Sunday, June 28th, 2015, 7:00pm (1900) PT

Original Agenda

  1. Upcoming events
    1. NathanHaines is giving a presentation on writing and publishing books with Ubuntu at the SGVLUG meeting on Thursday, July 9th.

  2. Announcements

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   5  02:00:21 <pleia2> o/
   6  02:00:21 <nhaines> Welcome to tonight's Ubuntu California meeting!
   7  02:00:33 <Roguehorse> o/
   8  02:00:36 <nhaines> Our agenda is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/15June28
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  10  02:00:55 <nhaines> Glad to see there are a couple people around tonight.  :)
  11  02:01:11 <nhaines> #topic Upcoming events and announcements
  12  02:01:21 <MajB> You got a visitor from AZLOCO as well.
  13  02:01:28 <nhaines> MajB: welcome!
  14  02:01:36 <MajB> Thank you
  15  02:01:42 <pleia2> hi MajB, I owe you an email (or maybe this meeting can help!)
  16  02:01:50 <nhaines> So I'm giving a talk at the San Gabriel Valley LUG on July 9th.
  17  02:02:03 <Roguehorse> cool
  18  02:02:21 <nhaines> I'll be giving a presentation on writing an open source book with a publisher and also talking about how Free Software can take you through the entire self-publishing process.
  19  02:02:43 <Roguehorse> oooh......very cool =)
  20  02:03:10 <pleia2> nice
  21  02:03:13 <Roguehorse> will the notes be available online after?
  22  02:03:15 <nhaines> My upcoming traditionally published book has been created with 100% Ubuntu except where I needed a Windows 10 screenshot, with very little difficulties.  So it'll be a fun presentation.
  23  02:03:48 <nhaines> I might just wing this one, depending on what I manage to do for a presentation, but if I have notes, or if I can get a recording, I'll get it online somewhere shortly thereafter.
  24  02:04:02 <nhaines> I'll know more about that next weekend.
  25  02:04:11 <Roguehorse> sweet =)
  26  02:04:16 <nhaines> Details at http://www.sgvlug.org/ if anyone down in SoCal wants to try and make it!
  27  02:04:16 <darthrobot`> Title: [SGVLUG]
  28  02:04:30 <nhaines> Does anyone have any other announcements or upcoming events?
  29  02:04:40 <pleia2> not in the loco directory yet, but we'll host our regular ubuntu hour next week, on july 8th
  30  02:04:44 <pleia2> in san francisco
  31  02:04:55 <pleia2> will likely do a debian dinner after too, but I'll confirm and email the list
  32  02:05:01 <pleia2> that's it from me
  33  02:05:04 <nhaines> pleia2: ooh, maybe I should put my talk on the LoCo directory.  Thanks for the reminder.  :)
  34  02:05:23 <nhaines> And glad to hear that Ubuntu Hour's still going strong up there.  I'll cross my fingers for the dinner.
  35  02:05:24 <pleia2> sure
  36  02:06:22 <nhaines> Okay, if no one else has anything upcoming...
  37  02:06:44 <Roguehorse> I had some stuff lined up but with my health the way it is I don't know much anymore of what's going to happen
  38  02:07:14 <nhaines> Roguehorse: I hope your health improves.  Don't be afraid to work with others to get help with those events!
  39  02:07:44 <nhaines> #topic Other business
  40  02:07:45 <Roguehorse> nhaines: thanks.....I'm trying to juggle a lot
  41  02:08:11 <nhaines> That's the end of our agenda items.  Does anyone have any last comments or topics to bring up?
  42  02:08:41 <pleia2> MajB: the floor is yours :)
  43  02:09:36 <pleia2> MajB emailed me on thursday to talk about some possible cross-loco activities, but they can likely say more about it
  44  02:09:43 <MajB> Since we are right next to each other my Team Leader asked me to reach out to you folks to see if we could pool our resources and perhaps do something together
  45  02:10:16 <MajB> All I really need right now is  a POC from you folks.
