Sunday, February 7th, 2010, 7:00pm (1900) PST


  1. Changes to next meeting
    1. Proposal: move the IRC meeting on the 21st to an in-person meeting at SCaLE on the 20th, to allow for regrouping and planning for the second day of the booth
    2. Consensus that it worked well last year, and is a good idea this year.
    3. Robert to update the wiki and send out an announcement about the change
  2. SCaLE and Ubucon planning

    1. Ubucon
      1. 5 speakers, 7 slots, so we might do an open slot for socializing and Nathan might demonstrate Quickly
      2. Nathan and Robert will be there at 8am to deal with registration and early arrivers. We'll have a registration sheet for signups.
    2. SCaLE
      1. Sign up on the wiki if you're going to volunteer at the booth, sign up with a note if you're not sure yet
      2. Carpooling discussion after meeting
      3. SCaLE has free wifi, but it's very flakey so we can't rely on it. Nathan and Robert to bring Ubuntu ISO files
      4. Discussion of pressed CDs (Nathan got 400 CDs total for Ubucon + SCaLE) and CD sleeves
  3. Make local membership more humane to navigate
    1. Discussion of making the wiki more easy for new users to navigate
    2. Mark to email mailing list about it

Original Agenda

  1. Moving next meeting (21st) to Saturday (20th) in person (at SCaLE) to help with Sunday SCaLE planning/tweaks.
  2. SCaLE and Ubucon planning

