Sunday, March 7th, 2010, 7:00pm (1900) PST


  1. Announcements
    1. Discussion of new branding
    2. Gidget Kitchen event at Saxby's in Walnut Creek on March 27th 3-7pm, Mark will post details to ML
    3. Joe's Ubuntu membership meeting is on the 11th
    4. Robert got Ubuntu membership this month
    5. Nathan's considering starting an Ubuntu Hour in Long Beath or LA; email him or the ML for more information
  2. SCaLE and Ubucon recap

    1. Ubucon
      1. Good things: range of topics, lots of attendees
      2. Improvements for next time: figure out lightning talk stuff ahead of time
      3. Neal estimates we gave out 150 Ubuntu CDs, 70 Kubuntu CDs, and 35 server CDs
      4. Nathan estimates 45-50 people peak.
      5. Discussion of whether/how we'd hold one next year
    2. SCaLE
      1. For the two booth days, we gave out 355 Ubuntu CDs, 110 Kubuntu, 130 Server, 160 Ubuntu pins, 115 Ubuntu pens, 230 sticker sheets
      2. Saturday was busier than Sunday
      3. Good: cross-promotion between our booth, the Kernel team booth, the Ubuntu User Magazine area, and directing people to Amber for Ubuntu Women stuff
      4. Improvements: bring ISOs for everything next time, make flyers/business cards/whatever to hand out, take group picture
      5. Suggestions: walkthrough of Ubuntu features on-screen, putting U/X/Kubuntu in a VM and switching between them to show differences, QR codes with handy URLs
      6. Ubuntu candy discussion
      7. LiveUSB disk creation discussion
  3. Lucid Global Jam (Weekend of March 26-28)

    1. Neal summarized what a global jam is for the new people
    2. Probably going to have one at Chapman
    3. Further planning to take place on the mailing list

Original Agenda

  1. SCaLE and Ubucon recap

  2. Lucid Global Jam (Weekend of March 26-28)


19:10:16 < Flannel> Alright, lets get started.  Welcome everyone to tonight's meeting.
19:10:28 < Flannel> Our agenda is available here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/10March07
19:10:52 < Flannel> and it currently consists of recaps of Ubucon and SCaLE, and then planning for the upcoming global jam
19:11:20 < Flannel> Before we begin with that, we've got announcements.
19:11:50 < Flannel> Anyone have any announcements?
19:12:16 < Torikun1> 10.04 rocks! that is all =)
19:12:40 < Jamezq12323> I like the new theme, after you move the buttons back to the right :)
19:12:41 < Flannel> Lucid is looking pretty solid, and with it, comes new artwork/theme/branding
19:13:18 < Torikun1> yes
19:13:28 < Flannel> Details on the new branding are still a bit sparse, but
19:13:34 < MarkDude> March 27th we are having an event at Sxabys in Walnut Creek
19:13:50 < MarkDude> 3-7pm I'll post details to ML
19:14:20 < Flannel> http://fridge.ubuntu.com/node/1991
19:14:56 < rww> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Brand and http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/308 are also nice summaries :)
19:15:01 < Flannel> That's a post about it, not much has materialized except we're getting a new font, and orange is the community color and purple is canonical color.
19:15:48 < Flannel> MarkDude: Who is having the event?
19:16:20 < MarkDude> Gidget Kitchen - We are showing some Linux  vidoes
19:16:30 < MarkDude> & other stuff under the CC
19:16:37 < Flannel> MarkDude: Alright.
19:16:48 < Flannel> Anyone else have other announcements?
19:17:04 < MarkDude> Courtney was going to announce - she could not make it. Thx Flannel
19:17:06 < rww> Oh! I do!
19:17:30 < Flannel> rww: such enthusiasm :)
19:17:41 < rww> Yasumoto's membership meeting is on the 11th. You should invade it with nice things ;P
19:18:02 < Flannel> Oh.  That reminds me.
