Sunday, January 24th, 2010, 7:00pm (1900) PST


  1. Announcements
    1. Ubuntu User Day was yesterday, and the logs are available for perusal.

    2. Ubuntu 8.04.4 is coming out soon.
    3. Ubuntu Developer Week starts tomorrow

  2. Camp-KDE recap
    1. DW did a presentation on documentation there and handed out 20 pressed CDs.
    2. DW now has 30 pressed and 46 burned Kubuntu CDs
  3. SCaLE 8x planning

    1. SCaLE is Feb 19-21 at the Westin LAX. We have an Ubucon on Friday and a booth Sat-Sun
    2. Joe will let us know when the expo hall map is decided
    3. Neal is going to work on getting the conference box together and test it at !SCaLE

  4. Ubucon planning

    1. Ubucon is on Feb 19th, the Friday of SCaLE, 9:00am to 6:00pm
    2. Nathan's confirming speakers
    3. Will try to coordinate with the Women In Open Source conference about lightning talks
    4. Ubucon planning meeting this week, possibly Wednesday, will notify the mailing list in advance
  5. Shirts

    1. Discussion of logos, designs, printing sources
  6. IRC channel naming
    1. No objections to keeping the current system (#ubuntu-california as actual channel with #ubuntu-us-ca forwarding to it)
  7. Documentation of voting procedures
    1. Neal to work on this

Original Agenda

  1. Camp KDE recap
  2. SCaLE and Ubucon planning

  3. T-shirts

  4. IRC channel naming
  5. Formalized voting procedure documented by lead on wiki. From the CoC, "Be collaborative. Collaboration is central to Ubuntu...When we disagree, we consult others. Disagreements, both social and technical, happen all the time and the Ubuntu community is no exception. It is important that we resolve disagreements and differing views constructively and with the help of the community and community processes." Neal has been doing a great job recently with the California Loco documentation. Details on voting would help clarify an important community process.


19:12:09 < Flannel> Welcome everyone, to tonight's meeting.  Our agenda for tonight is available here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/10January24
19:12:25 < oaktownchick> Hi Flannel
19:12:38 < Flannel> and consists of: Camp KDE recap, SCaLE and Ubucon planning, Shirts, IRC channel naming, and voting procedure clarifcation.
19:13:02 < Flannel> Camp KDE will be moved back for a bit until DarkwingDuck returns.
19:13:35 < Flannel> If anyone has anything to add to the agenda, feel free to bring it up, and we'll get to it as we can, like always.
19:14:37 < Flannel> To start off, I'd like to announce after-the-fact Ubuntu User Days,
19:14:45 < Flannel> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UserDays
19:15:13 < Flannel> It happened yesterday, so while you can't participate this time around, the logs are still available.
19:15:20 < jbermudes> sweet, a perfect use for my time machine!
19:15:46 < rww> I was there for the last session and a half. Seemed like they went really well :)
19:15:49 < Flannel> It was a series of presentations covering a bunch of things Ubuntu users have to deal with/should know/have questions on/etc
19:16:14 < nhaines> Sort of like a more end-user version of Ubuntu Open Week.
19:16:25 < nhaines> Ubuntu Open Week tends to be more technical.
19:16:29 < rww> yep
19:16:40 < Flannel> I'm not sure what it coincided with, so I unfortunately don't know when we'll have another one.  Except I imagine it'll be sometime in around six months :)
19:16:42 < grantbow> I can forward the email announcement unless someone beats me to it.
19:16:45 < nhaines> kick
19:16:53 < nhaines> oops, wrong window.  :)
19:17:16 < Flannel> grantbow: I don't think forwarding an announcement is necessary
19:17:25 < grantbow> Flannel: why not?
19:17:40 < eps> We all read the Fridge, right? ;-)
19:17:40 < rww> Because it happened already?
19:17:41 < Flannel> grantbow: Because it was yesterday, we'll catch it next time around.
19:18:10 < grantbow> I'll forward it for reference so people know where to get the announcement next time unless someone beats me to it.
19:18:38 < nhaines> Or, we could just wait five months until it's relevant.