  3. Make local membership more *humane* to navigate.


19:06:23 < rww> Hello, everyone, and welcome to tonight's Ubuntu California meeting! Our agenda for tonight is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/10February07
19:07:06 < Yasumoto-Phone> rww:
19:07:26 < rww> As of right now, it has three things on it: 1) Discussion of our next meeting, since it's happening during SCaLE, 2) SCaLE and Ubucon planning, and 3) making local membership more humane to navigate.
19:07:35 < Yasumoto-Phone> er, rww + grantbow: if we were slick we'd script it
19:07:38 < rww> Does anyone have anything they'd like to add to that, before we get started?
19:08:53 < rww> Alright. First item!
19:09:43 < rww> Our next meeting is scheduled for two weeks from now, on the 21st, which is the Sunday of SCaLE weekend. Last year we had the same conflict, and moved the meeting to the Saturday and had it in-person at SCaLE.
19:10:19 < rww> From what I hear, the people at SCaLE talked about what worked and what didn't on the Saturday day, and used the meeting to plan out changes for Sunday.
19:10:57 < rww> If we wanted to do the same thing this year, that'd move the 21st meeting to the evening of the 20th, and make it in-person. What are peoples' thoughts on this?
19:11:31 < nhaines> We should definitely do this.  It's a chance to regroup and improve for Sunday, plus it's a chance to get everyone together and say hi.
19:12:04 < Yasumoto-Phone> This was helpful last year, I agree with nhaines
19:12:58 < nhaines> The official business tends to be very brief, so the social aspect is usually a bit more important for the meeting, which is another good reason to hold itl
19:13:25 < nhaines> whoops.  ... to hold it in person.
19:13:32 < nhaines> Since we try to do a group picture anyway.
19:13:51 < grantbow> +1
19:14:37 < rww> Sounds like a good idea to me too, +1
19:14:45 < MarkDude> +1
19:15:22 < nhaines> Does anyone have any objections?
19:15:53 < rww> Doesn't look like it. I guess that's what's happening! I'll update the wiki after tonight's meeting and send out an announcement to let people know.
19:16:21 < rww> Next topic is SCaLE and Ubucon planning. nhaines, take it away :)
19:16:50 < nhaines> Okay.  So in two weeks we're having a convention.  Two conventions.  :)
19:17:19 < rww> (If you haven't seen them yet, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale8x and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/SCUbucon2010 have information about these two events, btw.)
19:17:27 < nhaines> Thanks, rww.
19:18:28 < nhaines> So Ubucon is pretty straight forward.  We have 5 speakers and 7 slots, we'll probably do an open slot for just socializing and depending on how long we have around lightning talks, I might do a demonstration of Quickly.
19:18:42 < nhaines> So if anyone is going to be there and wants to hear about Quickly, let me know.  :P
19:19:00 < nhaines> That's all locked down and we have lots of awesome stuff to give out.
19:19:16 < nhaines> Now, SCaLE8X is a bit more open.  We need lots of volunteers to help run the booth.
19:19:53 < nhaines> Just like before, if you've never run a booth before, this is the perfect time to learn how.  There are a lot of experienced LoCo members who are going to be there, and we'd love to have you.
19:20:00 < nhaines> You don't have to be a Linux expert at all.
19:20:39 < nhaines> What you do need to do is to sign up on our SCaLE8X attendee sheet, and if you want to help at the booth with a name badge you'll need to have signed the Code of Conduct.
19:20:46 < dragonoid> present
19:20:54 < nhaines> dragonoid: welcome.  :)
19:21:15 < nhaines> If you can be at the booth for at least 3 hours, we'll get you a free all-access pass to SCaLE, assuming we don't run out.
19:21:30 < rww> ( Attendee sheet is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale8x/Attendees. If you need help signing the CoC, let me know after the meeting and I'll walk you through it. )
19:21:53 < nhaines> In addition, if you want to be there all day but you have some talk you just can't miss, just let us know.  I've already told Neal and Robert I'm forsaking them at least three times during the weekend.
19:22:10 < dragonoid> I'm planning to drive to LA, but not sure yet.
19:22:17 < grantbow> I would really like to attend but won't be able to make it due to finances.
19:22:36 < nhaines> And if you only have an hour to spare or something, do feel free.  Every bit helps and we'd love to meet you.  Saturday night, of course, we'll all get together for a group photo.
19:22:41 < nhaines> grantbow: sorry to hear that.  :(
19:22:58 < nhaines> dragonoid: ask around in the channel after the meeting, maybe there's a carpool or something.
19:23:31 < MarkDude> I wanted to carppol with you G
19:23:39 < dragonoid> nh: sure will
19:24:20 < MarkDude> I might make it hto  :D
19:24:39 < MarkDude> Socal does happy dance
19:24:47 < nhaines> jbermudes: glad you could join us.  :)
19:25:10 < nhaines> So the bottom line is, if you can make it to Ubucon on Friday, come and enjoy, and if you can help out at SCaLE please, please sign up.
19:25:19 < nhaines> But if you're there you should at least stop by the booth and say hi.  :)
19:25:27 < nhaines> We're in the far left corner this time around.
19:25:29 < rww> nhaines: For people who aren't sure if they're attending, would it be best to put their name on the list and say so in the Misc column?
19:25:44 < nhaines> We'll be in booth 65.
19:25:51 < rww> s/attending/helping/
19:26:11 < nhaines> rww: yeah, if you think you can help out, please put a note on the attendee list.
19:26:20 < nhaines> Especially put the times you'll be available.
19:26:33 < nhaines> I think that's it for SCaLE.
19:27:28 < rww> nhaines: what's the deal with internet and power for SCaLE? provided, or not?
19:27:59 < nhaines> Right.  Power and wired Internet is provided for the booth.
19:28:10 < rww> awesome
19:28:11 < nhaines> In addition, SCaLE will provide free wifi access for all attendees.
19:28:30 < nhaines> However, this tends to be very flaky, and needless to say, no torrenting or anything silly like that is allowed.
19:28:40 < nhaines> But I should have some Ubuntu ISOs around.
19:28:56 < rww> I have a full set of Ubuntu Karmic, I'll probably grab Kubuntu and bring it too.
19:29:04 < rww> (ISOs, that is)
19:29:26 < grantbow> question about isos and pressed discs - what's the plan right now?