19:18:08 < rww> ( https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/RegionalBoards/Americas has the details )
19:18:19 < Flannel> Everyone congratulate rww on becoming an Ubuntu Member!
19:18:28 < akk> Congratulations rww! Yaaay!
19:18:34 < MarkDude> Im doing the same also Chris & Courtney maybe too
19:18:34 < Jamezq12323> Congratz.
19:18:40 < jbermudes> rww: congrats!
19:18:40 < sidneymccoy> Congratulations rww
19:18:49 < Torikun1> congrats!
19:18:52 < MarkDude> rww is official +1
19:19:16 < rww> thanks everyone :)
19:19:28 < Flannel> With that, I think we'll go ahead and start on our agenda.
19:19:47 < dragon> congratulations rww!
19:19:59 < Flannel> Two weeks ago we had SCaLE and our Ubucon, I guess we'll focus on the Ubucon first.
19:20:27 < Flannel> anyone who was there want to mention anything? good/bad/can-do-better?
19:20:48 < nhaines> Ubucon was a huge success.
19:20:51 < MarkDude> Scale was great
19:21:00 < MarkDude> Ubucon was super
19:21:03 < rww> Ubucon was excellent. We had a good range of topics, there were way more people than expected; I think it went really well :)
19:21:08 < akk> They were both terrific.
19:21:18 < nhaines> We had a day planned with talks on various subjects.  It was standing-room-only.
19:21:26 < rww> As far as improvements... we should figuring out lightning talk software ahead of time next time ;P
19:21:50 < jbermudes> rww: like a giant clock?
19:21:57 < rww> nhaines: Did we get a count of how many people were there? I don't remember how we were planning on doing that.
19:21:59 < Flannel> My estimates have us giving out 150Ubuntu CDs, 70 Kubuntu CDs, and 35 Server CDs
19:22:18 < nhaines> rww: I can get a headcount of the busiest talk in a moment.
19:22:25 < MarkDude> My talk was under the time
19:22:28  * MarkDude bows
19:22:40 < rww> jbermudes: Yeah, or one of the various websites that would do it. Either would be better than my hand and sheets of paper I tore out of nhaines's signin notepad ;P
19:23:07 < MarkDude> rww- it worked for me. And its hard to limit my time
19:23:16 < nhaines> rww: it went well.  :)
19:23:35 < rww> (oh, I also blogged about SCaLE and Ubucon a couple of days ago at http://blog.rww.name/3030.html , btw)
19:23:39 < nhaines> We had a lot of good feedback about Ubucon all weekend.
19:23:47 < MarkDude> Some of that info should be linked to the Ubucin page
19:24:40 < nhaines> All in all, we had good audience participation.
19:24:44 < rww> nhaines: Were we going to get data from the SCaLE people too?
19:25:03 < nhaines> Canonical sent us a ton of swag to give out, and we made gift bags for each speaker to award.
19:25:55 < nhaines> In between talks I quizzed the audience on Ubuntu trivia, the audience engaged with each speaker, and all in all everyone seemed really happy to be there.
19:26:03 < nhaines> That's all I've got.  :)
19:26:23 < ankur> hi my name is ankur i am a student at USC...
19:26:31 < Flannel> Howdy ankur
19:26:33 < ankur> this is my first conference 4 ubuntu
19:26:48 < ankur> im good...how r rest f u doin tonite...
19:26:54 < MarkDude> Hello ankur welcome
19:27:17 < Jamezq12323> Same for me. I'm James, still in highschool but but to san jose city for some classes.
19:27:21 < nhaines> I'm counting at least 45 people in the room, and it's at full capacity.  We may have topped just over 50.
19:27:34 < rww> nhaines: wow. awesome :)
19:27:51 < Flannel> Anyone have anything else to add about Ubucon before we move on to SCaLE?