19:18:54 < Flannel> Anyway, it's a good lineup, check it out when you've got time.
19:18:57 < grantbow> that it wasn't forwarded is a bit relevant
19:19:21 < Flannel> grantbow: That we all missed it?  yep.  Things fall through cracks, it happens.  We just need to move on and keep our eyes open.
19:19:51 < Flannel> Anyone else have any announcements?
19:21:20 < rww> Ubuntu 8.04.4 is coming out soon, iirc.
19:21:34 < Flannel> rww: Should be... January, yeah.
19:21:41 < grantbow> Ubuntu Developer week starts tomorrow
19:21:51 < Flannel> Anyone not know what point releases for LTS are?
19:21:53 < grantbow> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek
19:22:06 < nhaines> Ah, that's important!  Thanks, Grant.
19:22:21 < nhaines> Lots of good sessions next week.  Do check it out!
19:22:48 < eps> Flannel: what is a point release (other than a re-roll of the ISOs)?
19:22:52 < nhaines> There's even question translation going on this round.  It's looking good.
19:22:56 < rww> eps: that's pretty much it
19:23:06 < Flannel> eps: It's just a re-roll of ISOs (and a milestone for fixes, but that's not really relevant)
19:23:22 < Flannel> eps: If you've got 8.04, and you update the day of, you've "got" 8.04.4
19:23:31 < oaktownchick> I cant wait
19:23:46 < nhaines> Are there more rerolls on the horizon, or is 8.04.4 it?
19:23:50 < eps> What it means for those of us who hand out discs is to stop distributing the previous point release
19:23:59 < analOG1> oh, ok
19:24:14 < nhaines> eps: Well, it means stop burning the previous one and start burning the new point release, yes.  :)
19:24:28 < Flannel> eps: That's only slightly relevant, but yeah.  If I had 8.04.3 laying around, I'd still hand those out, if I was burning new ones, I'd hand out 8.04.4
19:24:30 < rww> nhaines: 8.04.4 is the last one, since they're done with rerolls once Lucid comesout.
19:24:38 < nhaines> rww: Okay, that's what I thought.
19:24:43 < akk> Are people still handing out 8.04?
19:24:52 < akk> I'm still running it on a couple of machines, but stuff is starting to break.
19:25:07 < nhaines> akk: great for servers and LTS-only desktops.
19:25:13 < DarkwingDuck> Okay, I'm here.
19:25:14 < eps> I run the server version on one machine
19:25:23 < rww> and as far as Ubuntu Developer Week goes, I didn't know about it, just checked the schedule, and it looks awesome. Thanks grantbow :)
19:25:28 < akk> I had my mom on it, and an update a few months ago broke printing. We had to update her to karmic.
19:26:00 < nhaines> Hmm, okay, any other announcements?
19:26:02 < eps> I hear Lucid breaks Wacom tablets...
19:26:24 < nhaines> eps: wacom drivers aren't yet available for X.org 1.7.  Should be fixed by release.
19:26:33 < Flannel> Our next topic is Camp KDE recap.  DarkwingDuck, take it away!
19:27:18 < DarkwingDuck> Alright! Camp-KDE was a success. Most of the KDE dev guys use kubuntu anyway but, it was a good time to get the Ubuntu-Cali out there.
19:27:42 < DarkwingDuck> On Monday I did a presentation on Documentation and grantbow was kind enough to drive down
19:27:51 < grantbow> o/
19:28:22 < DarkwingDuck> The leaders that be were impressed with SoCal although it was bad on weather however, we are in line for a repeat.
19:28:48 < DarkwingDuck> It was alot of presentations and how-tos on Sat, Sun and Mon. Wed-Fri was hacking
19:28:57 < DarkwingDuck> I handed out 20 pressed CDs
19:29:11 < DarkwingDuck> mainly to college kids ansd was able to talk to a few
19:29:29 < Yasumoto_> Did a lot of code get written wed-fri?
19:29:30 < DarkwingDuck> Once Pictures and video comes in I'll post it on the ML
19:29:48 < DarkwingDuck> Yasumoto_: it was alot of hacking and triage
19:30:05 < grantbow> DarkwingDuck: great presentation and handling of those documentation questions afterward.  I hope your got your work communication links going quickly after your talk.