19:29:52 < nhaines> grantbow: Canonical donated a billion CDs and we plan to give those out.
19:30:14 < nhaines> We'll burn discs on demand as they come up, since we have Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and Server 9.10 discs.
19:30:14 < grantbow> how many?
19:30:50 < MarkDude> Can we share those covers with other locos?
19:30:58 < MarkDude> The design?
19:31:01 < nhaines> I'd have to go get the packing manifest, but we have 400 CDs total.
19:31:07 < nhaines> The box is *very* heavy, lol.
19:31:24 < grantbow> nice, so you placed the order?
19:31:48 < rww> MarkDude: The designs from the CD covers page, you mean?
19:31:55 < MarkDude> yes
19:31:59 < nhaines> No, because I was coordinating for Ubucon, Canonical shipped me all the supplies.
19:32:15 < nhaines> MarkDude: the designs are published on the wiki and are redistributable.
19:32:16 < MarkDude> Some want to use it for other stuff
19:32:39 < MarkDude> cool. ty nhaines
19:32:51 < grantbow> ok, thanks
19:32:59 < rww> MarkDude: It should be fine. I'll double-check and update the page with a content license in the next few days.
19:33:37 < MarkDude> rww thx I dont want to pull a Shepard Fairey
19:33:43 < nhaines> grantbow: I got a big box of stuff for Ubucon and a smaller box for the booth, and of course the CDs.  So it's going to be fun.
19:33:52 < nhaines> Any other questions about SCaLE?
19:34:30 < grantbow> rww: thank you
19:34:55 < MarkDude> There will be a penguin there - correct?
19:35:10  * MarkDude looks sternly
19:35:29 < rww> MarkDude: I'll see what I can do ;P
19:35:37 < nhaines> MarkDude: penguins will abound.  :)
19:35:45 < nhaines> Maybe I should actually do something with my TuxDroid this year.
19:35:46 < MarkDude> :)
19:35:53 < nhaines> In any case, that's all I have to say about SCaLE.
19:35:54 < rww> nhaines: Do you want Ubucon questions now, or should I have asked them already, or are we moving on to them next?
19:36:06 < nhaines> rww: oops, now's a good time.
19:36:43 < rww> nhaines: What ended up getting decided as far as registering for it? I know SCaLE's registration thing has a box for it now. For people who aren't going to SCaLE, are we going to do registration at the door or something?
19:38:04 < nhaines> rww: Hmm, we didn't decide on that.  I'll probably be there at 8am, and we'll have a registration sheet for people to sign up on.
19:38:38 < nhaines> I think that's the best plan.
19:38:53 < rww> sounds good to me. I'm pretty sure I'll be there early too.
19:39:11 < rww> Anyone else have any SCaLE/Ubucon questions, comments, etc.?
19:40:15 < rww> Yasumoto-Phone: Any SCaLE or Ubucon questions or comments?
19:41:04 < rww> Alright, next topic, then!
19:41:04 < Yasumoto-Phone> Just need to nail down volunteer schedule
19:41:29 < rww> Yasumoto-Phone: Yeah. I don't know whether you caught the link to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale8x/Attendees , but we'll be taking that and figuring it out from there.
19:42:14 < Yasumoto-Phone> Ah, yeah thanks
19:42:51 < rww> Okays. Next topic on the list is "# Make local membership more *humane* to navigate.", by MarkDude.
19:42:57 < MarkDude> I just wanted people to think of ways to make it easier for new-users. Ask non-tech people's opinions. We can learn from it & share with others. Ubuntu community is working on learning resources.
19:44:03 < MarkDude> I thought that was removed for now, after that talk we had - focusing on making it easier for new users to get help
19:44:41 < rww> MarkDude: I told you we probably wouldn't get to it, I guess I was wrong
19:44:58 < MarkDude> I figured if not I would use ML
19:45:03 < rww> For anyone who wasn't there, the talk (on IRC) revolved around making the wiki more friendly for new users
19:45:13 < MarkDude> I'll do that to.
19:45:29 < rww> since we could do with improving the use case of "I just heard about Ubuntu California and want to do stuff, what do I do?"
19:45:38 < MarkDude> & turned into making stuff beyond wiki easier also
19:45:50 < rww> and then testing it with actual new users to see how we can improve
19:46:14 < grantbow> I would be interested in people sharing their metaphors for the use case of "I just heard about Linux, what do I do?"
19:46:32 < MarkDude> Basicly *any* ideas that people have would be great.
19:46:51 < MarkDude> The agenda is make it easier
19:47:09 < rww> MarkDude: Do you want to discuss it on the ML only, or now also?
19:47:11 < MarkDude> & try different ways to do it.
19:47:42 < MarkDude> Mostly I thought annonce -- unless anyone has some feedback?
19:48:01 < MarkDude> Ideas anyone?
19:48:41 < grantbow> I'll work something up for the ML to encourage participation from as broad an audience as possible and think about it. :-)
19:48:48 < rww> nhaines: can you take over for a sec, got to go get food out the oven
19:49:15 < MarkDude> Anyway, think about it everyone. Its something EVERYONE agrees on :) Thats really cool.
19:49:26 < nhaines> rww: sure
19:49:47 < nhaines> MarkDude: Okay, so you'll go forward with this project on the mailing list?
19:50:04 < MarkDude> Unless you have any thought nhaines Im done.
19:50:28 < MarkDude> Yes & any one else that want to help.
19:51:06 < nhaines> Okay, any commments on making the wiki or LoCo more welcoming to new users?
19:51:48 < nhaines> All right.  In that case, I think we're ready to wrap things up.
19:51:55 < rww> MarkDude: Alright, do you want to email the ML with your ideas and then we'll work from there?
19:52:31 < MarkDude> Sounds good. I'll do it this evening
19:52:34 < nhaines> Go sign up for Ubucon and SCaLE.  If you're going to work the booth at SCaLE for more than 3 hours, email me before you pay for your badge.
19:52:36 < rww> awesome :)
19:52:57 < MarkDude> all other posts will have same subject thread
19:53:50 < rww> Alright. Anyone have any other business to discuss? If not, I guess we're finishing early.
19:54:28 < grantbow> no harm in finishing early
19:54:35 < grantbow> conversation can continue
19:54:43 < rww> I know, that was a happy comment :)
19:54:52 < MarkDude> Yay, early meeting  *simpsons* time
19:55:18 < nhaines> Thanks for being here, everyone.  I know it's a sports weekend.  :)
19:55:22 < rww> Alright! Thank you all for coming, see you next time :)
19:56:05 < MarkDude> In a month.

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