19:27:57 < Flannel> Howdy Jamezq12323, welcome :)
19:28:04 < akgraner> nhaines, thank you all for the awesome job you did
19:28:16 < Jamezq12323> ty :)
19:28:29 < dragon> ankur, Jamezq12323: Welcome aboard
19:28:30 < nhaines> akgraner: thank you, I think a lot of people pulled together for this.
19:28:34 < akk> Great job on picking speakers -- the talks were really interesting and good (and kept dragging me away from WIOS)
19:28:55 < ankur> thanks jamez..
19:29:05 < akgraner> I can't say enough for how welcome the CA team always makes other LoCo teams feel welcome
19:29:10 < jbermudes>  so is this going to be a regular thing at SCaLE now?
19:29:31 < nhaines> akgraner: we're always happy to collaborate--we're really all part of one big community.
19:30:05 < nhaines> jbermudes: I would love for it to be a regular thing and I hope to talk to the SCaLE guys since they just had their first meeting to plan SCaLE9X tonight.
19:30:19 < Flannel> jbermudes: That depends on whether we want to or not ;)
19:30:41 < akgraner> nhaines, will you all need a breakdown of cost so you know what you are looking at for sponsors next year? - or do you want to see what the SCaLE folks say?
19:31:13 < nhaines> akgraner: I'd like a cost breakdown, because we may decide to hold something even if SCaLE doesn't have room.  And if they do, we'll be ready then. :)
19:31:50 < akgraner> nhaines, I'll get it to you this week :-)
19:31:51 < MarkDude> T-shirt donations *could* help offset costs, just an suggestion
19:32:04 < akk> There was an Ubucon in mountain view some 3 years ago, at Google. It was really fun too.
19:32:10 < ankur> hey SCALE is it a monthly event?
19:32:17 < Flannel> ankur: No, annually
19:32:35 < akk> (that one wasn't associated with a conference, just a standalone 1-day event)
19:33:28 < nhaines> Last announcement that may be tangentally related to Ubucon/community stuff: I'm considering starting an Ubuntu Hour in Long Beach or Los Angeles.
19:33:34 < dragon> akk: wish I knew about that one at that time
19:33:41 < Flannel> That same weekend we also hosted a booth at SCaLE,
19:33:48 < nhaines> So if anyone's interested, email me (nhaines AT ubuntu DOT com) or check the mailing list.
19:34:04 < jbermudes> nhaines: is traffic too bad to head back home at 5? hehe
19:34:10 < dragon> nhaines: how frequent would this be?
19:34:29 < nhaines> jbermudes: I work in Irvine.  ;)  dragon: probabably once or twice a month.
19:34:42 < nhaines> Okay, as I said, after the meeting.
19:34:49 < nhaines> Now, on to SCaLE8X itself.
19:35:10 < nhaines> We were booth 65, which was in the far corner of the expo floor.
19:35:21 < nhaines> Despite this, we had overwheling, crushing traffic on Saturday.
19:36:07 < nhaines> We gave away approximately 7 hundred thousand Ubuntu CDs.  I believe Flannel has more refined numbers.
19:36:08 < rww> crushingly awesome :)
19:36:27 < Flannel> seven-hundred-thousand is a bit much.  Let me type up the numbers
19:36:36 < jbermudes> really? it felt more like a couple kajillion-bajillion
19:37:01 < nhaines> Okay, while we wait for that, Canonical sent several members of the Ubuntu Kernel Team to SCaLE to do hardware testing for Ubuntu lucid.
19:37:03 < dragon> nhaines: 7 hundred thousand? that's it?
19:37:04 < MarkDude> Scale was very popuylar in general - other Distros ran out of CDs also
19:37:46 < Flannel> This is just total for the two days (not including Ubucon): 355 Ubuntu CDs, 110 Kubuntu, 130 Server, 160 Ubuntu Pins, 115 Ubuntu Pens, 230 Sticker Sheets
19:37:48 < nhaines> I know that in at least three instances when someone came up to me and said "I have this hardware that hasn't worked, will it be fixed in the next version?" I said "Let me walk you to the kernel team and introduce you.  You can check."