19:30:13 < oaktownchick> I hope thats 20 more linux users
19:30:25 < DarkwingDuck> :D grantbow we got it up around 1am
19:30:52 < Yasumoto_> DarkwingDuck: sweet
19:31:00 < DarkwingDuck> Thank you grantbow
19:31:50 < DarkwingDuck> Overall as Kubuntu CDs goes
19:32:02 < DarkwingDuck> I have 30 pressed and 46 burned
19:32:20 < DarkwingDuck> One thing that is to note...
19:32:47 < DarkwingDuck> Kubuntu is a 99% pure vanilla of KDE.
19:33:17 < DarkwingDuck> So, as we test 10.04 it had KDE4.4b and will be the first release with 4.4
19:33:28  * DarkwingDuck gets off the soapbox
19:33:36 < Flannel> DarkwingDuck: Is that why the developers use it?  (and what does that mean for bugs)
19:34:00 < DarkwingDuck> Yes. This is who *most* Of the core devs use it
19:34:27 < rww> 10.04 is getting 4.4? Yay :)
19:34:28 < DarkwingDuck> until Alpha 4/5 the bugs for everything upstream it at bugs.kde.org
19:34:30 < nhaines> Nice.  :)
19:34:37 < DarkwingDuck> Another side note.
19:34:46 < DarkwingDuck> Kubuntu 10.04 will be LTS.
19:34:48 < DarkwingDuck> HOWEVER
19:35:02 < DarkwingDuck> Kubuntu Netbook Remix 10.04 will NOT be LTS
19:35:03 < nhaines> Upstreaming all the bugs is excellent.  I'm glad development can be so directly funneled back to KDE.
19:35:14 < DarkwingDuck> nhaines: +1
19:35:21 < nhaines> DarkwingDuck: what aspects of documentation did your presentation address?
19:36:03 < DarkwingDuck> Philosophy. How to structure a document and what to watch for. Also how to start with a fresh idea and a blank slate
19:36:18 < nhaines> Ah, the hardest part--how to begin.  Excellent.  :)
19:36:27 < DarkwingDuck> There is video of it
19:36:39 < DarkwingDuck> as soon as I get it I'll hit the ML with it.
19:36:50 < nhaines> Whenever I start writing, I just stare at the blank paper until drops of blood start dripping off my forehead, and then I begin.
19:36:54 < nhaines> DarkwingDuck: looking forward to it, thanks.  :)
19:36:59 < grantbow> DarkwingDuck: great
19:37:18 < Flannel> Anyone else have questions for DW/in general?
19:37:34 < DarkwingDuck> Flannel, where are all of the Kubuntu CDs?
19:37:50 < DarkwingDuck> I know you have some. I'm keeping track of the #s for pressed ones
19:38:11 < Flannel> DarkwingDuck: Ping me after the meeting
19:38:21 < DarkwingDuck> *nods* kk
19:38:31 < MarkDudeALT> Ty DarkwingDuck
19:38:38 < DarkwingDuck> My pleasure
19:38:51 < Flannel> With that, We'll move on to our next topic, SCaLE planning.  Yasumoto_?
19:39:38 < Flannel> SCaLE is coming up on Feb 19-21, at the Westin LAX.
19:40:16 < Flannel> We're holding an Ubucon on Friday, and in doing so, kicking off the Ubucon season across the nation (we'll get to Ubucon stuff next)
19:40:52 < Yasumoto_> We're also holding a booth in the exhibit hall
19:41:12 < Flannel> Yasumoto_: do we have word back yet on corner-booth status?
19:41:27 < Yasumoto_> Not yet, but we should have one again
19:41:32 < Yasumoto_> the planning hasn't been laid out yet
19:41:40 < Flannel> Do we know when we'll know?
