This page is a list of projects that need doing on the CaliforniaTeam wiki pages and elsewhere on the web. If you've found something that needs doing that isn't on here, please write a note about it here so someone can step up and do it. If you'd like to work on an item, add your name in the "Volunteer" field, so we don't step on each other's toes (and so other people can collaborate with you). Also, feel free to split items into smaller pieces.

Fill Up This Page


Volunteer: Everyone!

If you see something you think needs to be fixed on our wiki, write a little note about it here. It takes a few seconds, and hopefully will be fixed the next time you come back. You can use this entry as a template to make your own.

Team Wiki

Update News Archive



The news archive page is out of date. Take a look in the revision history of CaliforniaTeam for this year and look for news items that have been removed, then add them to the archive.

Clean up the Project sub pages



Lots of the pages for individual projects need updating with pictures and information about what happened at the event. We do an awesome job of showing how we planned events, but it would be good to also show how the event turned out, so people can browse through and look at events, and so that we have a repository of information that might be useful in the future. The approval app might be useful for this, as it has links to relevant meetings and other useful stuff.

Wiki recommendations


Volunteers: Mark (looking for more)

I am willing to do some wiki editing. I need some input on which of this is straight forward & which needs more thought. The general idea is to make the wiki easier to use. Consolidate items that are spread out. Find what we can merge. Let's ask people outside of the developer community for their input. The more approachable we make it - the better. Suggestions should be sent to ML.

Recurring wiki tasks

Monthly Team Reports


Volunteer: RobertWall

Ubuntu California creates a report for the TeamReports project once a month. Our team page is CaliforniaTeam/TeamReports and links to instructions.

Post-meeting checklist



Follow the instructions on the meeting checklist after each meeting

Social Networking sites


Ubuntu US CA


Right now this is an experiment supported by Grantbow. It will continue to be until any others step forward. Comments encouraged.

Populate Facebook


Grantbow (and previously RobertWall) has been experimenting with a Ubuntu-us-ca group and page. Additional ideas, work, and feedback on these would be appreciated.

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