19:37:49 < MarkDude> Karsten clarified that via flickr
19:37:55 < akgraner> nhaines, again the cross-promotion you all did telling folks about ubuntu-women, the kernel team doing the hardware testing, and sending people to the Ubuntu User Magazine areas was AWESOME!  I heard nothing but accolades about the booth and everyone in it.
19:38:31 < Flannel> Most of the stuff was given away on Saturday, and then we gave away the remainder on Sunday (Saturday was significantly busier)
19:38:58 < MarkDude> Jeremey & the kernel team answered some qustions on the spot
19:39:01 < nhaines> We've always had a booth policy of being inclusive and informative.  As akgraner mentioned ther were a lot of Ubuntu teams around and plenty of interest to share.
19:39:29 < akk> That kernel testing table was really awesome. I wish I'd known about it beforehand, so I knew to bring my problematic machine.
19:39:42 < nhaines> So it was fun to be able to introduce people to experts in the things they were interested in.
19:39:58 < Flannel> With all the awesomeness aside, did anyone see/notice/hear about anythings that we might be able to improve upon next year?
19:40:01 < nhaines> The Kernel Team was also around outside of the Ubucon room and very popular as I seem to remember.
19:40:23 < rww> In the future, we need to make sure we have ISOs for everything ahead of time, I think.
19:40:23 < akk> Very popular -- they almost never had an open slot, all weekend.
19:40:46 < rww> I said I was going to do that and forgot, so that's totally my fault. But yeah.
19:41:06 < Flannel> We also need to make sure we have flyers/business cards/whatever to hand out with various tidbits and URLs on them as well
19:41:21 < Flannel> We printed some for Sunday (and handed out 20), but they arrived far too late in the game
19:41:42 < nhaines> Yes, I think we should have a couple "Ubuntu tours" planned out for people who want to know what Ubuntu's about, for our demo systems.
19:42:02 < MarkDude> Flannel, do you have my 8.04 edition CD ?
19:42:05 < Flannel> nhaines: tours being walkthrough of stuff on the big screen or whatnot?
19:42:26 < nhaines> Flannel: yup.
19:42:39 < Flannel> MarkDude: I have no idea, did you have one there?  I can go look for it after the meeting.
19:43:11 < rww> One thing that I think would be nice for next time would be putting Ubuntu, Xubuntu, and Kubuntu in a VM on one of the display computers, so we can switch between and compare them easily.
19:43:22 < dragon> I'd say have some QR codes with some URLs handy next year. Smartphones are gaining popularity rapidly.
19:43:31 < rww> I've seen youtube videos of people doing that and switching between them with Compiz, and it looked really useful.
19:43:48 < Flannel> dragon: Sounds good
19:43:50 < nhaines> rww: that's a good idea.
19:44:03 < nhaines> dragon: I love that idea, and that's really easy.
19:44:04 < akk> That is a good idea, the u/x/k comparison thing.
19:44:11 < rww> (possibly also Edubuntu, Ubuntu Studio, the Netbook editions, etc.)
19:44:16 < Flannel> lubuntu
19:44:23 < rww> We have so many flavours now that we'd run out of machines if we had on on each :)
19:44:33 < Torikun1> and satanic edition =)
19:44:48 < rww> Torikun1: well, I'm thinking approved varients ;P
19:45:14 < dragon> and I've observed that geeks love to scan QR codes only for the sake of scanning them.
19:45:43 < dragon> I've also been thinking about a California edition of Lucid.
19:46:06 < Torikun1> what is going to be special about the CA edition dragon?
19:46:19 < nhaines> dragon: let's discuss that after the meeting, where you can talk about it more in-depth.  :)
19:46:34 < nhaines> Does anyone else have other feedback or thoughts about SCaLE?
19:46:43 < dragon> Torikun1: we could start with a sunny-beach-wallpaper, and see where our imagination takes us.