19:42:15 < Yasumoto_> Early february, I'd say
19:42:39 < Yasumoto_> I'll ping Gareth, you'll know when I do
19:44:21 < Yasumoto_> So we'll have a time table for volunteers, and we'll work in shifts
19:44:48 < Yasumoto_> this should give people time to wander around the exhibit hall if they'd like, but feel free to hang around the booth whenever you have some spare time
19:45:21 < nhaines> Yup, I'm looking forward to a couple of speakers.  :)
19:45:24 < akk> People should write their IRC nicks on their nametags, too. :)
19:45:26 < Yasumoto_> We're also going to have a list of items to bring for the booth, which includes the usual, demo computers, table cloths, CDs, etc
19:45:40 < Yasumoto_> akk: good idea, that'll help with recognition :)
19:45:44 < DarkwingDuck> I will have my netbook running KNR
19:46:05 < rww> I'll have mine running UNR, they can battle.
19:46:07 < Flannel> Yasumoto_: We're going to finally get the conference box together (and dry-run it this time)
19:46:37 < Yasumoto_> Ah, that'll be helpful
19:46:58 < Yasumoto_> the conference box is going to be a collection of "everything a LoCo needs to exhibit at a show" in a box
19:47:34 < Yasumoto_> Any questions or comments/ideas?
19:47:36 < Flannel> Yasumoto_: Just add water (and computers, and ... and... and..) but yeah.
19:47:49 < DarkwingDuck> Do we want to do the CD covers and have a 'custom' cover for ScALE?
19:47:53 < rww> Is buntustand definitely happening for this SCaLE ;P?
19:48:19 < Flannel> rww: Yeah.  Although with the number of pressed CDs we'll have, we'll likely only need it for oddballs (and Edubuntu)
19:48:24 < nhaines> Hmm, that reminds me... I should set up some scaffolding to get some progress on buntustand.
19:49:00 < Flannel> DarkwingDuck: We'll be printing the revised version, once it's finished (it's not up on the web officilly yet)
19:49:10 < DarkwingDuck> *nods* Okay
19:49:35 < Yasumoto_> Alright, if no one has any other questions, I hand it back to Flannel
19:49:52 < grantbow> Flannel: can you PLEASE submit the final to http://spreadubuntu.neomenlo.org/ as well?
19:50:27 < Flannel> grantbow: That's always been the plan.
19:50:40 < grantbow> uh huh
19:51:18 < Flannel> Alright, next is Ubucon, nhaines?
19:52:06 < nhaines> Okay, so Ubucon is a day-long miniconference that we're holding on February 19th, 2010.
19:52:16 < Flannel> (That's the Friday of SCaLE)
19:52:20 < nhaines> It's going to be at SCaLE8X along with the other miniconferences.
19:52:45 < nhaines> Ubucon is an event where Ubuntu users can get together.  For this Ubucon we're going to have speakers presenting beginning topics.
19:53:29 < nhaines> I'm still in the process of confirming speakers, but it looks like we'll have a talk on photo manipulation, using Ubuntu in the workplace, and the Ubuntu Women Team.
19:53:38 < DarkwingDuck> nhaines: would a philosophy on documentation be too advanced?
19:54:04 < DarkwingDuck> purpose and philosophy rahter
19:54:22 < nhaines> DarkwingDuck: well, the target is Ubuntu users.
19:54:32 < nhaines> Do you think the talk would encourage users to contribute through documentatoin?
19:54:56 < DarkwingDuck> I think it will. I can tailor the talk for just that.
19:55:15 < nhaines> DarkwingDuck: Excellent.  I'd love to have you speak then.  :D
19:55:21 < Flannel> nhaines: akk earlier brought up the fact that our lightning talks are ontop of WIOS's lightning talks, do we know yet if we have a presentation yet that would survive being pushed back to stagger lightning talks between the minicons? (have ours an hour earlier, then a talk afterwards)
19:55:30 < DarkwingDuck> Okay, I'll talk to you after the meeting then nhaines
19:56:05 < nhaines> Flannel: I don't know yet, but lightning talks tend to be filled with pleasant surprises, so I'm going to try and coordinate with the WIOS lightning talks.
19:56:27 < Flannel> nhaines: perfect
19:56:31 < akk> The WIOS lightning talks aren't totally locked down yet either, so if the two groups can synchronize that would be great.
