flannel> Yeah, although we may have been able to support small presentations at the booth itself.
19:35 < Flannel> For 4-5 people or whatever.
19:36 < Yasumoto> Also, it must've looked odd for people to look into the room and see one or two people there
19:36 < Yasumoto> In the future, I think that having the whole team together in the room will help give it much more energy
19:37 < Flannel> Yasumoto: That's a pretty big manpower draw.  We'd probably do better with those extra bodies at the booth (or on a break from the booth, seeing speeches, etc)
19:38 < Flannel> Well, until we're the size of France's LoCo ;)
19:38 < Yasumoto> Flannel: haha
19:38 < Yasumoto> yeah, that ties into the bugjam and scale being separate
19:38 < Flannel> Alright.  Anyone else have anything to add for the bugjam stuff? or SCaLE in general?
19:38 < Yasumoto> at scale, everyone works the booth, and in the future when we have another jam, it'll feel a lot different to have people in there
19:39 < Flannel> I'd like to once again thank erichammond for both printing the sleeves (well, his Company, campus explorer) and bringing some additional hats.
19:39 < jsj0nes> separate +1
19:39 < Yasumoto> erichammond: thanks a bunch :)
19:40 < Flannel> We have around 100 pressed CDs as well.  Canonical left 200 with us, and we already distributed half of those to our various people for redistribution.
19:40 < Flannel> They're 8.10 Ubuntu Desktop 32bit
19:41 < Flannel> Anyone else have something to say re: SCaLE before we move on?
19:42 < Flannel> Alright. So, our next topic is about Jaunty.  Jaunty's being released at the end of April. The 23rd.  So, we'll have a release something or other (at least one)
19:43 < The_Kernel> hrm
19:43 < jbermudes> yay
19:43 < Flannel> We still have a bit of itme to plan that, but just start thinking of ideas.  In the past, we've done both technical things (installfest type things) and non-technical (food place party thing)
19:43 < jbermudes> how about both?
19:43 < Yasumoto> Flannel: I think we should have an installfest on that saturday, followed by an after-fest party?
19:44 < Flannel> We usually wait a few weeks before we do a technical thing, to let the servers recoop, and also let the post-release bugs get worked out before we install on unsuspecting computers.
19:44 < Flannel> So, we could do both, if we wanted to do a food get together that weekend (Friday, SAturday, whatever) and then a few weeks later do a technical type thing.
19:45 < Flannel> That would probably be doable.  We'd likely get people to come to both (since dinner isn't usually a large commitment)
19:45 < Yasumoto> ah, I forgot about the servers getting hammered..
19:46 < Flannel> Or we could do an installfest and then dinner afterwards, but then you have to coordinate transportation, and find food relatively close, etc
19:46 < jbermudes> Couldnt we host it locally at chapman? (The CD)
19:46 < jbermudes> err, the ISO
19:47 < Flannel> getting the ISO generally isn't a problem.  But for those upgrading.  Although, we could have a local mirror, and hope rsync likes us.
19:47 < Flannel> but the bugs are really the largest thing we try and avoid.  I have no idea how Jaunty is doing so far though.
19:47 < jbermudes> yeah, good point
19:47 < jbermudes> then i like the idea of 2 events then
19:47 < jbermudes> more excuses to hang out
19:48 < jbermudes> and play the lightcycle game
19:48 < Flannel> Alright.  We'll bring it up on the ML, and discuss dates/etc as well.  We've still got a while to get it all figured out.
19:48 < rww> Flannel: Pulseaudio is a little buggy, and ATI drivers are a mess. The Python transition was problematic for a while, but that'll be fine by release.
19:49 < Flannel> So, third topic.  Getting approved.
19:49 < rww> Flannel: Since this is mainly an incremental release, rather than a "ooo shiny new things" one, it's not that bad, though.
19:49 < Flannel> rww: Jaunty is oo shiny, from what I've heard.  Karmic won't be.