19:46:46 < dragon> nhaines: roger that
19:46:53 < rww> Nope. I think the booth side of things went really well, I can't think of much I'd improve :)
19:47:03 < jbermudes> we need ubuntu candy!
19:47:07 < Flannel> ah yes.
19:47:13 < Flannel> jbermudes: Have you looked into that yet?
19:47:22 < jbermudes> no, it's not february yet :-p
19:47:26 < Flannel> haha
19:47:27 < Torikun1> Sees Candy: Ubuntu Edition
19:47:29 < jbermudes> I'll look into it for next meeting
19:47:37 < Torikun1> Open Chocolate
19:47:42 < nhaines> hahaha, jbermudes.  :)
19:47:48 < Flannel> jbermudes: It'd be really neat if we could find someone to make it
19:47:48 < rww> You can apparently get customized M&Ms. We could get them in Ubuntu colors :)
19:47:54 < Jamezq12323> hah
19:47:57 < nhaines> I guess we'll need orange candy now.
19:48:00 < Jamezq12323> you mean purple now?
19:48:00 < rww> Red, Orange, and Yellow, or Purple and Orange, depending on who you ask ;P
19:48:01 < Torikun1> rww: customized m&m's are way expensive
19:48:04 < Flannel> rww: I'm thinking more of a hard candy in the ubuntu shape/colors
19:48:09 < MarkDude> rww- chocolate is already brown
19:48:13 < rww> Torikun1: ah, okay. I hadn't looked at the prices.
19:48:25 < akk> Chocolate would be more popular than hard candy. :)
19:48:47 < jbermudes> although seeing how many kids we had taking stickers, their parents probably wouldnt like the idea of a booth giving away that much candy, haha
19:48:55 < Torikun1> lol
19:48:59 < Jamezq12323> yea haha
19:49:01 < Flannel> jbermudes: I think that was the same kids taking stickers over and over, actually.
19:49:02 < MarkDude> I could custom make a candy mold- I am a 3rd generation candle maker- its a similar mold
19:49:11 < Jamezq12323> stickers last longer anyway
19:49:32 < rww> Did anyone have any thoughts about quantities of Ubuntu vs. Kubuntu vs. Server CDs?
19:49:45 < Flannel> rww: What sorts of thoughts?
19:49:47 < nhaines> I thought the interest in Kubuntu CDs was surprising but awesome.
19:49:52 < dragon> Halloween isn't even close. Am I missing something?
19:49:59 < MarkDude> We lacked any netbook quantity
19:50:00 < Flannel> We ran out of Kubuntu, then server, then Ubuntu
19:50:11 < jbermudes> to balance it out, i guess we'll have to give away ubuntu FLOSS to go with the candy... *rimshot*
19:50:15 < Torikun1> any mass ubuntu deployments coming up?
19:50:18 < Jamezq12323> lol
19:50:21 < Flannel> Server was because we weren't rationing it at all on Saturday, since we didn't think we needed to.
19:50:33 < rww> Flannel: Well, there's been some discussion about it on loco-contacts (as you know), but as far as I know the ratios at SCaLE were fine. Was wondering if anyone thought different.
19:50:49 < Flannel> rww: Yeah, I'm going to reply once I get my email back up
19:51:03 < MarkDude> Why did debian take some CDs?
19:51:11 < akk> jbermudes: Heh, I'm amazed no one's done that yet.
19:51:28 < Flannel> MarkDude: Hmm?
19:51:45 < dragon> MarkDude: to deplete our stock?
19:52:02 < MarkDude> Thats what I was told
19:52:14 < akgraner> more ubuntu pics
19:52:42 < nhaines> Oh, I know.  A few other booths came to the Ubuntu booth for technical support while setting up.
19:52:44 < rww> MarkDude: The netbook remix images 1) don't fit on CDs, they're meant for USB sticks 2) would be useless on CD for most netbooks, since they don't have CD drives.