19:56:43 < nhaines> I'll reach out to them this week.
19:56:45 < Flannel> nhaines: What time does the Ubucon start/end?
19:58:00 < nhaines> We're going to start at 9:00am and end at 6pm, like the other miniconferences.
19:58:11 < nhaines> Lunch will also be coordinated from 12:30 to 1:30pm.
19:58:35 < nhaines> So that means we'll have a 1 hour block schedule, with 3 sessions before lunch and three after.
19:58:36 < grantbow> I don't think anyone has mentioned it yet: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/SCUbucon2010
19:58:52 < akk> Didn't the schedule say ending at 6:30? That's what WIOS said.
19:59:18 < nhaines> akk: that's not what my working notes say, but I'll be pinning things down over the next week.
19:59:42 < nhaines> akk: which means I'll make a note to look hard at the ending time.  Thanks.  :)
20:00:03 < akk> WIOS and OSSIE both say 6:30.
20:00:14 < akk> http://www.socallinuxexpo.org/scale8x/special-events
20:00:58 < grantbow> akk: thanks for the link
20:01:00 < nhaines> I'm also hoping to have an open session in there for just socialization and general helping each other, but we'll see how the speaker schedule works out.
20:01:29 < nhaines> And I'm also planning some time for lightning talks, which as I mentioned before are always excellent.
20:01:58 < nhaines> The big focus now will be how to advertise and get the word out.  We want to be as effective as possible here.
20:02:34 < nhaines> So, there's going to be an Ubucon planning meeting to discuss that this week.  Might be Wednesday but we'll work out a time and date and you'll hear it on the mailing list as soon as we lock that down.
20:03:03 < nhaines> We want as many of you as possible in ##ubucon to help out.  This event is going to be exactly as successful as we all make it, so the more the merrier.
20:03:25 < jbermudes> sounds good
20:03:29 < nhaines> That'll be midweek, and as I said, we'll annouce that on the Ubuntu California ML.
20:03:50 < nhaines> Any questions about Ubucon?
20:03:57 < Flannel> nhaines: Is it free?
20:04:01 < Flannel> (to attend)
20:04:07 < nhaines> You can make your checks out to "Nathan Haines".
20:04:12 < Flannel> hah
20:04:13 < MarkDudeALT> :)
20:04:21 < nhaines> It's going to be free which reminds me!
20:04:26 < rww> same question about getting into wherever the SCaLE booth is, now that I think of it
20:04:41 < nhaines> Canonical is going to be providing some awesome swag to give out to attendees.  :)
20:04:57 < Flannel> rww: $10s, but there might be a 50% discount for being associated with a booth.  We'll know when Joe gets officially stuff from SCaLE
20:05:25 < rww> alright, thanks :)
20:05:32 < Flannel> rww: That's just for the expo, the talks cost more (50% stilll applies I think? or has in years past, more details once we know)
20:05:47 < MarkDudeALT> shhh sneak in.
20:06:35 < Flannel> rww: Parking, however, is like $14
20:06:43 < Flannel> or something rediculous like that
20:06:45 < nhaines> SCaLE is rediculously expensive, and proceeds from this SCaLE will pay for (and therefore *determine*) the next date.  So please don't sneak in. :)
20:06:49 < grantbow> lol
20:07:07 < MarkDudeALT> <joking>
20:07:16 < MarkDudeALT> :)
20:07:24 < Flannel> Anyone else have questions about that weekend's things?
20:07:41 < nhaines> I know it was a joke, but SCaLE is a fantastic example of what the community can do when we all work together.  So think about that while you're there. ::)
20:08:16 < MarkDudeALT> good point nhaines .
20:08:33 < akk> It is a remarkably cheap (and good) conference.
20:09:07 < Flannel> Our next topic is Shirts ( https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Shirts )
20:09:43 < Flannel> We've only had two designs go up so far.  So get those thinking caps on.
20:10:19 < DarkwingDuck> Flannel: is there any ideas for a Kubuntu colored one as well as the Ubuntu Logo?
20:10:24 < MarkDudeALT> We still want some?