  46  02:10:56 <pleia2> nhaines and ianorlyn are among our team leads this year, so they're both good people to contact
  47  02:11:09 <MajB> This is something that he has been thinking about for a while and sees that perhaps it is time to start.
  48  02:11:13 <Roguehorse> second that
  49  02:11:23 <pleia2> and more generally our mailing list, since we're a very self driven group (don't need permission for things, people just dive in): ubuntu-us-ca@lists.ubuntu.com
  50  02:11:49 <nhaines> The mailing list is a great idea.  You can email me if you need any specific things but I'm on the mailing list too.  :)
  51  02:11:52 <pleia2> the last time I saw folks from the AZ LoCo was at SCALE in 2014, we're always looking for volunteers to help with the booth there
  52  02:11:59 <nhaines> My email address is nhaines at ubuntu dot com.
  53  02:12:18 <pleia2> and speakers for ubucon that we host :)
  54  02:12:31 <MajB> Well we run 4 ubuntu hours and 2 install fests every month.
  55  02:12:36 <nhaines> And SCALE's one big place we can always use volunteers.  Ubucon always needs volunteers.  :)
  56  02:12:40 <pleia2> MajB: that's wonderful
  57  02:12:51 <MajB> Yes we had reps attend SCALE
  58  02:13:47 <nhaines> What's the attendance like on your installfests?
  59  02:13:56 <MajB> So I will pick a name and continue to email.  I would also like to see something happen
  60  02:14:29 <MajB> 12-28 this year.  The Ubuntu Hours are of course less.
  61  02:15:07 <MajB> Unfortunately we only have two LUGs in state but we also do things for them when asked
  62  02:15:11 <nhaines> That's fantastic!  You should be very proud.
  63  02:15:25 <nhaines> And let me put my LoCo Council hat on for a moment and second that.  :)
  64  02:15:34 <MajB> The name of the game is spread Ubuntu
  65  02:15:47 <Roguehorse> nice =)
  66  02:16:15 <nhaines> I hope to hear more on our mailing list, where everyone can get involved.  It sounds like we ought to be able to join together.  :)
  67  02:16:22 <MajB> LoCo council.  Yep.  We have re-validation coming up in September.
  68  02:16:28 <Roguehorse> MajB: What's your mailing list?
  69  02:16:37 <MajB> Wait
  70  02:16:41 <nhaines> I look forward to th evaulation.
  71  02:17:08 <MajB> https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-us-az
  72  02:17:08 <darthrobot`> Title: [Ubuntu-us-az Info Page]
  73  02:17:10 <nhaines> Boy, this wireless keyboard is just fighting me tonight.
  74  02:17:25 <nhaines> Great, I'll have to peek at the list archives.
  75  02:17:35 <nhaines> Okay, is there any other business before we wrap this up?
  76  02:18:34 <MajB> I would check the wiki  to look at activities https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArizonaTeam
  77  02:18:34 <darthrobot`> Title: [ArizonaTeam - Ubuntu Wiki]
  78  02:18:51 <pleia2> MajB: thanks for coming, the work on your team is really inspiring
  79  02:19:06 <MajB> Thank you.
  80  02:19:20 <Roguehorse> MajB: Yeah..very cool! Thanks for coming over.
  81  02:19:28 <pleia2> nhaines: nothing from me
  82  02:19:38 <nhaines> pleia2: thanks.
  83  02:20:13 <Roguehorse> nhaines: sorry dude, my brain is mush.
  84  02:20:36 <nhaines> Okay, so I think that about wraps things up.  As always, you can bring discussion up on our mailing list, and of course, the channel is always open!
  85  02:21:26 <nhaines> Our next meeting is Sunday, July 12th, at 7PDT.  By which time https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/15July12 will be a thing!
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  87  02:21:28 <nhaines> Thanks for coming everyone.  Hope to see you next time!
  88  02:21:31 <nhaines> #endmeeting

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