19:49 < Flannel> Jaunty had a lot of the ooh shiny that was postponed for Intrepid, from what I understan.
19:50 < Flannel> but I haven't kept up on it, so that could be inaccurate.
19:50 < Torikun> not yet
19:50 < rww> Flannel: ext4 and notifications are the only ones I can think of off the top of my head. I might be missing something, though.
19:50 < troyready> I'm surprised at how well the notifications are already working; they (and ext4) aren't causing me any issues
19:50 < Flannel> Howdy cactaur
19:51 < rww> oh, and the X.Org stuff (hence the driver problems)... anyway.
19:51 < cactaur> Yo Flannel!
19:51 < Flannel> So anyway, our last topic tonight is going to be getting approved.
19:52 < Flannel> I imagine some people have questions about what this is, etc.  So lets address those first.
19:53 < Flannel> [insert 'What are the benefits of being an approved loco?' question here]
19:53 < Flannel> I'm glad you asked! Approval is a way that we can be recognized that we're doing "the right thing" as far as being a LoCo is concerned.
19:54 < Flannel> It allows us to get better/more stuff (and easier) because they (canonical, usually) know we're not going to do stupid things with it.
19:54 < Flannel> We can get bulk CDs (100s) sent to us for events, etc.
19:55 < Flannel> And actually, Jono at SCaLE was talking about having some of those tall banner-y things in the states that can be shipped around to approved LoCos as well.
19:55 < Flannel> We can also get hosting and stuff like that too.
19:55 < jbermudes> sweet!
19:55 < Flannel> Any other questions about approval?
19:55 < Flannel> (next we'll go into approval process questions)
19:56 < Flannel> Alright, so, Approval process.  The approval process for LoCos is somewhat similar to that of Ubuntu members.
19:57 < Flannel> For LoCos, we have to put together an application explaining/documenting what we've done (which is supplimented by our website), and what we plan to do, etc.
19:57 < Flannel> And then we show up at a meeting, people ask us questions/etc.
19:57 < Flannel> Its fairly straight forward.
19:58 < Flannel> Questions?
19:58 < cactaur> Do we all have to show up? Or just one representative?
19:58 < troyready> Do we need to make another website, or is the wiki good enough?
19:58 < Flannel> Well, it's an online meeting.  And, I'm actually not sure.  Obviously only a few will talk.
19:58 < Flannel> troyready: The wiki is good enough.
19:59 < Flannel> The wiki is our website, rather.
19:59 < Flannel> The application pretty much writes itself, but what we don't have is everyhing we're doing fully documented on our wiki.
20:01 < Flannel> So the first thing we'll have to do is a whole lot of spring cleaning on the wiki.  Finishing the summaries of our old meetings, organizing the projects page (and all of the project pages, etc)
20:01 < cactaur> Oh, right. I've kinda fallen behind on that, haven't I? ;_________;
20:02 < Flannel> We started this... what, a few months ago, and then it was pushed aside for SCaLE.  Some of you may remember this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/ToDoList
20:02 < Flannel> cactaur: well, its not really a one person job.
20:02 < Flannel> And everyone: While we do have a bit of work to do, we've also got lots of hands (and no real deadline), so if we just all work on it little by little, it'll be done fairly quickly.
20:03 < jbermudes> We should make LikeTotally our summary slave
20:04 < Flannel> We spoke to jono at SCaLE, and he really thinks we ought to get approved.  So once we do our house keeping, we should have no problems as far as approval goes.
20:04 < Flannel> jbermudes: Yeah, we can add mootbot functionality.
20:05 < Flannel> Anyway, that's all I had to say.  We've got an awesome LoCo, its time to be recognized for that.
20:05 < Flannel> Or at least, all I had to say about the approval process for this meeting.
20:06 < Flannel> Anyone else have anything to add for the meeting?
20:07 < Flannel> Alright.  That does it then.  Thank you all for coming tonight.  Thank you all for attending and helping out at SCaLE.  See you again in two weeks, on the 22nd.

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