20:10:36 < Flannel> DarkwingDuck: Kubuntu colored Ubuntu logo?
20:10:48 < grantbow> DarkwingDuck: good idea
20:11:00 < DarkwingDuck> With the bear but the Blues with the Gears
20:11:02 < Flannel> DarkwingDuck: We can do Kubuntu ones or full-*buntu family ones or whatever
20:11:09 < eps> Are we getting off message here? I thought these were supposed to be LoCo shirts.
20:11:27 < MarkDudeALT> eps +1
20:11:34 < Flannel> DarkwingDuck: ah.  A logo.  I'll throw one together for use
20:11:49 < Flannel> DarkwingDuck: Remind me after the meeting :)
20:11:50 < MarkDudeALT> I want a penguin also :p
20:11:51 < nhaines> Okay, if there aren't anI agree with eps.  :)
20:12:15 < nhaines> I still think an embroidered polo shirt would be really classy.
20:12:25 < Flannel> nhaines: Especially for conferences
20:12:33 < nhaines> Flannel: words right out of my mouth.
20:12:35 < rww> MarkDudeALT: I imagine so. Even if that offer we got a while back isn't valid, it'd be good to have a design handy if we get an opportunity.
20:12:37 < DarkwingDuck> nhaines: My grandmother has a sewing machine that does that.
20:12:39 < Flannel> nhaines: I'm not sure how much lead time we'd need for SCaLE though.
20:12:54 < DarkwingDuck> She is will to do the shirts if we provide the image and shirts
20:12:59 < Flannel> DarkwingDuck: Would she be willing to do a bunch at cost?
20:13:18 < eps> I've been told that embroidery works best when it's small because it needs a backing and doesn't flex.
20:13:19 < DarkwingDuck> She said no cost as long as we provide everything.
20:13:34 < MarkDudeALT> rww ty. I did not know.
20:13:35 < DarkwingDuck> Shirts and Images.
20:13:43 < akk> Didn't Linus just blog last week about embroidery machines and open source?
20:13:47 < Flannel> DarkwingDuck: Alright, we'll see what we can come up with.  hopefully for SCaLE
20:13:47 < DarkwingDuck> I will find out what images her machine takes
20:13:53 < rww> MarkDudeALT: Yeah, it kinda got lost in all the meta-discussion of the past few months.
20:14:27 < DarkwingDuck> And, how long each one takes. I think a donation would be good of some sort to cover the cost of shipping etc...
20:16:09 < Flannel> Anything else regarding shirts?
20:16:27 < eps> One of the "problems" we have is our LoCo logo uses eight colors
20:16:40 < grantbow> akk: seems like he did.  http://www.linuxfoundation.org/news-media/blogs/browse/2010/01/embroidery-gaah
20:16:48 < Flannel> eps: Yeah, we didn't think about printability when we were creating it.
20:16:54 < rww> iirc, that blog wasn't highly optimistic :)
20:17:18 < Flannel> eps: It can be massaged a bit for low-color (but you've got at least 4 with the Ubuntu logo + brown bear anyway)
20:17:42 < eps> With traditional screen printing, you're generally limited to five spot colors plus a clear layer
20:18:01 < rww> Flannel: could always make the bear Ubuntu-coloured ;P
20:18:17 < eps> The Ubuntu logo uses three Pantone colors
20:18:19  * MarkDudeALT likes the bear with the penguin on it - for the record.
20:18:19 < Flannel> rww: dithering could probably handle some of it.  I'm not sure.
20:18:29 < rww> Ask USC, I hear they have experience with painting bears.
20:18:42 < grantbow> lol
20:18:45 < MarkDudeALT> rww+1
20:19:05 < Flannel> eps: Those colors have no real 'official' color though (trust me, I've looked) so if you just pick 'red' 'yellow' 'orange' of about the right shade, you're fine
20:19:09 < DarkwingDuck> MarkDudeALT: would it comfort you that I go visit the penguins at Sea World all the time? They are still alive...
20:19:35 < MarkDudeALT> DarkwingDuck,  Yes it does, greatly.
20:19:41 < nhaines> Okay, so we'll work on shirts.
20:19:51 < nhaines> What's next?