19:52:44 < Flannel> MarkDude: We gave CDs to the KDE and GNOME booths, but not very many
19:53:20 < rww> I made several peoples' USB sticks into netbook remix LiveUSBs at their request, though :)
19:53:26 < akgraner> like pick a time and tell everyone who comes by the booth that at 3pm you will take a group pic or something
19:53:26 < akgraner> and have a massive show of Ubuntu Support by community members and attendees :-)
19:53:34 < nhaines> I was at two booths giving support, and they were very friendly and very appreciative, so that was kinda nice.
19:53:35 < Torikun1> rww: got a good guide for that?
19:54:04 < Torikun1> making a liveUSB
19:54:08 < rww> Torikun1: making LiveUSB images? It's simple. System -> Administration -> USB Startup Disk Creator, point it at the USB stick and ISO file, click the button and you're done.
19:54:23 < Torikun1> ok, I will try that one again, had issues before.
19:54:27 < dragon> akgraner: I'd say couple that photo idea with an hourly raffle..
19:54:34 < rww> Torikun1: the version in Lucid is better than the one in Jaunty
19:54:38 < rww> Torikun1: more reliable, that is
19:54:40 < MarkDude> That would have been cool if I knew when the timing for the photo was. I 'll pretend I was kept in the dark about that by accident <joke>
19:55:19 < jbermudes> also, for anyone stuck on anther OS or need to make one for a different distro, try http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/
19:55:29 < nhaines> Yes, we didn't get a group pic this year and that was fail.  :(
19:55:33 < jbermudes> it's also smart enough to go download the iso if you dont have it
19:56:06 < MarkDude> jbermudes, it will do nemerous versions & distros
19:56:16 < rww> MarkDude: as far as I know, we didn't do a group photo. We said it would be a good idea above.
19:56:50 < MarkDude> Come on rww- I literally included <joke> in that statement
19:57:14 < Jamezq12323> haha
19:57:23 < nhaines> Okay, well, I think we've about covered the awesomeness that was Ubucon and SCaLE, and I think we're looking forward to doing SCaLE again next year.  :)
19:57:24 < MarkDude> :)
19:57:24 < dragon> Torrents are the preferred way of downloading Ubuntu images.
19:57:40 < Flannel> Anyone have any other comments about SCaLE?
19:58:11 < jbermudes> congrats to yasumoto for wearing so many hats that weekend
19:58:14 < ankur> yeah i would love to contribute in whichever way possible...
19:58:30 < ankur> it was a real eyeopener for me the meeting today...
19:59:03 < Flannel> ankur: We won't have a SCaLE until next Feb, but you're welcome to help out then!  Our next topic is about something sooner though
19:59:09 < nhaines> ankur: stick around--there's plenty of opportunity.  :)
19:59:27 < Flannel> So, our next topic is Lucid's Global Jam.
19:59:36 < Jamezq12323> :)
19:59:54 < Flannel> There's a number of new faces here tonight, so I'll take a moment and describe what a global jam is before we jump into discussion.
20:01:02 < Flannel> A Global Jam is a time where we get together to work on Ubuntu as a team.  Generally, we have a lesson beforehand, so you don't need any prior knowledge to participate.
20:02:22 < Flannel> As an example, if we do a bug jam we'll be doing bug triage, which is a significant portion of fixing bugs.  We'll first sit down and walk through how to triage with examples, and then split off and do work as a 'classroom', so if you have questions you can get them answered immediately/in-person, etc.
20:02:57 < Flannel> It's a way for us to all learn how to contribute in ways we've always wanted to, but have never gotten around to learning how.
20:02:59 < ankur> sure
20:03:12 < Flannel> questions on that part?
20:04:23 < Flannel> So, a Global Jam is when teams from all over the world get together to do Jams, whether they're bug jams, testing jams, upgrade jams, documentation jams, whatever.
20:05:22 < nhaines> It's fun to get together in a room with others to work on Ubuntu stuff, even if some people are doing documentation, some are testing, and some are triaging.
20:05:34 < dragon> does that include Traffic Jam?
20:05:45 < Flannel> dragon: Only in California :)
20:05:48 < rww> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam has more info on this year's jam and on what they are in general, btw
20:05:54 < dragon> awesome!
20:06:03 < rww> (this year's == the global Ubuntu community's overall plans, not our specific ones)
20:06:38 < Flannel> Actually, Global Jams happen every six months or so (about a month before release seems to be the timeframe)
20:07:15 < Flannel> This next one is the weekend of March 26-28 (we'll pick a day that weekend)
20:07:29 < akk> A month before release? Isn't that too late to get any but the most critical bugs looked at?
20:08:12 < nhaines> It's when the betas are available, so it's the perfect time for lots of polish work.
20:08:22 < Flannel> akk: We don't set the schedule, so it must not be.  This particular one comes right after Beta 1 and before Beta 2
20:08:39 < akk> Weird. They always tell me it's too late when I file bugs that late.
20:08:42 < Flannel> Actually, Beta 1 will be a surge of testers (and filed bugs)
20:09:53 < MarkDude> Anyone in the Bay Area know the Russian or Tagalog , we should be able to translate some
20:10:43 < Flannel> As far as planning is concerned, we'll be discussing and picking topics over the next week or two on the ML
20:11:39 < Flannel> Does anyone have questions or topics or anything right now?
20:12:10 < akk> Any idea yet where these will be?
20:12:30 < Torikun1> MarkDude: maybe if they get money
20:12:37 < nhaines> Southern California Jams tend to be at Chapman University.
20:13:02 < Flannel> akk: No idea yet.  Like nhaines said, we tend to have one at Chapman
20:13:07 < rww> Flannel: topics for bug jams? I've been thinking it'd be nice to have an introduction to how to do user support on the forums/IRC/etc
20:13:20 < MarkDude> Torikun1, nope- no proprietaryness
20:13:32 < rww> "Intro to Triaging" seems to be the canonical Topic For Jams example, would be nice to have "Intro to Supporting"
20:13:48 < Flannel> rww: Sounds interesting, yeah.
20:14:06 < akk> "Intro to Fixing"? :)
20:14:09 < nhaines> rww: I like.  :)
20:14:41 < Flannel> Anyway, if no one has questions about the jam at this time (feel free to ask whenever), I think that about wraps up that topic.
20:14:47 < Flannel> Anyone else have anything else for the meeting?
20:14:57 < Torikun1> May the source be with you
20:15:06 < Jamezq12323> so where will the jams be?
20:15:41 < rww> Flannel: Do we want to get a handle on the when/where stuff now, or at the next meeting?
20:15:55 < rww> or ML would work too, I guess
20:15:59 < Flannel> rww: ML would probably be better
20:16:00 < nhaines> ML should be the place.
20:16:03 < therabi> Is there anything planned for the San Diego area?
20:16:10 < rww> alright
20:16:10 < Flannel> Jamezq12323: The one near you will likely be Chapman, in Orange
20:16:19 < Jamezq12323> `what is ML?
20:16:26 < MarkDude> Mailing list
20:16:33 < Jamezq12323> ahh
20:16:34 < Flannel> Jamezq12323: Mailing List, https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-us-ca
20:17:19 < Flannel> therabi: We tend to head up to Orange, since it's just a little drive
20:17:50 < therabi> Flannel: Thanks.
20:18:01 < Flannel> therabi: Can possibly carpool and stuff, of course.
20:18:09 < Flannel> Any other questions?
20:18:57 < Flannel> Alright, thank you all for coming.
20:19:04 < Flannel> Remember to set your clocks ahead next weekend!
20:19:05 < Flannel> Our next meeting is in two weeks, at 7pm Pacific *Daylight* time, on March 21.

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