20:19:51 < DarkwingDuck> :D
20:19:59 < akk> Where's this bear+penguin? I don't see that on the t-shirt page.
20:20:17 < Flannel> akk: In someones head I think
20:20:21 < MarkDudeALT> akk it was from a while ago - I'll find it :)
20:20:30 < MarkDudeALT> It exists.
20:20:33 < eps> Oh yes they do... red is Pantone 186C; orange is Pantone 158C; yellow is Pantone 1235C
20:20:34 < Gareth> greetings.
20:20:43 < grantbow> greetings Gareth
20:20:54 < nhaines> Heya, Gareth and akgraner !  :)
20:20:56 < Flannel> eps: No, there's no officiality of that.  Depending on where you look they're different, etc.
20:21:00 < grantbow> hi akgraner
20:21:03  * akk waves to Gareth and akgraner 
20:21:16  * Gareth waves back at akgraner 
20:21:17 < akgraner> hey grantbow and nhaines and akk :-)
20:21:23  * Gareth waves back at akk too
20:21:27 < Gareth> silly tab completion.
20:21:40 < Flannel> eps: Or at least as far as I could find.  One particular page has 'official' ones that conflict with each other even.  It's all convoluted
20:21:46 < Flannel> eps: but, we're offtopic :)
20:22:33  * eps cites https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Official
20:22:35 < Flannel> Anything else for shirts?
20:23:20 < MarkDudeALT>  here is the penguin & me
20:23:27 < MarkDudeALT> http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2424094/Mark%20tux%20bear2.png
20:23:57 < MarkDudeALT> I could not find the original sry
20:24:02 < grantbow> for those following along: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Shirts
20:24:42 < eps> http://www.ubuntu.com/aboutus/trademarkpolicy states: If presented in multiple colours, the logo should only use the “official” logo colours.
20:25:22 < Flannel> eps: That official page contradicts itself (the swatches don't contain official colors, etc, etc).  I asked the artwork team (some time) ago, and got a "not officially" response
20:25:28 < jono> hey all
20:25:34 < nhaines> Heya, jono.  :)
20:25:43 < grantbow> hi jono
20:25:50 < jono> hey grantbow
20:25:52 < jono> hey nhaines
20:26:11 < Gareth> oh no.  things have really taken a turn for the worse now.
20:26:14 < eps> Flannel: Does someone need to file a bug report?
20:26:27 < nhaines> Gareth: someone needs to keep an eye on you.  ;)
20:26:39 < Flannel> If there's nothing else, we'll move on to the rest of our agenda items.
20:26:47 < Gareth> nhaines: Indeed.  I'm trouble.
20:26:51 < Flannel> eps: Probably, although "close enough" is probably good enough
20:27:00 < nhaines> eps: might be good to ask about it on the artwork team ML.
20:27:32 < eps> Let's add it to the checklist to be cleared *before* printing
20:28:18 < grantbow> what's next?
20:28:19 < Flannel> Our next topic is IRC channel naming, rww?
20:28:24 < rww> I put that on the agenda because we tabled it last time around, not because it particularly needs discussing. Personally, I don't see a problem with the current setup, figure we should stay as we are unless we get asked by one of the various councils to change it.
20:28:57 < nhaines> We put it back to the ML for discussion, but none happened.
20:29:03 < rww> indeed
20:29:18 < MarkDudeALT> as long as the redirect works its ok -right?
20:29:38 < nhaines> MarkDudeALT: I think so.  It makes it very easy to find us.
20:29:46 < rww> exactly. #ubuntu-us-ca and #ubuntu-california end up in the same place, so... *shrug*
20:29:51 < MarkDudeALT> Cool.
20:30:06 < nhaines> I think we should just remove the agenda item.  Of course, the topic can always be discussed on the ML.
20:30:12  * Gareth reads the scrollback
20:30:32 < DarkwingDuck> redirect/forward works
20:30:35 < eps> Plus, this might not be the best time to make *any* changes: http://blog.freenode.net/2010/01/ircd-migration-sat-jan-30th-2010/
20:30:38 < Flannel> We had another topic brought up,
20:30:39 < Flannel> yeah.
20:30:50 < MarkDudeALT> My email to the ML covers it. http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m4a8034ff
20:31:03 < Flannel> freenode is switching server programs shortly, it shouldn't affect us too much as users
20:31:03 < eps> That's going to happen between now and our next meeting.
20:31:03 < MarkDudeALT> After consulting with various members of the Ubuntu community, any questions I had on voting could be answered by the lead.
20:31:12 < Flannel> but, here: http://freenode.net/seven-for-hyperion-users.html is a rundown on the changes
20:31:20 < MarkDudeALT> sry.
20:31:40 < Flannel> Only thing 'users' need to change is their auto-identify things, if I remember correctly.
20:31:42 < rww> Is there anyone who thinks we need to change the channel name anyway? If not, I vote we just forget the IRC naming issue.
20:31:50 < Flannel> Oh!  And SSL support!
20:32:03 < rww> iirc, it was brought up as a "we should discuss this one day" thing, not a "I think we should change this" thing.
20:32:04 < nhaines> Email URL is here, for the logs: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-us-ca/2010-January/001038.html
20:33:04 < Flannel> rww: Looks like no one feels strongly about pushing it
20:33:24 < MarkDudeALT> That was good it was re-examined tho.
20:34:10 < rww> eps: Yeah, I'm thankful we have meetings this week and two weeks from now, not next week. I have a feeling the network's going to be messy :(
20:34:10 < nhaines> Okay, so we'll drop the IRC channel name right now?  Stick with #ubuntu-california and #ubuntu-us-ca redirecting?
20:34:33 < eps> Sounds good to me.
20:34:56 < MarkDudeALT> No complaints.
20:35:14 < nhaines> Okay, what's up next?
20:35:22 < Gareth> Not to interrupt...but since I'm here and watching, were there any specific SCALE or UbuCon at SCALE questions that anyone had that perhaps I could answer?
20:35:47 < nhaines> Gareth: Do the minicons end at 6 or 6:30?
20:36:12 < Gareth> OSSIE ends at 6:30
20:36:31 < Gareth> WIOS also ends at 6:30
20:36:43 < nhaines> Cool.  I will plan accordingly.  :)
20:37:23 < Gareth> this is about the lightning talks I presume? :)
20:37:43 < nhaines> Gareth: half-and-half.  :)
20:39:32 < Flannel> I guess that's nothing else Gareth.  Thanks
20:39:36 < jbermudes> didnt yasumoto have a question?
20:39:51 < Flannel> jbermudes: He had to leave already
20:39:58 < Gareth> jbermudes: for me?
20:40:26 < Flannel> Gareth: He'll bug you about it later, I'm sure.
20:40:34 < Gareth> yeah.
20:40:43 < Gareth> okay. ping me if anything else comes up.
20:40:47 < Flannel> Our last topic for the evening is MarkDudeALT's
20:41:07 < Flannel> MarkDudeALT: Is your agenda item a simple "Yes, I'll be sure to get that up on the wiki"?
20:41:13 < MarkDudeALT> Flannel had indicated a while ago that he was willing to do this.It's not really a debate thing. It's kind of binary, either you do it. Or you don't - that is my understanding of the situation.
20:41:28 < MarkDudeALT> Yes it is.
20:41:35 < MarkDudeALT> :)
20:41:40 < Flannel> Alright, hold on while I delete some text
20:41:45 < Flannel> Yes, I'll be sure to get that up on the wiki
20:42:28 < Flannel> Anything else for tonight from anyone?
20:42:33 < MarkDudeALT> Cool thank you Neal. Everyone saw my *apology* on the
20:42:36 < MarkDudeALT> ML
20:43:15 < Flannel> MarkDudeALT: We all lose track of where we are sometimes.  That's why we've got teammates to help us get back to where we want to be.
20:43:30  * MarkDudeALT shakes hand
20:44:43 < Flannel> If there's nothing else, our next meeting will be Feb 7th, 7pm.  We've also got a brainstorming/advertising session coming up sometime this week for Ubucon ad things.  Keep your eyes peeled to the ML for details

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